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Apr. 29, 2011 - DraftSite Team

2nd Day Cupid-2011 NFL Draft Analysis

Back again with pairings I loved and pairings I didn't. Fortunately for teams, there was much more love than hate from me in Rounds 2 and 3:


Denver-Rahim Moore:

-Moore could have been a 1st round pick last year had he been allowed to leave. While he regressed a little bit in his junior year, the potential is still there and he was still the best safety in the draft. With Brian Dawkins on his last legs, they found the perfect replacement to take his spot and effectively play alongside of him next year. Denver needed help on defense, and they got it with their first two picks.

Pittsburgh-Curtis Brown

-I loved this pick. I was surprised he lasted so long and even checked our draft to make sure we didn't miss him. Brown was one of the top senior cornerbacks in this draft and might have been overshadowed by Aaron Williams, but he won't be in Pittsburgh. The Steelers needed help in their secondary and he'll be a perfect fit for them at cornerback.

Tampa Bay-Da'Quan Bowers

-Bowers wasn't just a one year wonder. He was a 5-star recruit out of high school and one of the top players overall. He only broke out as a junior because he was playing behind Ricky Sapp as a sophomore. So was his potential knee problems worth the risk for a team to take? You betcha. Tampa Bay was able to take that risk after drafting Adrian Clayborn in the first. While they could use him on the other side since they do not have much of anything reliable at defensive end currently on their roster, if Gerald McCoy and Brian Price stay healthy and play up to their potential next year, it won't matter who they put at the other defensive end position.

Honorable Mention: (Lot of love, double dose)

Indianapolis-Benjamin Ijalana: Took a need and threw it out the window with their first 2 picks

Chicago-Stephen Paea: Strong as a bull and can replace Tommie Harris immediately

Kansas City-Rodney Hudson: Could end up being the best interior lineman in the draft and goes to a team that needed his youth badly

Baltimore-Torrey Smith: The Ravens needed some heigh behind Boldin and Torrey Smith can stretch the field

NY Giants-Marvin Austin: Had he not had to sit out all last year, we might have been debating him in top 10

New Orleans-Martez Wilson: Vilma needs some help and New Orleans got one of the most talented inside linebackers in the draft


Didn't Love:

Detroit-Mikel Leshoure

-This has nothing to do with Mikel Leshoure, because I think he is going to be a great player. This has to do with these names: Kevin Jones, Brian Calhoun, Kevin Smith, Aaron Brown, Jahvid Best. These are the names of the running backs the Lions drafted in the last 7 years, and every year the Lions said they needed him. I thought they were finally done with the Millen rules. Running backs do a team no good if they can't stay healthy with good protection from their offensive line, and that's where the Lions needed to focus.

San Francisco-Colin Kaepernick

-Kaepernick is somewhat of a developmental quarterback, so is Harbough really going to want to start him this year? If not, and the 49ers perform poorly, they'll likely have a shot at an early pick in a strong QB class next year including Harbough's old protege Andrew Luck, and then this pick will go to waste. They gave up a 4th and a 5th to get him, so it's putting a lot of pressure on a new coach by not giving him an arsenal of young depth.

San Diego-Jonas Mouton

-Mouton is not a bad player, but this is purely a product of poor draft management. San Diego could most likely have gotten Mouton or a player of equal value with their 3rd round pick instead of reaching for him in the 2nd. They drafted a wide receiver with their third pick and a lot of good ones went in between their two picks, so are they really happy with Vincent Brown or should they have went with someone like Randall Cobb or Leonard Hankerson and then gotten Mouton or at worst Mason Foster with their 3rd round pick.

Honorable Mention: (don't hate these, just needed to pick some)

Arizona-Rob Housler: Arizona needed some pash rush and with a tight end class likely as good in the 5th round as it is in the 3rd, this spot would have been a great time to try to address that need.

New England-Ras-I Dowling: Was another cornerback really necessary, with all of their other needs?

New Orleans-Johnny Patrick: Again, was another cornerback really necessary (unless of course they move him to safety)

Now on to Rounds 4-7...