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May. 24, 2013 - Bill Placzek

Does Patrick Roy Decide the Avs the First Pick

Patrick Roy you all remember was a great goaltender. Since then he has reinvented himself as a Quebec junior league coach. The deal Roy is brokering with the Avs and Sherman is one where he gets final say on any and all personal decisions in his starting lineups and final roster by way of him sharing co-VP of hockey operations with Joe Sakic. I would also think this trickles down to the type of players he will want drafted too.

Translated, this would mean that the Colorado Avalanche organization was hiring Roy as a bit more than a coach…and in many ways deferring decisions that before were GM Sherman's to make, in unison with the coaching staff. You have to wonder if this leads to the eventual firing of Sherman, who mishandled the O'Reilly resign.

Patrick Roy has, over the course of his junior stint as both GM and coach of the Quebec Remparts Jr., made it more about himself than the players. I just say in my humble opinion, you might not want him running the whole show.

Another interesting side to hiring Roy, will be the Colorado first draft selection, #1 overall in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

Everyone has been made aware of how defenseman Seth Jones was raised and hockey bred in the Denver area, and how he is talented enough to be selected first overall. Even I have him first on DraftSite's mock draft.

I can only think of one defenseman picked in the top TWO of any draft who was able to warrant a selection there, and that was Chris Pronger in 1993. (I could go far past and also argue for Denis Potvin in 1973…). All other defenders picked early never reached the high expectations that they were expected to. They can come with can't miss tags and ooze with offensive upside, but the bottom line is the NHL coaches expect them to learn to play the defensive part of the game anyways before any coach gives them the green to go all-in on "o".

With the Avs choosing first overall there has to be discussions in regards to the other two top players, Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin. For a team like Colorado, it is easy to say there is a need on defense, but these two kids display dynamic offensive upside and you can never have too much of that.

Here's the rub: Both MacKinnon and Drouin play in the very same QMJHL that Patrick Roy coached in. He knows first-hand how skilled they are, and you have to think that this may be the first use of the "higher powers" he is being granted by Colorado.

I'm willing to guess he puts up a fuss and gets his way and MacKinnon.