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Sep. 28, 2015 - DraftSite Team

DraftSite Podcast: Episode 34 - Season 2

DJ & Zach, the Mike & the Mad Dog of NFL Drafts, are here with DraftSite's 34th podcast! Listen in to hear them talk about:


  • Monday Night Football: Packers or Chiefs?
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Are they doomed without Roethlisberger?
  • Atlanta Falcons/Arizona Cardinals: How good are these teams?
  • San Francisco 49ers: Do they still have a chance?
  • Indianapolis/Seattle/Philadelphia: Which team needed a win the most?
  • AFC East: How will it finish up?

College Football

  • College Football: What was the game of the year?
  • Pac 12: Have they surpassed the SEC as best conference in college football?
  • Michigan State: Should Ohio State be scared?
  • Leonard Fournette: Is he running away with the Heisman trophy?
  • Paxton Lynch: Is he opening eyes?
  • Memphis: Have they changed Zach's opinion?

NFL Draft

  • Bears: Where do they need to look in this draft?
  • Browns: How should they draft?
  • 49ers: Who's the perfect pick?
  • Redskins: Do you start looking QB?
  • Saints: Where do you go if you are New Orleans?

Parting Thoughts

  • Who's the Georgia Southern running back?
  • Marcus Cox: Should we be watching him?

Alvy Song of the Week

  • Bob Moses - Tearing Me Up
    • Are these Vancouver transplants on the brink of a breakthrough?