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May. 08, 2015 - DJ Boyer

NFC Draft Analysis

NFC Draft Team By Team


NFC East


Dallas Cowboys

1(27)      Byron Jones                        CB                           Connecticut

2(60)      Randy Gregory                     LB                           Nebraska

3(91)      Chaz Green                           OT                          Florida

4(127)   Damien Wilson                      LB                           Minnesota

5(163)   Ryan Russell                          DE                           Purdue

7(236)   Mark Nzeocha                       LB                           Wyoming

7(243)   Laurence Gibson                  OT                          Virginia Tech


Day One Analysis: I had projected Randy Gregory going to the Cowboys as I said if any team would take him in the first round it would be Dallas. Yet the Cowboys actually had more players on their short list from their board than they had anticipated. Byron Jones comes with some risk but we had him going at #26 to Baltimore so the Cowboys got great value at a position where the only consistency has been inconsistency.

Day Two Analysis: Read my day one analysis and you see I had Randy Gregory ending up in a Cowboy uniform so here it occurs just a round later than projected. This is a huge risk but Dez Bryant has kept his nose clean and hopefully Gregory has the same type of support system. Chaz Green was a bizarre pick as the interior line would have been a better area to look, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Day Three Analysis: The Cowboys made their intentions clear going on defense with three of their four selections with a running back not being one of them. The Cowboys took a few players who look like special teams aces as the Cowboys must have been thinking about this option as well when they made their choices. Damien Wilson was flying up some boards and Ryan Russell seems like a nice fit. I don’t have a problem with the players as much as the positions in which they drafted. It seemed like a lackluster draft but other than day two selection Chaz Green no picks seemed to be out of character.


New York Giants

1(9)        Ereck Flowers                                    OT                          Miami (Fla.)

2(33)      Landon Collins                                  S                              Alabama

3(74)      Owamagbe Odighizuwa               DE                           UCLA

5(144)   Mykkele Thompson                       S                              Texas

6(186)   Geremy Davis                                   WR                         Connecticut

7(226)   Bobby Hart                                         OG                         Florida State


Day One Analysis: We were one of the very few that nailed this pick and it was a very good one. Flowers may be the strongest of the linemen and it helps in multiple areas as it allows players like Justin Pugh and Weston Richberg to move inside to more natural positions for them. I believe the Giants are taking a page out of the Dallas Cowboys draft book as they have been concentrating on building a massive offensive line. The only thing missing now for the Giants is the consistent rushing attack.

Day Two Analysis: Can’t argue with the Giants thinking in being very aggressive and taking Landon Collins to start the second round. The Giants have lost a ton of man games due to injury at the safety position as there always seems to be a need. Owamagbe Odighizuwa gives the Giants tremendous value as he is a first round talent. Expect a skill position pick or two during the third day as the Giants have done a great job at getting some nice trench players.

Day Three Analysis: The first two days were solid while day three seemed to lose a little bit of steam. It was far from a poor effort as Geremy Davis was admittedly, a player I overlooked for quite some time. Bobby Hart is steady yet unexciting. I think had the Giants taken a chance on a linebacker with some upside I would have liked day three a lot more. Again, a solid draft, very solid. Day three was just nowhere near the high marks the Giants get for a spectacular day one and two.


Philadelphia Eagles

1(20)      Nelson Agholor                           WR                         USC

2(47)      Eric Rowe                                     CB                           Utah

3(84)      Jordan Hicks                              LB                           Texas

6(191)   JaCorey Shepherd                      CB                           Kansas

6(196)   Randall Evans                              CB                           Kansas State

7(237)   Brian Mihalik                                DE                           Boston College

Day One Analysis: It was amazing to hear what Philadelphia was offering to move up and it seemed like they were making the offer to Tampa Bay and not Tennessee. Seeing Philadelphia fans disappointed a deal was not made was shocking. The Eagles still have to land their franchise quarterback but the price they were willing to pay was beyond too steep. We actually nailed this pick as there had been a growing feeling that Agholor was a player they coveted. I felt this pick would have been Jaelen Strong had it not been for the wrist injury and impending surgery. Philadelphia was looking at entering the season with Riley Cooper as a starting wide receiver. Agholor looks like he could start right out of the gate.

Day Two Analysis: Eric Rowe means we are 2-2 in prognosticating the Eagles and Chip Kelly has predictably taken a pair of players from the Pac-12 at the top of the draft. Rowe could be a safety or a cornerback and this seems to be the MO of Chip Kelly, he likes interchangeable parts in the secondary. Jordan Hicks is a good player but this seems to be a luxury pick and maybe the Eagles are still trying to deal Mychal Kendricks. Good start to day two and a lackluster finish for Philadelphia.

Day Three Analysis: The quarterback pick never came nor any last minute deals so kudos to Philadelphia. JaCorey Shepherd is a player I have loved throughout this entire process and anyone who has listened to the podcast knows this. With Randall Evans it shows three corners being drafted so Philadelphia actually went towards their biggest weakness. The only gripe I have is not going after an offensive lineman late but the Eagles did bring in some good undrafted players so maybe they address their lack of depth there. Best draft the Eagles have had in some time.


Washington Redskins

1(5)        Brandon Scherff                     OT                          Iowa

2(38)      Preston Smith                         DE                           Mississippi State

3(95)      Matt Jones                               RB                           Florida

4(105)   Jameson Crowder                  WR                         Duke

4(112)   Arie Kouandijo                        OG                         Alabama

5(141)   Martrell Spaight                        LB                           Arkansas

6(181)   Kyshoen Jarrett                       S                              Virginia Tech

6(182)   Tevin Mitchel                             CB                           Arkansas

6(187)   Evan Spencer                           WR                         Ohio State

7(222)   Austin Reiter                           C                             Central Florida

Day One Analysis: This is not a knock on Brandon Scherff as he is a great player and will be successful as a guard or a tackle. With Leonard Williams there though I was shocked the Redskins didn’t move in that direction. By all accounts the Redskins were looking for a trade partner and I felt it would be Atlanta, but once Dante Fowler went at #3 they did not seem to want to pull the trigger and move up. After losing Brian Orakpo this season and possibly losing Ryan Kerrigan, I would have thought getting a mean player with tons of versatility along the defensive line would have been a premium. In Scherff the Redskins have a good and safe pick but Williams would have been a home run.

Day Two Analysis: Preston Smith is an excellent selection as this gives the Redskins some added rush off of the edge and as you can read from day one this an expected area of concern for Washington to address. Matt Jones is a beast running the football but selecting him in the third round was about three rounds too soon, that was a bizarre pick.

Day Three Analysis: Washington is usually the team giving picks away so to see them wheel and deal and acquire a stable of picks is a win within itself. I didn’t like all the players taken during day three but with so many selections there were enough solid choices to make the Redskins a team that I feel came out ahead of its division rivals. The Martrell Spaight and Kyshoen Jarrett picks seem to be the standouts from day three.                    


NFC North


Chicago Bears

1(7)        Kevin White                          WR                         West Virginia

2(39)      Eddie Goldman                    DT                           Florida State

3(71)      Hroniss Grasu                     C                             Oregon

4(106)   Jeremy Langford               RB                           Michigan State

5(142)   Adrian Amos                       S                              Penn State

6(183)   Tayo Fabuluje                     OT                          TCU

Day One Analysis: We know the Bears defense has been beyond terrible for two years and counting but this was a good pick to get the Brandon Marshall replacement out of the way. When the Bears dealt Marshall I think they saw their draft position and were gambling on the fact that they would land either Amari Cooper or Kevin White and it worked. The Bears should look for a quarterback at some point but aside from that, the rest of the draft could be totally defensive.

Day Two Analysis: Give it up for the mock draft! No I am not the GM for the Chicago Bears in disguise but yes we went 3-3 and correctly predicted all three Chicago Bears draft picks. We had them talking a quarterback in Round 4 in Garrett Grayson so it won’t continue. Big fan of Eddie Goldman in the second round as many felt Danny Shelton was a consideration after changing their defensive scheme and here they get their receiver while getting a nice defensive tackle to anchor the defense. Hroniss Grasu was the top center in this draft so give it up to Chicago for value. If this is how Chicago performs when they hold the draft here they may want to petition the NFL to make this the official city of the draft.

Day Three Analysis: The selection of Jeremy Langford at the beginning of day three is interesting when you take into consideration they selected Ka’Deem Carey last year in virtually the same spot. This seems to point to an unsure future with Matt Forte and perhaps this being his final year as the feature back in Chicago. Adrian Amos is a smart player who seems like he can provide much needed leadership at some point. Tayo Fabuluje is not a bad player but I would have liked to have seen another defensive pick after watching the Bears be so dreadful on defense the last two seasons.


Detroit Lions

1(28)      Laken Tomlinson                      OG                         Duke

2(54)      Ameer Abdullah                       RB                           Nebraska

3(80)      Alex Carter                               CB                           Stanford

4(113)   Gabe Wright                                 DT                           Auburn

5(168)   Michael Burton                           FB                           Rutgers

6(200)   Quandre Diggs                            CB                           Texas

7(240)   Corey Robinson                         OT                          South Carolina

Day One Analysis: The Lions can hold their head high by making a deal and moving back five spots and landing two offensive linemen. Tomlinson looked like a solid second rounder and we thought either Tomlinson or South Carolina guard A.J. Cann would be players that teams would covet at the start of round two and Tomlinson exceeded those expectations. Tomlinson looks like he will have a chance at starting immediately while Manny Ramierez is a valuable player since he can play all three interior positions and adds to the depth of the line in Detroit. Now that the Lions have the offensive line addressed, they will look for a running back to move behind these horses as well as defensive tackle help.

Day Two Analysis: You could just sense the Lions were going to take a running back after swinging a deal for a lineman and then going after Laken Tomlinson and that is what they did in drafting Ameer Abdullah. With all the talk about other top runners it may be Abdullah to watch in fantasy leagues next year, this looks like a good fit. Alex Carter was a safe pick and this was the area we felt Carter would be off the board.

Day Three Analysis: For a team that stayed the course and had one selection in every round it is hard to find a hole in what the Lions accomplished. Gabe Wright, Quandre Diggs and Corey Robinson all look like value picks in areas where development is needed with Detroit. Michael Burton was a curious selection but we knew Detroit was one of the teams very high on his ability so this was far from a surprise. A nice under-the-radar draft from Detroit.


Green Bay Packers

1(30)      Damarious Randall                     S                              Arizona State

2(62)      Quentin Rollins                            CB                           Miami (Ohio)

3(94)      Ty Montgomery                            WR                         Stanford

4(129)   Jake Ryan                                            LB                           Michigan

5(147)   Brett Hundley                                   QB                          UCLA

6(206)   Aaron Ripkowski                              FB                           Oklahoma

6(210)   Christian Ringo                                 DE                           Louisiana-Lafayette

6(213)   Kennard Blackmon                          TE                           UAB

Day One Analysis: For the second consecutive season the Packers take a safety, and in Randall they get maybe the player rising faster than any other player at any position. I think his rise had as much to do with the drop of Landon Collins and the questions surrounding his pass coverage as it did with the type of player Randall is. What I like is the fact that he can become a slot corner in a few packages and he will move around the football field. I also see a player who can make a big impact on special teams from day 1. A little surprised this was the player the Packers took but I can see the thinking behind it.

Day Two Analysis: Really like the selection of Quentin Rollins and I feel he will be a player Green Bay can bring along slowly and his athleticism will allow him to make an immediate contribution on special teams. Ty Montgomery, why not get another weapon to throw the ball to right? I say as long as Green Bay lands that inside linebacker early on day three they are in good shape overall.

Day Three Analysis: With Jake Ryan the Packers have a versatile player who can more than likely line up in and outside depending upon formation. Kennard Blackmon is a nice blocking tight end option who offers a nice set of hands I the red zone and I was very happy to see the underappreciated Christian Ringo drafted after being one of the few prognosticators that had him going and he even went a round earlier than I thought. I have been very critical of Brett Hundley but why not take a guy like him in Round 5 to sit behind Aaron Rodgers.


Minnesota Vikings

1(11)      Trae Waynes                                     CB                           Michigan State

2(45)      Eric Kendricks                                 LB                           UCLA

3(88)      Danielle Hunter                                 DE                           LSU

4(110)   T.J. Clemmings                                 OT                          Pittsburgh

5(143)   MyCole Pruitt                                   TE                           Southern Illinois

5(146)   Stefon Diggs                                      WR                         Maryland

6(185)   Tyrus Thompson                              OT                          Oklahoma

6(193)   B.J. DuBose                                        DE                           Louisville

7(228)   Austin Shepherd                              OT                          Alabama

7(232)   Edmond Robinson                           LB                           Newberry


Day One Analysis: This was a pick we correctly anticipated as we figured there was a good chance that no corners would be off the board by #11. With a great young corner in Xavier Rhodes it was time to get him some help as opposing teams were starting to avoid his side of the field altogether. In a division with Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers why not try to make your corners as physical and talented as possible. This was a no-brainer and I am glad the Adrian Peterson situation did not lead to the Vikings overthinking this selection.

Day Two Analysis: Why are we not hearing more about what the Vikings have done? By landing Eric Kendricks at #45 we see maybe THE value pick of the second round. With Danielle Hunter you have a player who is rough around the edges but flashes a ton of potential. The genius here is you land Hunter after trading back...twice. Great job by Minnesota and I expect more offensive picks during day three.

Day Three Analysis: Three offensive tackles while getting a pair of exciting offensive weapons in MyCole Pruitt and Stefon Diggs has to be seen as a major win for this organization. I feel the Vikings had one of the best drafts in the NFL, they were solid in all three days.



NFC South


Atlanta Falcons

1(8)        Vic Beasley                                      LB                           Clemson

2(42)      Jalen Collins                                    CB                           LSU

3(73)      Tevin Coleman                                RB                           Indiana

4(107)   Justin Hardy                                       WR                         East Carolina

5(137)   Grady Jarrett                                     DT                           Clemson

7(225)   Jake Rodgers                                     OT                          Eastern Washington

7(249)   Akeem King                                       CB                           San Jose State


Day One Analysis: Tremendous value as Beasley was my #2 player on the board overall behind Leonard Williams. We had Bud Dupree here because we had Beasley off the board at #6 but when Leonard Williams was still available the Jets made the right call. The Falcons get a player that I feel too many analysts have been sleeping on and he will make his presence known immediately.

Day Two Analysis:  One of the big winners of the draft so far has been Atlanta. Jalen Collins is a great player who is a low risk to pair with Desmond Trufant for years. Tevin Coleman played in a system similar to what Atlanta runs with the zone running scheme that Atlanta will employ. This is a nice match.

Day Three Analysis: Another team that really did their homework. The Falcons took three players to start day three that were all lights out. Justin hardy looks like Harry Douglas 2.0 and Grady Jarrett is an immediate fit. Jake Rodgers is an outstanding round seven selection while Akeem King puzzled me there must be something there Atlanta likes. Atlanta seemed to check everything off their list in terms of wishes from this draft.


Carolina Panthers

1(25)      Shaq Thompson                               LB/S                       Washington

2(41)      Devin Funchess                                WR                         Michigan

4(102)   Daryl Williams                                  OT                          Oklahoma

5(169)   David Mayo                                        LB                           Texas State

5(174)   Cameron Artis-Payne                    RB                           Auburn

Day One Analysis:  Give it up for three Washington Huskies in the first round as I predicted long ago that they and the Pac-12 would have a great showing early in the draft. I have been on record stating that Thompson was the dark horse in this draft and the player was the top on my board of players likely not to go during the first round. Carolina surprised us all and selected Thompson at #25. Thompson can scheme and play linebacker in Carolina and I still like his prospect as a strong safety. As much as I like Thompson, the Panthers offensive line was so atrocious that I am not sure they made the right pick. Thompson is a great player but for a team that I felt had the worst starting offensive line in the NFL last season, they could have done more.

Day Two Analysis: I would say this is an epic fail if Carolina doesn’t grab an offensive tackle soon. Carolina may have to move up because I am predicting a run on offensive tackles early during the third day. Funchess is a pretty good pick and he and Benjamin have immense size and provide Carolina a pair of wonderful red zone targets. I reserve judgement until I see if Carolina grabs a lineman.

Day Three Analysis: We were wondering when an offensive tackle would be taken and the surprising part was Carolina only drafted one. Williams is a nice player who is closer to starting caliber then many realize. While the Panthers didn’t have many picks they seemed to target players that need little time to develop and can help immediately.


New Orleans Saints

1(13)      Andrus Peat                             OT                          Stanford

1(31)     Stephone Anthony                   LB                           Clemson

2(44)      Hau’oli Kikaha                         LB                           Washington

3(75)      Garrett Grayson                     QB                          Colorado State

3(78)      P.J. Williams                            CB                           Florida State

5(148)   Davis Tull                                  LB                           Tennessee-Chatanooga

5(154)   Tyeler Davison                          DT                           Fresno State

5(167)   Damian Swann                       CB                           Georgia

7(230)   Marcus Murphy                      RB                           Missouri

Day One Analysis: It’s weird to call a team with a pair of first round picks one of the “losers” on the day but I am not a fan of what the Saints accomplished. Andrus Peat was a strange reach, a talented player who needed another year in college and had a chance to be the top player and first off the board at his position. Anthony was very interesting as I felt the Saints would go for an outside rusher like an Eli Harold or pull the trigger on Randy Gregory. Throw in the fact that they dealt Jimmy Graham to get that extra pick, they could have done a lot more.

Day Two Analysis: I don’t like the way this day starts either for New Orleans as Kikaha has plenty of medical concerns. Not sure Kikaha will see his game transfer to the NFL level despite leading the FBS in sacks last season. Kikaha was oft injured during his tenure so there is some uncertainty there. Kikaha is a good player but I think the 2nd round was way too high. Garrett Grayson is a decent pick, not sure New Orleans is the best fit for his services. I think the last pick of day two was their best thus far in P.J. Williams who offers great value in the third round.

Day Three Analysis: It seemed to take a few days but it looks like the Saints awoke just in time. Day three was outstanding, especially round five where the Saints took three defensive players that are all tough defenders. In round seven the Saints land perhaps the best return man in this draft. Too bad the other days seemed out of sorts because the Saints really brought it home during the final day.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1(1)        Jameis Winston                         QB                          Florida State

2(34)      Donovan Smith                           OT                          Penn State

2(61)      Ali Marpet                                    OG                         Hobart

4(124)   Kwon Alexander                              LB                           LSU

5(162)   Kenny Bell                                          WR                         Nebraska

6(184)   Kaelin Clay                                         WR                         Utah

7(231)   Joey Iosefa                                         FB                           Hawaii

Day One Analysis: No drama with this selection as this is one that had to be made. Winston provides an immediate spark to a team that isn’t that far from competing for a playoff spot in a weak NFC South.

Day Two Analysis: If you invest so much in drafting Jameis Winston #1 overall why not take your next picks and plug up some holes on the offensive line. Donovan Smith showed us a ton of potential as a freshman and then kinda tapered off and never matured to the level that we all expected. Ali Marpet is the highest drafted Division III player since 1994 and he doesn't need as much time to develop as everyone thinks. Don’t just look at Division III and think he is not ready, once he adjusts to the speed he will be OK.

Day Three Analysis: Kwon Alexnader is an all-around speed demon and player that you can just seem to picture wearing a Tampa Bay uniform. I Kenny Bell you get the best blocking wide receiver in this draft and with Kaelin Clay a big play just waiting to happen. This was an important draft for Tampa Bay and they are ready to contend in the AFC South, they weren’t far away last season despite landing the top overall pick.


NFC West


Arizona Cardinals

1(24)      D.J. Humphries                      OT                          Florida

2(58)      Markus Golden                     DE                           Missouri

3(86)      David Johnson                     RB                           Northern Iowa

4(116)   Rodney Gunter                       DE                           Delaware State

5(158)   Shaq Riddick                         LB                           West Virginia

5(159)   J.J. Nelson                             WR                         UAB

7(256)   Gerald Christian                    TE                           Louisville


Day One Analysis: I know many teams were starting to think about Humphries in Round 1 (especially the Panthers who picked right behind the Cardinals), but I just don’t see it. Humphries does not have the upper body strength to compete at this level and will need to get into the weight room ASAP. I don’t fault the position, I just think the Cardinals could have found a better fit for their offense. Let’s hope I am wrong for the sake of Arizona fans.

Day Two Analysis: Arizona has been one of my favorite teams over the last five years when I look at their draft history and the philosophy they employ. I was not a fan of the D.J. Humphries selection and Markus Golden to me is a player that came off the board way too early. Just when I seemed to be losing faith in the Cardinals I hear them select David Johnson, a very underrated running back who is an excellent receiver as he actually started his career as a receiver. Arizona needs to pick it up a bit during day three but they at least ended day two on a high note.

Day Three Analysis: I really like Shaq Riddick as an athlete if Arizona can find where they want to stick this rushing presence. J.J. Nelson was the fastest player at the Combine this year but in recent years those players haven’t made a huge impact at the NFL level. Gerald Christian was a lackluster finishing pick. The draft wasn’t horrendous just not up to the bar that Arizona seems to have set in recent years.


San Francisco 49ers

1(17)      Arik Armstead                        DE/DT                   Oregon

2(46)      Jacquiski Tartt                      S                              Samford

3(79)      Eli Harold                                DE/LB                    Virginia

4(117)   Blake Bell                                            TE                           Oklahoma

4(126)   Mike Davis                                         RB                           South Carolina

4(132)   DeAndre Smelter                            WR                         Georgia Tech

5(165)   Bradley Pinion                                  P                             Clemson

6(190)   Ian Silberman                                    OG                         Boston College

7(244)   Trenton Brown                                 OG                         Florida

7(246)   Geoff Swaim                                     TE                           Texas

7(254)   Rory Anderson                                  TE                           South Carolina

Day One Analysis: The 49ers trade back two spots and still land the player they coveted and we accurately predicted for San Francisco. This pick does not come without risk as Armstead is not known for consistency or playing hard on every play. However you would be hard pressed to find a more versatile big man in this draft with more upside. There were a few teams going in that I thought Armstead could go to and succeed. With the needs virtually all over the line San Francisco looks like a club where he can contribute somewhere.

Day Two Analysis: Jacquiski Tartt was the first non FBS player off the board as we accurately predicted but how many safeties do the 49ers need? San Francisco took Jimmy Ward last year and they have the best young safety in football with Eric Reid. I like the player but the fit is hard to imagine. Eli Harold is a player I was not as high on as many other prognosticators but a few teams liked him and he was thought to be 2nd round talent.

Day Three Analysis: Mike Davis and Blake Bell seemed like bold statements to start day three and then...that was it. The 49ers seemed like they just mailed it in despite having a generous number of selections.


Seattle Seahawks

2(63)      Frank Clark                         DE                           Michigan

3(69)      Tyler Lockett                     WR                         Kansas State

4(130)   Terry Poole                           OG                         San Diego State

4(134)   Mark Glowinski                     OG                         West Virginia

5(170)   Tye Smith                                 CB                           Towson

6(209)   Obum Gwacham                     DE                           Oregon State

6(214)   Kristjan Sokoli                         DT                           Buffalo

7(248)   Ryan Murphy                       CB                           Oregon State


Day One Analysis: No selections for the defending NFC Champions as they sent their #31 pick overall to New Orleans in exchange for TE Jimmy Graham.

Day Two Analysis: To wait this long to make your first selection and then take a player with a troubled past like Frank Clark was surprising. Many teams did like Frank Clark but his past and being dismissed from Michigan has to be a concern. Seattle gave up a lot to move up and take Tyler Lockett but wide receiver is a definite area of need and he is also one of the best return man prospects in this draft class.

Day Three Analysis: I didn’t agree with the player selections necessarily but I do like that the Seahawks made sure the lines on both sides of the ball were stocked and taken care of. Tye Smith was the top small school corner on my board virtually all season, he has to be ecstatic heading to Seattle.



St. Louis Rams

1(10)      Todd Gurley                       RB                           Georgia

2(57)     Rob Havenstein                  OT                          Wisconsin

3(72)      Jamon Brown                    OT                          Louisville

3(89)      Sean Mannion                  QB                          Oregon State

4(119)   Andrew Donnal                 OT                          Iowa

6(201)   Bud Sasser                          WR                         Missouri

6(215)   Cody Wichmann              OG                         Fresno State

7(224)   Bryce Hager                       LB                           Baylor

7(227)   Martin Ifedi                       DE                           Memphis

Day One Analysis: The Rams made a lot of noise, they turned down the Dolphins offer and now we know why. They were targeting Todd Gurley all along. In a tough division where many of the top teams have multiple question marks or seem to be moving in the wrong direction, the Rams are bucking the trend and moving up. Gurley may make more of a splash as a return man right away but with Tre' Mason, he doesn’t have to be the man right away. This is a strong pick for a team with very few noticeable holes. Expect the Rams to look along the offensive line or take a playmaking corner at some point.

Day Two Analysis: Love the Rob Havenstein pick and I suspect we will see the Rams made an effort to put in about three-four total picks along the offensive line. The Rams then take another lineman in Jamon Brown who I like as a guard prospect but thought he was day three value while Sean Mannion has the look of a pro quarterback. Mannion may be more of a long term backup but he will be able to play and his mechanics are among the most complete of any prospect at quarterback in this class.

Day Three Analysis: St. Louis will be a fun team to watch and one many will be rooting for to rise to power in the NFC West. Andrew Donnal and Cody Wichmann are key contributors that both offer immediate value. Even seventh round choices Bryce Hager and Martin Ifedi look like they have a realistic shot at making the roster. Just hard to imagine which city will be rooting for this draft more, St. Louis or perhaps Los Angeles where the Rams seem to be the most likely team to get football back in the United States second largest media market.


DJ Boyer