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Apr. 10, 2014 - Zach Gutierrez

Introducing Zach

Let me start off by introducing myself. I'm Zach, quite possibly the greatest evaluator of college football talent that you've never heard of. I had Russell Wilson higher on my big board then RG3. Bill Walsh and I once got into a physical altercation because he told me Cade McNown would be a better NFL QB the Donovan McNabb. (Before the 2002 season he personally called me to apologize; typical Bill). If I had inherited the Browns, as I was supposed to in 1999 you would have probably seen me raising a Lombardi or 2 by now. In actuality the Browns made the biggest mistake in franchise history and to re-pay them for their inability to make even one good decision, I have been rumored to advise Kevin Colbert and the Pittsburgh Steelers to ensure the Browns never make it to the Super Bowl. 


Here are some of my thoughts heading into the 2014 NFL Draft:


-I am bullish on Ohio State defenders: Bradley Roby is my highest ranked corner. He's a pitbull. Freakishly athletic and relentlessly competitive. He has a surprisingly big frame with room to add 10 lbs, and has 10 1/4 inch hands. Reminds me of a faster, less disciplined Joe Haden coming out. 

-Ryan Shazier is the most underated player in the draft. Watch tape, and you'll see that he's everywhere. He was even an impact player as a freshman. Shazier is constantly knocked for his size but he weighed in at 237, and ran a sub 4.4 at the Ohio State pro day. Looks like a faster Lavonte David on tape. 


-Zach Mettenberger will go in the 1st round: Don't be surprised if Mettenberger goes ahead of Teddy Bridgewater. Mettenberger showed that his knee is healed on his pro day and is ready for pro football. He would be a perfect fit for the Browns at 26, because as Cam Cameron notes, he's an all weather QB.


-Chis Borland has the highest floor of any LB prospect. He's a game 1 starter. 


-Don't forget about Jordan Matthews. He will be a steal in the second round. Reminds me a lot of Keneen Allen. Nothing sexy about either of them except for the on-field production. He's also over 6'3''!


-Greg Robinson has the highest ceiling of any O-lineman I've ever evaluated. He also has the lowest floor. It's hard to draft a guy top 5 in a passing league when he literally never pass blocks. Still worth the risk because he could be greatest ever. 


-Johnny Football should go #1. Obviously nobody will have a problem with the Texans drafting Clowney, but Manziel would thrive in the Texans offense if hes used in the same capacity as Kaepernick or Russ Wilson. You wont find somebody that thinks as highly of him as I do. He is football.