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College Football Playoffs Still Unclear: Who Makes the Final 4?

Dec. 01, 2019 - Michael Stewart

College Football Playoffs Still Unclear: Who Makes the Final 4?

Introduction: The 2019 college football season is in its final week and below is what the projected rankings could look like when the committee votes.

                                                            AP Ranking                                   Coaches Poll

LSU:                                                              1                                                          1

Ohio State:                                                   2                                                          2

Clemson:                                                     3                                                          3

Georgia:                                                      4                                                          4

Utah                                                             5                                                          5

Oklahoma                                                   6                                                          6

  1. LSU (12-0): The Tigers have had an amazing season led by quarterback Joe Burrow who has come out of nowhere and is now being projected as possibly the 1st overall pick in the 2020 draft. The Tigers got one more major mountain to climb before the playoffs begin and that’s against the Georgia Bulldogs; which should be the marquee game this coming weekend. Win or Lose, LSU should still be one of the top 4 playoff teams.
  2. Ohio State (12-0): The Buckeyes have been dominating their opponents all season long with their smallest margin of victory being 21 points (FAU and Michigan State). Hard to imagine any setbacks with the Buckeyes as well, Wisconsin will be a tough opponent, but the Buckeyes should prevail and remain undefeated.
  3. Clemson (12-0): The Tigers seem to be gliding along and slightly under the radar (if that’s possible). They nearly lost to the North Carolina Tar Heels (21-20), but have dismantled all other opponents this season scoring at least 40+ points in each contest. The Tigers seem to be heating up at the right time will have to finish up the season against Virginia, who are 9-3 and will give them a battle.
  4. Georgia (11-1): The Bulldogs are peaking at the right time and will finish out the season against the #2 ranked LSU Tigers; which should be the game to watch. Georgia arguably has the best defense among the current final four playoff teams at this time and they will need to be at their very best against a well balanced LSU Tiger team. Obviously; a win will secure their place in the top 4, however; a lose combined with either a Utah or Oklahoma win could make it interesting among the voting committee.
  5. Utah (11-1): Utah will play a tough Oregon team led by quarterback Justin Herbert at 10-2. A win by Utah and a possible lost by Georgia could move the Utes in the final spot in the playoff bracket. A lot of factors aside from winning and a Georgia lost could factor in; especially if Oklahoma has a convincing with against Baylor.
  6. Oklahoma (11-1): The Sooners will face Baylor in their final game and if they can repeat their performances from their last meeting; it should be entertaining to say the least. Not only do the Sooners need to win, but they must depend on LSU and Oregon to beat Georgia and Utah respectfully.

Final Thoughts: So the final week could bring us an upset and a possible change in the top 4. One thing is certain and that’s one of the top 4 teams will lose (LSU or Georgia); if it’s LSU, it’s hard to imagine them being pushed out of the playoff picture completely. However; if it’s Georgia and Utah and/or Oklahoma win, then it’s going to be interesting to see how the committee decides who’s in and who’s out.