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Giants Trading Beckham was the right move

by Michael Stewart on Mar. 14, 2019

media has been lighting it up with everyone’s opinion (for or against), so I guess it’s my turn to give my two cents. GM Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants ownership made the right move in trading away arguably the team’s most talented player. I believe ownership played a big part in this decision to give Gettleman the final stamp of approval.  The Giants acquired Cleveland’s 1st round pick (#17), 3rd round pick (#95) and safety Jabrill Peppers and if you compare that package to the one that the Pittsburgh Steelers got for Antonio Brown (a 3rd and a 5th round pick) from the Oakland Raiders; the deal looks more appealing. The bottom line is this; the Giants made the right decision and here’ why:

·         Injuries: Beckham missed most of the 2017 season with a broken ankle; which he got playing against the Cleveland Browns in a pre-season game. Last season, Beckham missed the remaining four games due to a deep thigh bruise; which many in the organization felt was not that serious and added to Beckham’s negative image.

·         Off and on the field issues: This is a very long list, so I’ll just headline the top 4:

1.Fights with Josh Norman: Or should I say multiple fights with Josh Norman

2.Imitating a dog: Many players have their own way of expressing their excitement after scoring a touchdown, but what Beckham did was extremely unprofessional and bluntly disrespecting the league.

3.Publicly backstabbing teammates: Beckham felt comfortable backstabbing his quarterback; Eli Manning and questioning the team’s character and will to win when he spoke with ESPN publicly.

4.Photo with suspicious white substance: Photo of Beckham in a hotel room with a young woman identified as Laura Cuenca eating pizza and having lines of a white substance in plain sight.

Final Thoughts: Just these four incidents should be enough and apparently it was for the Giants to finally cut the cord with Odell Beckham Jr. Holding onto Beckham at least for another year would have saved the team from absorbing the $16M of dead money, but Gettleman feared that Beckhams value would be less the longer he remained a Giant. Gettleman will utilize the extra picks in the 2019 and also the cap space he’ll save not only in 2019, but also in the next couple of years to build a team he believes will make the Giants a championship team again  Saquon Barkley is now the player Gettleman will build around and that means adding talent on the offensive line and also on the defensive line. Gettleman’s old school philosophy of building from the inside out will in time make the Giants a great run defense and also give them a dominant running attack. As for Odell Beckham Jr, and all his talents; he is the Cleveland Browns problem now.