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New York Mets: Pete Alonso Chasing History

Sep. 09, 2019 - Michael Stewart

New York Mets: Pete Alonso Chasing History

Introduction: The New York Mets rookie Pete Alonso is inching closer to baseball history in his rookie season.  The power hitting first basemen has 47 homeruns; which leads all of Major League Baseball, but more importantly is only 5 shy of tying Yankee’s slugger Aaron Judge for the most homeruns hit by a rookie in baseball history. The Mets have 19 games remaining when his article was written and Alonso has averaged a homerun in every 3.3 games this season (141 games played with 47 homeruns). This would mean that if Alonso continues on the same pace in his remaining 19 games; he will finish with at least 52 and an outside chance of getting one more before the final game. In contrast, let’s compare the two young slugging stars stats during their rookie seasons:

  • Aaron Judge:

GMS /PA/AB  /R  /H/ 2B/3B/HR /RBI /BB/ SO / BA / OBP /SLG /OPS

155    678 542 128 154 24  3     52     114   127   208 .284  .422  .627  1.049


  • Pete Alonso:
  • GMS /PA/ AB /R /H/ 2B/3B/HR /RBI /BB/ SO / BA / OBP /SLG /OPS

141    609 522 87 140 28   2    47     107    64   153  .270  .368  .588  .956

Final Thoughts: Judge has a slight edge over Alonso in a number of categories, but as far as Alonso is concerned; there’s only one category that matters and that’s the homerun crown.  Alonso does have a slight advantage in his 19 remaining games as the Mets will be playing 12 at home and Alonso has a better homerun percentage at home (67 games/24 homeruns for a 35%) as opposed to his road ratio of 30% (75 games with 23 homeruns). Keep in mind that all 6 roads games will be played in hitter friendly ballparks (Colorado and Cincinnati).  So if my calculations are correct and Alonso continues on his homerun trend for the remaining 19 games, he should hit 4 homeruns in his remaining 12 home games and 2 more in his remaining 6 road games. This would give him a total of 53 homeruns to end the season and one more homerun than the 52 dingers Judge hit in 2017. This will more than likely go down to the wire in the Mets final game of the season against the Atlanta Braves. The perfect scenario for Alonso and the Mets would be for him to hit his 53rd homerun in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Braves and earn the Mets a wild card spot.