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Oct. 27, 2015 - DraftSite Team

DraftSite Podcast: Episode 36

Listen in to tonight's podcast after the Mets game and join DJ and Jared as they talk NFL Draft, College Football, and more

  • World Series: Mets or Royals?
  • Ever hear of APBA? Hear DJ talk about it and get his advie
  • New 2016 NFL Mock Draft Surprises
    • Who would get the #1 pick if the draft were today?
    • Top 10 QB from the American Athletic Conference?
    • Is DJ's favorite QB not even in Division 1?
    • See the Cleveland Browns halloween QB graveyard?
    • Why has Calhoun dropped?
  • Alvy's song of the week:
    • The White Panda - $ave Dat One For Me (Lil Dicky & Fetty Wep)