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Apr. 28, 2016 - J.B. Scott

JB's Best: 2016 NFL Draft Offensive Players

Look at any NFL Draft, and the best players from that class do not go in sequential order from the top. Very often that best player might have been a late first round or even a 4th round pick. Check out any of our ReDrafts and you'll see how different the draft would be if hindsight was 20/20.

Here are my picks for who will be the best pro at each offensive position, irregardless of where we have them ranked or in the mock.


QB: Dak Prescott

Someone is going to take him in the mid rounds and in a few years everyone's going to be saying, why did he even fall? These are the times when NFL scouts and GM's get too cute. Prescott was unbelievable, giving Mississippi State life, leading them to unprecedented wins and breaking almost all of their school records. In a "down" year this season he had almost 3800 yards, 29 touchdowns to only 5 interceptions, with 10 rushing touchdowns. Too small? Plenty of great NFL QB's were coming into the NFL. At the end of the day though when it comes to being a quarterback, and having leadership, instinct, toughness, and experience, this guy has it all. Teams will look back and say, it was all right there in front of us.

Current DraftSite Mock Projection: 3rd Round


RB: Jordan Howard 

Did you see him rack up 238 yards on Michigan? This wasn't during the Rich Rod years either. Guys like him come into the draft and get overlooked for any number of reasons, and playing on a sub-par Indiana team is one of them. He's a tough runner with good vision, and those are the most important factors for being a successful NFL running back...besides going to a team with a great offensive line.

Current DraftSite Mock Projection: 4th Round


WR: Rashard Higgins

His sophomore year with 17 touchdowns and 1750 yards is too much to overlook. With a nickname like "Hollywood", you know he wants to glitz and glamour that could come along as a show-boating wide receiver. Losing Garrett Grayson proved to be awful for his progress and career, but at 6'2" after likely being overlooked in the 1st round, he's going to have a lot to prove.

Current DraftSite Mock Projection: 2nd Round


TE: Tanner McEvoy

NFL teams have to really open their eyes when they meet a guy who started as a Quarterback, then played Wide Receiver, and then switched to Safety. When do you ever see former quarterbacks sacking other quarterbacks. Now we have him as a tight end because that's where his size and athleticism project him, but doubt we'll see him in much of a blocking role. Yet this is such a weak tight end class, that McEvoy is the only player I could see making an impact down the road, tight end or not.

Current DraftSite Mock Projection: 5th Round


OT: Spencer Drango

He was one of the best freshman in the country, at any position, before his back knocked him out the following year. Coming back this year though, he was back to his freshman form and was one of the best offensive tackles in the country. Teams will be scared of him because of his back, but whoever gives him a chance will find a gem and a guy they could get 5 strong years from.

Current DraftSite Mock Projection: 2nd Round


OG: Landon Turner

Turner is a massive guard who has a ton of experience adapting to different players around him while at UNC. He's a road blocker who also protects with ease and isn't afraid to mix it up in the trenches. With Turner leading the line, Carolina had over 3,000 yards rushing and 40 touchdowns. He'll be able to jump into any offensive line from day one and produce.

Current DraftSite Mock Projection: 3rd Round


OC: Jack Allen

Allen was the underrated star of Michigan State's offense providing toughness and leadership at center for 4 years. At the center position you want someone experienced with a keen eye and who just won't screw up hiking the ball or reading protection. He's as tough as you could ask for from that position and he lends himself to being a successful center, for a position where there are not a lot of mainstays coming out of each draft.

Current DraftSite Mock Projection: 4th Round