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Major League Baseball: Latest on the 2020 season

Jun. 11, 2020 - Michael Stewart

Major League Baseball: Latest on the 2020 season

Introduction:  The back and forth battle between Major League Baseball and the Players Association continues as both sides have been negotiating for over a month now on when to start the 2020 season. At times, both sides were moving at a snail pace as the major barrier has been player compensation. Let’s take a look at each side’s proposal and also what has already been agreed upon:

Both Sides Agreement

  • Larger rosters with 30 players instead of 25 and a 20 player taxi squad
  • Health and safety guidelines in place for players and personnel
  • Expanded playoffs with possibly 14 teams
  • Implementing the DH in both leagues
  • Traveling restrictions to minimize travel time; which would eliminate teams on the west coast playing teams on the east coast

MLPA Proposal

The latest proposal by the Players Association is an 89 game season with full prorated salaries; which also includes expanded playoff system. The season would run from July 10 to October 11 and have the playoffs finish up in November. According to all sources, MLB isn’t in agreement on the time line as they fear that COVID-19 could come into play and also there’s a new broadcast deals to consider. MLPA was has a stipulation of $5M fund to help minor leaguers and social justice organizations.

MLB Proposal

The latest proposal by the MLB is a 76 game schedule ending on September 27th with a 75% prorated salaries with playoff pool compensation. The playoffs are projected to finish by the end of October and no draft pick compensation.  

Final Thoughts:  All reports has the MLB & MLPA rejecting their latest proposals as both sides seemed to be at a crossroad.  Despite this, Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has recently stated that expects the 2020 season to happen and that both sides will find a common ground in the end. Seems hard to imagine both sides coming to an agreement as there are major points which seems to be centered around salaries percentage. In the end, it’s the fans who are the ones who are the victims here and based on all that’s been reported, the players are the villains with their greed to demand full pay for playing roughly half a season. It’s unclear how this will all play out and which side will eventually get their way.