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Nov. 09, 2020 - Michael Stewart

NFL Mid-Season/Top 5 Best & Worst Team's

Introduction: The NFL scheduled is at the halfway point with most of the team’s and I wanted to give my top 5 best and worst ranked teams thus far. My list will be debatable as it is based on my opinion and how I view the overall makeup of each team’s roster and strength of schedule. So let’s not waste any more time and get right at it: Here are my top 5 best and worst NFL team’s at the midway point of the season:


  • Kansas City Chiefs (8-1):  The Chiefs get my vote over the Steelers purely based on strength of schedule and the team’s talent roster. I firmly believe if both teams went head to head in 10 games, the Chiefs would win 7 of them.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (8-0): Hard to put the only undefeated team at #2 as the top ranked team in the NFL, but keep in mind that the Kansas City Chiefs play in the NFL. I expect the Steelers to maintain this current ranking and finish at #2.
  • New Orleans Saints (6-2): The Saints dominating win over a pretty good Buccaneers team with the quarterback in NFL history Tom Brady under center was very impressing. With the Saints being the only NFC team in my top 5; they could finally get another chance at a Super Bowl ring.
  • Baltimore Ravens (6-2): The Ravens slipped to #4 over the last few weeks after a couple of tough losses (). However; they should maintain top 5 status for the remainder of the season.
  • Buffalo Bills (7-2): The Bills had a very impressive win over a very good Seattle team led by quarterback Josh Allen who beat the Seahawks with his arm and legs. The Bills are getting better each week, however; they would need to get through the likes of the Chiefs, Steelers and Ravens for any Super Bowl aspirations.


  • New York Jets (0-8): The Jets finished strong in 2019 and a once promising 2020 season has been a completed nightmare. There doesn’t appear to be any help in sight and major changes are expected in the off season in both managerial and possibly at quarterback.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7): Jacksonville continues to plummet downward as one of the worse teams in the NFL and are trying their best to secure the #1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft and make Quarterback Trevor Lawrence a Jaguar.
  • Washington Football Team (2-6): Washington falls to 3 with another lost to their rival New York Giants as the streak has reached 4 straight. Washington’s quarterback situation is also a bit unstable and they could avoid the top 3 ranking of the worse if they can beat the Cowboys again.
  • New York Giants (2-7): The Giants are slowly trending upward as in the last 6 games played they are 2-4 with a combined point deferential of 10 points. They have easily gone 6-0 during this time and also 0-6 at well.  
  • Dallas Cowboys (2-7): The Cowboys are floundering since the injury to QB Dak Prescott and there’s no hope in sight. This team could finish in the cellar in arguably the worse division in football.

Final Thoughts: Hard imagine another team getting into the top 5 in either category as only the Tennessee Titans or the Carolina Panthers could be trending that way. Keep an eye out for my season end edition of the top 5 best and worse team’s in the NFL.