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2020 NFL Draft: Let's Make a Deal!

Feb. 10, 2020 - Michael Stewart

2020 NFL Draft: Let's Make a Deal!

Introduction: The NFL 2020 is just around the corner and the trade rumors are already swirling. Historically; we have seen our fair share of trades on draft day and I expect to see quite a few this year. In this article, I will focus only on the top of the draft where most of the rumors have been generated. Realistically; most trade rumors are just that as many never materialize once the draft starts. So here are my top possible trade scenarios that we could see in this year’s 2020 NFL draft with teams trading in the top 10.

Teams who could trade back

  • Washington Redskins: The Redskins are guaranteed to draft DE Chase Young out of Ohio States. New Head Coach Ron Rivera who is a defensive minded Head Coach will more than likely stand pat and select Young at #2. However; Rivera will receive his fair share of calls from teams looking to draft up for a quarterback. The million dollar question will be: Will the Redskins trade back or stay at #2 and draft Chase Young?
  • Detroit Lions: The Lions are sitting in a great position at #3 in the draft and could be willing to move back in the draft. The Lions still have Matthew Stafford and he’s expected to be at 100%, so plans to draft a quarterback is not likely. The Lions have a ton of needs and trading back could make sense for them. The million dollar question will be: How far will the Lions move back?
  • New York Giants: The Giants are sitting with the 4th overall pick and could be a very popular if the Lions do with a deal. GM Dave Gettleman in his 7 seasons as a GM (Carolina and New York) has never traded back in the 1st round. Gettleman will get a ton of phone calls and just might change his trend in this draft. After all, this could be his last chance to turn the ship around. The million dollar questions will be: Will Gettleman break tradition and trade back?

Teams who could trade up

  • Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are looking for their next franchise quarterback and with Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert available after Joe Burrow available, they could just sit and wait for either quarterback or if they have a preference; could be aggressive and trade up. The most logical destination for the Dolphins is to call the Lions and make them an offer and with 6 six picks (three 1st round picks) in first 3 rounds, the Dolphins will have plenty of ammunition. The million dollar question will be: How much are the Dolphins will to give up?
  • Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers are moving on from Philip Rivers and will be looking for a quarterback. Now it’s possible that they could look into free agency for you as they have a solid roster and could be a playoff team in 2020 with the quarterback under center. The Chargers don’t have as many picks as the Dolphins or other teams looking for a quarterback, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have interest if an opportunity presented itself. The million dollar question will be: How serious are the Chargers in trading up?
  • Carolina Panthers: The Panthers new Head Coach Mat Rhule said during his press conference that he expects Cam Newton to be the Panthers quarterback in 2020. I’m not buying that for one minute as it would make no sense to have Newton and his $20M+ salary  strangle you when it’s clear that the Panthers are in transition and could possibly be more incline to trade away some current veterans on the roster. The million dollar question will be: How aggressive will Matt Rhule be before the draft?
  • Las Vegas Raiders: The Raiders have been rumored for the past two season of looking to get their next franchise quarterback as current quarterback Derek Carr could be on the trading block. Head Coach Jon Gruden knows a thing or two about quarterbacks and if he has his sights set one, he does have enough picks to get it done. The Raider take the route of signing a free agent quarterback as they are heading to Las Vegas and need to make a splash. Tom Brady has been rumor, but don’t expect to see him in a Raider uniform. Rivers is another name that has surfaced, so that could be an option. The million dollar question will be: Can the Raider afford to wait a year or two to be a playoff team?
  • Indianapolis Colts: The Colts seem to be moving on from Jacoby Brissett, at least as their long term solution at quarterback and could look to draft a quarterback to learn under Brissett for a year and then start in 2021.  It’s unclear if the Colts are in love with either one of the other quarterback (Tagovailoa or Herbert) and would be willing to trade up or possibly wait until the 2nd round and select one there with two picks in hand. Possible options in round two could be Jordan Love out of Utah State or Jalen Hurts out of Oklahoma. The million dollar question will be: How serious are the Colts to trade up in the 1st round?
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccaneers will not bring back quarterback Jameis Winston, so their search for a new quarterback has already been underway. The Buccaneers are sitting at 14 in the 1st round and would need to put together a heck of a deal to move down possibly 11 spots. Although that’s still a strong possibility, the Bucs could go the free agency route and snatch a veteran quarterback like Rivers or even Bridgewater. The million dollar question will be: Are the Buccaneers ready to rebuild?

Final Thoughts: From now and until day one of the draft, we are going to hear a slew of rumors of possible trades with some having no substances; while others gaining steam. I do believe we will see a trade in the top 5 and possibly a second trade as well. Who those teams are is still uncertain, but as we get closer to the draft, it might get a little clearer on who these teams will be.