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Sep. 04, 2014 - Zach Gutierrez

NFL Power Rankings: Preseason

Week 1

1.) Seahawks: The only thing the Seahawks couldn't stop last year was Robert Quinn.

2.) 49ers: Kaepernick should take a big step this year. Hard to believe that the 49ers will probably be a wild card team for the 2nd year in a row

3.) Broncos: Best team on paper. Von Miller and Demarcus Ware should combine for 25 sacks if they can stay healthy.

4.) Saints: Not just about the offense anymore. Maybe the best safeties in football (Seahwaks might be better).

5.) Patriots: How have the Pats not won a Super Bowl in 10 years? On paper the East looks easy but has some of the best defensive fronts in football.

6.) Eagles: The beneficiaries of playing in the NFC East where defense is optional. Too many weapons for Nick Foles for them not to repeat.

7.) Colts: Andrew Luck takes the leap to top 5 QB this year. AFC South shouldn't provide too much resistance.

8.) Packers: With the Pack, it's all about staying healthy. May be tough to recover from a trip to Seattle week 1.

9.) Steelers: Ryan Shazier will be an immediate superstar, but can the corners hold up? Best running backs (don't forget about Dri Archer) in the league behind a healthy O-line will make the Steelers the most balanced offense in football.

10.) Bengals: Bengals have one of the most talented roster in the AFC. Jeremy Hill will prove to be one of the better goal-line backs in the league. Good team totally at the mercy of Andy Dalton.

11.) Bears: If Cutler stays healthy he will throw for 5,000 yards. Maybe the best team in Madden.

12.) Chargers: Ryan Matthews, Donald Brown, and Danny Woodhead should take a lot of pressure off Rivers and Allen. Melvin Ingram will emerge as a star this year.

13.) Cardinals: Can Andre Ellington handle the load as a feature back? Carson Palmer will be throwing to the best set of receivers he's ever played with, too bad they're in the NFC West. Still got to love Honey Badger and Patrick Peterson in the same defensive backfield.

14.) Ravens: Ravens should have never let go of Boldin. Can Steve Smith be that extra target Flacco so desperately needs? We know Ray Rice will be in shape after an off-season of MMA. 

15.) Chiefs: Love their defense. Jamaal Charles may be the best offense player in football. Still need more weapons on the outside to compete.

16.) Panthers: Same situation as the Chiefs- Great D but not enough pass catchers to survive in a passing league.

17.) Falcons: Talented but soft. Julio Jones may be the best receiver in football and Jake Matthews is exactly what they needed, so there is reason for optimism.

18.) Giants: Eli will bounce back. They need Odell Beckham to get healthy quickly though.

19.) Lions: Jim Caldwell will give the Lions something they have never had; discipline and self-control. 

20.) Bucs: Lovie Smith will fare much better then Greg Schiano. I could have probably done a better job then Greg Schiano. If Mike Evans can contribute immediately this could be a very tough team to defend.

21.) Dolphins: Make or break year for everyone on the Dolphins. Steven Ross should stick to developing real estate.

22.) Jets: Defense will be excellent as usually in the Rex Ryan era. Jets would be a contender if Vick was the starter.

23.) Rams: Would be ranked much higher if not for the loss of Sam Bradford. Robert Quinn is the best defensive player in football so not all hope is lost.

24.) Cowboys: Same story as last year. Really excellent balanced offense. Defense probably couldn't stop Baylor.

25.) Texans: QB situation will keep them from winning 8 games. Clowney and Watt will help ease the pain.

26.) Browns: Johnny Football needs to start especially with the Browns only play-maker suspended for the year. Defense will be as stout as any in the AFC.

27.) Redskins: They need to trade RG3 back to the Rams.

28.) Bills: Love their D-line but that's about it.

29.) Titans: Jake Locker is not the answer, or is he? Great offensive line may make him look good. Shonn Greene looks leaner and quicker then ever.

30.) Vikings: Trade AP and rebuild please.

31.) Jaguars: Gus Bradley will make this team a contender....2 years from now.

32.) Raiders: LOL