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May. 24, 2015 - Steve Garrity

2015 MLB Draft - Top 20 High School Players

To say this class isn’t one of the strongest in recent years could be a major understatement, with some saying it is downright terrible. Opinions are wide ranging on this class, and there is no clear cut number one pick in this group. But while the draft could be more quantity over quality there are still plenty of names that illicit excitement around the game. Potential number one overall picks like Brendan Rodgers have been compared to Troy Tulowitski, the gold glove winning shortstop for the Colorado Rockies, while Daz Cameron, the son of former All-Star Mike Cameron, has been called a true five-tool talent with MVP type potential.  There is also a former number one overall pick that is up for grabs in Brady Aiken. Howver, injuries have played a part in the drop of some players stocks like Aiken, and Kolby Allard. There is even a potential first round pick (Kyler Murray) who has asked that teams not draft him, as he is also the top rated duel threat quarterback in the nation.

With all that being said there are plenty of potential gems hidden in this high school class, and we have listed our top 20 players in the high school class. (Since Aiken and 2014 Astros pick Jacob Nix are in a post graduate year they will not be found on this list)


1- Steve: Brendan Rodgers, SS

Ht.: 6­'1" Wt.: 190 School: Lake Mary High School, Florida

Committed to Florida State

-Smooth, effortless looking in the field, has plus arm strength, and the ability to hit the ball to all fields with power. All that a premium position is why Rodgers is number one on most boards.

1- Paul: Daz Cameron, OF

Cameron is possibly the most polished player in the draft. An outfielder, Cameron has the raw potential to be a 5-tool player in the major leagues someday. He has a strong build and uses it, paired with his bat speed, to generate his pop. He has a strong arm, consistent with that of a corner outfielder, and uses his speed as a tool both in the field and on the bases. While the next prospect on this list may be widely considered the best of the crop, Cameron’s blend of all five tools give him the edge here


2- Steve: Kyle Tucker, OF

Ht.: 6'­4" Wt.: 175 School: Plant High School, Florida

Committed to Florida

-Admittedly I like Tucker more than most. He has a smooth left handed swing (that many say is similar to Ted Williams) that produces plenty of pop. A well rounded player who plays center field now, but most likely ends up at a corner. 

2- Paul: Brendan Rodgers, SS

As previously mentioned, Rodgers is a sure fire #1 pick without Cameron in the mix. Power at SS. Big build for position, but not too big where he needs to be moved off of the position to be successful. Above average everything it seems like. Uses bat speed to generate power. Very wide at the plate, could need adjusting to pro pitching. Plus speed, which is a necessity at the SS position


3- Steve: Daz Cameron, OF

Ht.: 6­'0" Wt.: 186  School: Eagles Landing Christian Academy, Georgia

Committed to Florida State

Cameron has the bloodlines that scouts love, his dad was All-Star Mike Cameron. At the plate Cameron has outstanding bat speed, to go with a easy compact swing that should allow him to hit for power and average. In the field he has the speed, arm, and fielding ability to stick in center at the professional level. A five-tool talent. 

3- Paul:  Kolby Allard, LHP

Allard is a lanky looking left hander with a fastball in the mid­ 90's. His frame can serve as deceptive, as he does not look like he has the strength to throw in the mid ­90's. He demonstrates good command over all of his pitches, but only his fastball and dynamite curveball can be considered plus pitches at this point. Needs to grow into his frame at 175-lbs, but there is definite room for growth


4- Steve: Ashe Russell, RHP

Ht.: 6­'4" Wt.: 195 School: Cathedral High School, Indiana

Committed to Texas A&M

Ashe Russell has perhaps the best two-pitch combination of any arm in this year's draft. He has a fastball that touches 95, to go along with a hard slider that is already a swing-and-miss pitch. Like most elite high school pitchers he has a solid change up, but rarely needs to use it.

4- Paul: Chris Betts, C

Good poptime from behind the plate, with a strong, accurate arm to go with it. Arguably the best defensive catcher in the draft. Not the quickest bat in the draft, but can catch up to the fastball if he needs to. Has shown some power at the high school level, hitting 10 homers over the last two seasons.


5- Steve: Mike Nikorak, RHP

Ht.: 6­'5" Wt.: 224 School: Stroudsburg High School, Pennsylvania

Committed to Alabama

Nikorak probably has the smoothest mechanics out of any high school arm in the draft. He has a long, lean athletic build that allows him to rear back and hit 97 mph with movement. He shows a potentially plus curveball but needs to work on consistency. 

5- Paul: Mike Nikorak, RHP

At 6’5”, Nikorak is a prototypical power pitcher. His athletic frame and sound mechanical delivery help his fastball reach the mid 90's, and at one point hitting 97. He complements his fastball with a tight breaking ball away from right handed hitters, and a decent change up. He does double as an outfielder, and his swing is clean, but there is a strange hitch in his shoulder prior to every swing. As a pitcher, however, this wont matter.


6- Steve: Justin Hooper, LHP

Ht.: 6­'7" Wt.: 230 School: De La Salle High School, California

Committed to UCLA

This is probably higher than you'll see Hooper on a lot of other lists, but his combination of size, ceiling, and stuff was too much to look past. His 6'7'' and 240 pound frame allow him to hit 97 on the gun, and his 3/4 arm slot adds deception to his pitchers. He has a curveball that could be an above average pitch, along with a change. 

6- Paul: Justin Hooper, LHP

His delivery is reminiscent of Chris Archer: hitchy, but can get his fastball over the plate in the mid 90s. Like Nikorak, Hooper is tall for a senior in high school (6’7”), and uses his height to add to his fastball. His curveball is equally as impressive as his fastball, with huge break to it. Both are considered plus pitches.


7- Steve: Kolby Allard, LHP

Ht.: 6­’2" Wt.: 175 School: San Clemente High School, California

Committed to UCLA

Allard probably would have ranked higher for me if he didn't get injured this Spring. However, there is still plenty to like. He may be relatively small in stature at six feet and 170 pounds but he has touched 96 with his fastball and features perhaps the best breaking ball in the high school class with his hard biting curveball.

7- Paul: Nick Plummer, OF

While he may not be the tallest outfielder in the draft, he uses all of his 200-lb frame, along with his good bat speed, to generate power at the plate. Plummer is a good fundamental fielder with an above-­average arm, not plus, consistent with the mold of a corner outfielder.


8- Steve: Chris Betts, C

Ht.: 6­'0" Wt.: 205  School: Wilson High School, California

Committed to Tennessee

Chris' top tools are his power bat and his plus arm from behind the plate. It's unsure whether he will stick behind the dish, as he can get somewhat long with his release and he is a slightly below average fielder. Wherever he ends up though, his bat will play, as he makes hard consistent contact that produces plenty of extra base pop.

8- Paul: Ashe Russell, LHP

At first glance, Russell’s delivery looks a bit wide and all over the place. However, he still possesses swing and miss stuff. He has a good fastball that sits in the mid ­90's, and a tight slider that sits in the mid­ 80's.


9- Steve: Mitch Hansen, OF

Ht.: 6'­4" Wt.: 197 School: Plano Senior High School, Texas

Committed to Stanford

Hansen feels like one of the safer bets among the high school bats. He has solid tools across the board, and could play all three outfield positions. Depending on who you talk to he could be a jack of all trades but a master of none, or he could develop into an elite outfield bat with a smooth left handed swing that produces power. 

9- Paul: Beau Burrows, RHP

Burrows does not have the most overpowering physique, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in velocity. His fastball sits in the low to mid 90's, topping out at 96 mph. To go along with that, he mixes in a decent curveball and changeup, with the potential to have three plus pitches in the near future.


10- Steve: Beau Burrows, RHP

Ht.: 6'­2" Wt.: 200 School: Weatherford High School, Texas

Committed to Texas A&M

Similar to Hansen, Burrows is probably the safest pick among high school arms, if there is actually such a thing. At 6'1'' and 200 pounds he's solidly built and can generate mid 90's speed with his fastball, to go along with a potential plus curveball, and developing change.

10- Paul: Luken Baker RHP/1B

The first thing that stands out about Luken Baker on paper is his size. At 6 foot 4 and 240lbs, he’s one of the biggest prospect in the draft. He uses his gargantuan frame to generate his power on the mound. His fastball sits in the mid ­90's, with a slider in the mid­80's and a changeup in the works.


11- Steve: Demi Orimoloye, OF

Ht.: 6'­4" Wt.: 225 School: St. Matthew’s High School, Ontario, Canada

Committed to Oregon

Demi has the makings of a potential five-tool player. He's already 6'4'' and 225 pounds and has average or better tools across the board, including plus power, arm strength, and speed. He'll need more time to develop than most, but the team that picks him could strike gold. 

11- Paul: Trenton Clark, OF

Clark’s skill set will be dependent upon his speed. While he does possess power to his pull side, he has the ability to bunt for hits and beat out infield singles. Decent bat speed and an above average arm in the outfield point to a future in center field for his professional career


12- Steve: Nick Plummer, OF

Ht.: 5­'11" Wt.: 200 School: Brother Rice High School, Michigan

Committed to Kentucky

I'm not as high on Plummer as most, but it is tough to deny his ability at the plate. He is a patient hitter, that doesn't get fooled often, and has a quick swing that produces gap power. Depending on the team that drafts him, he could stick in center field or end up in left because of a sub par arm.

12- Paul: Nicholas Shumpert, SS

Ht.: 6'­0" Wt.: 180 School: Highlands Ranch High School, Colorado

Committed to Kentucky

Shumpert may be a shortstop right now, but that is almost certain to change. He has a strong arm in the infield, clocked at 92 mph. His bat is quick through the strike zone, and he possesses plenty of power. He could be moved to third, or even to the outfield, once he turns pro.


13- Steve: Austin Smith, RHP

Ht.: 6­'4" Wt.: 215 School: Park Vista Community High School, Florida

Committed to Florida Atlantic

Already 6'4'' and 215 pounds, Smith has the build teams look for on the mound. It allows him to rear back and hit 96 mph on the gun. His secondary pitches, however, have a ways to go. He has a developing curve that flashes above average potential at times, but he needs to work on consistency. 

13- Paul: Kyle Tucker, OF

Tucker possesses a plus bat all around: it’s quick through the zone, he can hit for power, and he can hit for average. The swing itself could use some tuning, resulting in his ranking #13 on this list. His arm will definitely get him some attention in the draft, as it is very accurate and can reach the plate without a hop.


14- Steve: Donny Everett, RHP

Ht: 6-2 Wt: 220 School: Clarksville High School, Tennessee

Committed to Vanderbilt

Another solidly built high school arm at 6'2'' and 220 pounds, Everett can also reach 96 MPH. Like Smith, he needs to work on consistency with his secondary offerings. If he can control his hard low-80's slider, he could have one of the more devasting two-pitch combos in the high school ranks. 

14- Paul: Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B

Ht.: 6­'1" Wt.: 207 School: Concordia Lutheran High School, Texas

Committed to Tennessee

Hayes is a smart, fundamental fielder with good range, aided by his decent speed down on the bases. His frame helps his power, with a solid two-handed swing all the way through his zone. However, there is still definite room for improvement at the plate.


15- Steve: Kyler Murray, 2B/SS

Ht: 5'11" Wt:180 School: Allen High School, Texas

Committed to Texas A&M

Kyler Murray is an athlete. He was the first player to play in both the Under-Armor All American football and baseball games. He has elite elite speed, a powerful arm, and a quick bat that produces extra base power. If he didn't split his time between baseball and football he'd be higher on this and probably every other list. Oh, and he's also the top rated duel-threat quarterback in the nation. 

15- Paul: Austin Smith, RHP

Smith is square in his delivery to the plate, with his larger frame adding to his power on the mound. His fastball has been clocked as high as 96 mph, and he is working on improving his curveball and changeup


16- Steve: Garrett Whitley, OF

Ht: 6'1" Wt: 195 School: Niskayuna HS, New York

Committed to Wake Forest

Whitley has been fighting against the Northeast stigma.  He has solid tools across the board, to go along with outstanding bat speed that produces plus potential power. His speed and strong arm also make him an outstanding center fielder.

16- Paul: Juan Hillman, RHP

Ht.: 6'­2" Wt.: 183 School: Olympia High School, Florida

Committed to Central Florida

Much like Burrows, Hillman does not intimidate you with this frame on the mound. His above ­average off­-speed pitches for his age group give him an edge. His lack of velocity, topping out in the low 90s and often sitting at 89­-90 mph, is the reason for his ranking being so low.


17 - Steve: Trenton Clark, OF

Ht.: 6'­0" Wt.: 200 School: Richland High School, Texas

Committed to Texas Tech

To be honest I don't love Trenton Clark's swing. It's awkward and he seems to stop after contact instead of swinging through. The thing is though all he does is produce with it, he makes consistent contact and led Team USA at the Pan-Am Games in batting average, home runs, and RBI's. His lone sub par tool his is arm, which probably pushes him out of center field and into left.

17- Paul: Demi Orimoloye, OF

Orimoloye comes in as one of the more underrated high school prospects leading up this year’s draft. The only Canadian on this list, Demi uses his larger frame to his advantage at the plate, hitting for both power and average. His arm is not the most accurate, but the raw potential for multiple outfield assists is there due to his throwing strength.


18- Steve: Luken Baker, RHP/1B

Ht.: 6'­4" Wt.: 240 School: Oak Ridge High School, Texas

Committed to TCU

The top two-way player in the high school class, Baker's future is no doubt on the mound. He has plus, plus power, and obviously possess a strong arm. On the mound, Baker has a power-house build at 6'4'' and 245 pounds that allows him to throw his pitches on a downhill plane, including a mid 90's fastball, and low 80's slider that could be an above average second offering. The rest of his tools grade out below average though, with his speed tool grading out as poor.

18- Paul: Kyle Molner, RHP

Ht.: 6­'3" Wt.: 205 School: Aliso Niguel High School, California

Committed to UCLA

Molnar’s delivery is arguably the simplest in this year’s class, making it very easy for him to repeat his mechanics. His fastball sits in the lower 90s, and he pairs it with a decent slider and newly added changeup


19- Steve: Dakota Chalmers, RHP

Ht: 6'3" Wt:175 School: North Forysth HS, Georgia

Committed to Georgia

Dakota has one of the more powerful arms in high school, hitting 98 mph. His frame also offers plenty of room to grow and add velocity at 6'3'' and 175 pounds.  He also already has two average to above average secondary offerings in his curve ball and slider. 

19- Paul: Cornelius Randolph, SS

Ht.: 6­'1" Wt.: 190 School: Griffin High School, Georgia

Committed to Clemson

Randolph possesses a plus arm for a middle infielder. His range and defensive IQ help him in the field as well. He is decently speedy, running a 7 second 60. As a shortstop, he won’t hit for much power, but he can put the ball in play in between the lines. 


20- Steve: Drew Finley, RHP

Ht: 6'3" Wt: 200 School: Rancho Bernardo HS, California

Committed to Southern California

This is probably the highest you'll see Finley ranked probably anywhere. I'll admit I'm higher on him than most, but he possess a solid frame at 6'3'' and 200 pounds. He has a solid fastball, one of, if not the, best breaking balls in the high school ranks with his tight curve ball, along with a good feel for a change up. His father is also the vice-president of amateur and international scouting for the Dodgers. All that could add up to Finley hearing his name sooner than most expect.

20- Paul: Mitchell Hansen, OF

Hansen did rank higher on this list, but after hours of consideration, he takes the 20th and final spot on this list. He is very thin for his height at 197 lbs, and that combined with his upright stance, makes him look very awkward at the plate. He does, however, have a decently quick bat that he uses to hit for average. Hansen is relatively quick on the bases which could translate into the field.


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