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Oct. 15, 2015 - DraftSite Team

DraftSite Podcast: Episode 35 - The DJ & Zach show

DJ and Zach are at it again with another incredible Podcast. Stay until the end to hear DJ's award winning fantasy names (Warning: Not for the PC)! They talk NFL, Top Teams, Fantasy, College Football, Top QB's, Leonard Fortunette's jersey, Pac-12, SEC, and more!

You will not believe who DJ's favorite quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft is. It's not who anyone thinks! You heard it hear first in Episode 35 of DraftSite's Podcast series...

Alvy Singa Song of the Week: I Will Come Back (Middle of the Night remix) "LA's Gavin Turek wears many hats. About to kick off a tour with Goldroom, she discofies a Holy Ghost! classic."