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Jan. 04, 2016 - DraftSite Team

DraftSite Radio: Episode 41

DJ and Zach are back for the 1st podcast in 2016! It's filled with everything you'd want to hear this week including:
  • New Years Resolutions
    • More of DJ's quirks
  • Coaching Carousel
  • Cleveland Browns/Dallas Cowboys plans
  • Underclassmen declaring
  • Top of the mock
  • State of Philadelphia Eagles
  • Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs
  • Rex Ryan happiest person in the NFL?
  • Most dangerous team in the NFC?
  • How long can Bengals fans wait
  • Who should Denver QB be?
  • AFC between which teams?
  • Mock Draft
    • Zeke the best Buckeye ever?
  • Mailbag
    • Richard
    • Blake
    • Donnie
  • Alvy song of the week: Hembree-Can't Run Forever