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2019 NFL Draft: Where Will Josh Rosen be in 2019?

by Michael Stewart on Apr. 12, 2019

Introduction: The 2019 NFL draft is less than two weeks away and reports are still swirling that the Arizona Cardinals are set to select quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray with the 1st overall pick. This could set off a chain reaction as the Cardinals have last season’s 1st round pick (10th overall) quarterback Josh Rosen already on the roster. The Cardinal could decide to hold onto Rosen and have him and Murray complete for the quarterback position and let the best man win. However; with this year’s draft deep with talented prospects, it’s unlikely they will take that approach. They could also look to trade the 1st overall pick and get the best package possible as well.  However; if that’s not an option, there are five teams reported who have shown the most interest in Rosen and although the reported compensation has been a 2nd round pick, would one of these teams over spend to secure the deal. Let’s take a look at the five teams and what they might be willing to offer:

  1. New England Patriots: The Patriots are tied with the New York Giants with the most picks in the 2019 NFL draft with 12 and they have a history of trading down. Would the Patriots consider giving up their 1st round pick (#32) to acquire Rosen? Perhaps, but highly unlikely as they do have other pressing needs to address; especially after the retirement of Tight End Rob Gronkowski. Verdict: Look for the Patriots to perhaps swing a deal with the Seattle Seahawks who only have four picks in the draft and are sitting in the 1st round at #21. This would give them a chance to get a player on their radar, like a tight end or a wide receiver.
  2. Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers have the standard seven picks in the draft with their first two picks at 28th and 60th. Again, it’s highly unlikely they would use their 1st round pick on Rosen in such a deep draft as they could get a top prospect; especially on the defensive side in the 1st round. Verdict: Look for the Chargers to pass on Rosen and wait another year before addressing their successor for Philip Rivers.
  3. Washington Redskins: The Redskins have a total of nine picks in the draft with their highest sitting at #15 in the 1st round. They’ve already traded for quarterback Case Keenum, but that is a short term solution. Are the Redskins desperate enough to surrender their 1st round pick (#15th overall) to get Rosen? Maybe, but highly unlikely as this team needs talent at other positions as well. Verdict: Look for the Redskins to sit tight and wait for a quarterback to come to them at #15 as it’s possible that one or even two 1st round projected quarterbacks could be available.
  4. New York Giants: The Giants make the most sense to acquire Rosen with Eli Manning in his final season and Rosen already has a year of NFL experience under his belt.  The Giants have two 1st round picks in this year’s draft (#6 & #17), but don’t expect The Giants GM Dave Gettleman to offer either one for Rosen. They do have a very desirable 2nd round pick (#37) available and that could be enough for the Cardinals and Giants to swing a deal. Verdict: Gettleman will most likely wait until the second of his two 1st round picks is up to see if the quarterback on their radar is still on the board. If not, he could decide to make the deal with the Cardinals and acquire Josh Rosen for their 2nd round pick, if the Giants are serious.
  5. Oakland Raiders: The Raiders could be the dark horse in this scenario with a total of eight picks in this draft with four in the top 35. Head Coach Jon Gruden could approach this in a couple of ways; the first could be trading his 4th overall pick, his 27th and 35th picks (totaling 3030 points) for the Cardinals 1st overall pick (totaling 3000 points) and select Murray. If that’s not an option, Gruden could just offer their 2nd round pick (#35) to the Cardinals for Rosen; which is two spots higher than the Giants. Verdict: Look for the Raiders to keep all options open and possibly be in contentions after the 1st round. If so, they would have an edge if no other teams are willing to part with a 1st round pick.

Final Thoughts: This will play out to the very end at the start of Day 2 of the draft. If the Cardinals are serious in trading Rosen, they will want to have a bidding war and hope that one team panics and possibly surrenders a 1st round pick. Although that’s a possibility, I believe that will not come into to play and if Rosen is dealt, it will be to either to the Giants or the Raiders.