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Apr. 29, 2015 - DraftSite Team

Million Dollar Draft Contest

NFL Draft Contest - The Million Dollar Mock Draft

Have you every dreamed of winning $1,000,000? Our new partnership with now gives you that chance! If you are a frequent visitor to and use our Create Your Own Mock Draft tool, then you'll feel right at home, creating a 1-Round NFL Mock Draft on It's easy. Get all 32 picks correct and win $1,000,000! If not, there are still $75,000 up for grabs, dispersed amongst the Top 100 scoring entries.

Go to now to enter! Here's how it works:

  • 2 Points Awarded for every correct pick
  • 1 Point Awarded for every back to back consecutive correct pick

For example, if a user selects 3 picks in a row correctly, they would be awarded 6 points for the correct picks, and then 2 additional points for the consecutive picks


  • $25 Entry Fee
  • Unlimited Changes can be made at no cost until the deadline at 7:00PM EST on April 30th (NFL Draft Day), whereupon picks are locked
  • Each entry must correctly predict the first 32 players selected in the 1st round, regardless of which team makes the selection or what trades are made, in order to win the $1,000,000

Prizes Below:

Place Cash Prize
All 32 Picks in Exact Order $1,000,000
1st $25,000
2nd $15,000
3rd $10,000
4th $5,000
5th -10th $1,000
11th - 25th $500
26th - 100th $100