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Sep. 23, 2014 - Zach Gutierrez

NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

1.) Seahawks: Still the best team in NFL through 3 weeks. Consistently excellent defense combined with an almost perfect offensive balance makes the Seahwaks a safe bet to repeat in the NFC. Russell Wilson was surgical in overtime.

2.) Bengals: Heading into their bye they look like the team to beat in the AFC. The defense has been excellent as expected. Paying Andy Dalton is starting to look like a decent move. It has dawned on him that he’s rich and he is getting paid not to lose games. We will find out a lot about this team after the bye as they travel to New England and Indy with a visit from Carolina in the middle.

3.) Eagles: Managed to win despite averaging 2.2 yards per carry. Nick Foles was smacked around, good thing Sanchez is a plus backup. Jordan Matthews emerged in what should be the start to an excellent year for him. Maclin is going to cash in big after signing a 1 year deal.

4.) Broncos: The D looked really good. No such thing as a good loss but the Broncos can’t be to upset with their performance in Seattle. Emmanuel Sanders is starting to look like Antonio Brown.

5.) Cardinals: Absolutely love what Bruce Arians is doing. This team is playing with passion. Rookie John Brown is a OROY candidate and Drew Stanton is 2-0. Next man up baby!!

6.) Chargers: Rivers for MVP. Expect everybody to pick up Eddie Royal for fantasy football only to drop him by mid-October. Losing Woodhead really hurts.

7.) Bears: Posting this before Monday night’s game against the Jets. Expected Cutler to have Rodgers like success against the Jets vulnerable secondary.

8.) Ravens: Wasn’t pretty but the Ravens escaped Cleveland. Steve Smith again showed why the Ravens need him for a playoff run.

9.) Patriots: Now have beat the Raiders and the Vikings!!! Super impressive.

10.) Steelers: Ben looked as good as ever Sunday night after crapping the bed vs the Ravens last Thursday. Antonio Brown is un-guardable, and is Le’veon Bell now the best back in the NFL? Muncheck has the O-line looking dominant. Losing Ike Taylor is bad news for an already suspect secondary.

11.) Panthers: Injuries have made their once stocked backfield look pretty bare. Kelvin Benjamin looks excellent but imagine if they still had Steve Smith.

12.) Falcons: Bucs made them look like the 94′ 49ers on Thursday. Julio Jones is pretty much unstoppable but this team is still too soft to get overally excited about.

13.) Lions: Looked like a good team on Sunday overcoming Stafford’s 61 QB rating to beat a quality Lions team. Only 6 penalties too!!

14.) 49ers: Uh oh. Eagles visit next week. Expect the Carlos Hyde era to officially begin.

15.) Colts: Andrew Luck and company looked amazing…..against the Jaguars. Colts will play a home playoff game as they will win every divisional game.

16.) Saints: Finally won one! Really excited for the Saints to travel to Dallas for Sunday night next week. Ingram would of been nice against that porous Dallas run D.

17.) Packers: Eddie Lacy lol

18.) Cowboys: Don’t look now, but the Cowboys are 2-1! Amazing comeback win against a mildly inept Rams team was kind of impressive. Tony Romo will throw 4 TD’s next week in prime time only to lose the game on a late turnover.  Will Demarco Murray go 4/4 with another early game fumble?

19.) Bills: Won’t be pretty but the Bills will go .500% this year.

20.) Jets: Nobody runs on the Jets! Too bad Jay Cutler and his beast pass catchers come to town tonight.

21.) Redskins: Kirk Cousins is the answer in Washington. Completely different team. Still looks like a boy though. Will always be Squirt Cousins to me.

22.) Texans: Fitzpatrick looks like a Civil War infantry man. The Texans have almost no offense without Arian Foster. Can they keep from losing 14 straight like last year?

23.) Chiefs: If Jamaal Charles comes back this team may still make some noise. A very small amount of noise.

24.) Giants: Eli is still an excellent QB. When Beckham Jr. gets back the the passing game will thrive. Winner of this Thursday game will be in the mix in the East.

25.) Browns: At least Johnny got in the game, even though it didn't count.

26.) Dolphins: Total pretenders. Philbin is gone after this year. Same with Tannehill.

27.) Titans: People actually had them as their sleeper team. LOL. Locker will make the whole offense look mediocre.

28.) Vikings: The Bridgewater era begins!

29.) Rams: Austin Davis is starting to look like Marc Bulger. This team still has to learn to win though.

30.) Raiders: When MJD returns this team may have the look of a 4 win team. Can you feel the excitement in Oakland?!

31.) Jaguars: Bet you’ve never seen a stadium leave after a 44-17 loss with so much excitement. Bortles racked up 14 fantasy points in one half.

32.) Bucs: Disgraceful