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Apr. 14, 2015 - DraftSite Team

DraftSite Podcast: Episode 22 - WNBA Edition

We have a special treat for the WNBA fans. Gentry Worthington joins us for our first ever WNBA podcast! (NFL Podcast coming tomorrow). Tonight we discuss:

  • Seattle's #1 Pick
  • Jewell Loyd vs Amanda Zahui B.
    • Loyd's NBA comparison
  • Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis
    • Best shooter he's ever seen?
  • Tulsa team needs
  • Pick by Pick for 1st Round Mock
  • 2nd and 3rd Round players to watch
  • International Player to watch from Italy
  • How does this draft compare to past drafts?
  • What was the best draft in WNBA history?
  • Alvy Song of the Night - Part 1: The Black and The White - Torn Up