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Oct. 01, 2014 - Zach Gutierrez

NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

1.) Seahawks: Still the perfect team: play-makers on defense, the best home field advantage in football, and Russell Wilson.

2.) Bengals: Odds are they will be they only undefeated team in football this time next week.

3.) Broncos: Huge game this week against the undefeated Cardinals. With Manning having 2 weeks to prepare, my bet is on Denver.

4.) Cardinals: Game of the week with both Denver and Arizona coming off their bye week. I still don’t think the Cards can run the ball well enough to be considered a threat to the Seahawks.

5.) Ravens: Only loss came to the Bengals off an AJ Green 77 yard TD with less than 5 minutes left. Steve Smith makes this team as good as it was 2 years ago.

6.) 49ers: Despite their two loses, the 49ers may be the most talented team in football. When they stop getting cute and feed Frank Gore/Carlos Hyde, they are a top 5 team.

7.) Eagles: McCoy is averaging 2.7 yards a carry. Lucky for the Eagles, Sproles is averaging almost 7. Injuries to the offensive line have made them dangerously one-dimensional.

8.) Chargers: Phillip Rivers continues to dominate the NFL. The last 2 years Rivers has been as good as any QB in the league. Maybe Eddie Royal will produce past week 5 this year!

9.) Colts: Andrew Luck has looked spectacular the last 2 weeks…….against the Jaguars and Titans. Ravens come to town this Sunday. Let’s see what the Colts are made of!

10.) Cowboys: Their offensive line is dominating the NFL. When healthy they may be the most balanced offense in the league. Terrence Williams looked like a proper #2 receiver.

11.) Lions: Still not sold on the Lions but as of right now they are the team to beat in the in the NFC North. Only 5 penalties on Sunday!

12.) Steelers: Look exactly like the Cowboys. Exceptional offensive line, elite running back and #1 WR, and all-pro QB.

13.) Chiefs: Wow, looked like the best team in the AFC Monday night. This is a team that will make noise late in the season. Travis Kelce looks like a top 5 TE.

14.) Packers: Aaron Rodgers is still the best. Second best QB rating in an “off” year. He may be good enough to make the playoffs without a running game.

15.) Bears: No reason to panic. Jay Cutler haters have already written off the Bears, but I still got them winning the North.

16.) Pats: Overrated at 16 but it’s out of respect for Bill and his press conference antics. It’s a lot harder to win when you’re not taping teams practices. A trip to Cincy will not help an already pathetic offense regain some form of swagger.

17.) Falcons: Been saying it all year: the Falcons are still too soft to be a contender. Falcons gave up 241 yards rushing to a Vikings team….a Vikings team without AP.

18.) Saints: Losing Ingram really hurt what little balance they had. Rob Ryan looks like a D-Coordinator on the out. Hosting Tampa Bay is just what these Saints need.

19.) Panthers: With no running backs and Cam nursing his ribs the Panthers are in serious need of a boost in the running game. Good news is Kelvin Benjamin is better then advertised.

20.) Texans: May be 3-1 but lets be serious…..this team is not going anywhere. JJ Watt is a monster and they get to play the Jaguars and the Titans twice but still don’t expect anything better then 8-8.

21.) Giants: All of a sudden the NFC East is starting to look interesting. Larry D is a redzone monster and when Beckham gets back this team will have a very prolific passing attack.

22.) Dolphins: The Raiders make everybody look good…..except for the Patriots.

23.) Browns: Mark my words: Isiah Crowell will be the starter by year’s end. Next year’s Cleveland team will be a contender.

24.) Bills: Kyle Orton will make Sammy Watkins a better WR. Still say this is an 8-8 team.

25.) Jets: One more loss and Mike Vick with be in. The Jets with Vick will be a different team.

26.) Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater looked like the best rookie QB. If he can stay healthy this is a 7 win team! Really a shame that AP will not be around to make life a bit easier.

27.) Redskins: Squirt Cousins pretty much handed the starting QB spot back to RG3.

28.) Titans: This team is going nowhere. Bishop Sankey will start getting more touches but not even Jim Brown would make up for Locker’s mediocrity.

29.) Rams: Keep Austin Davis in! He’s completed over 70% of his passes. A miracle that Quinn is sackless thus far this season.

30.) Bucs: As a Steelers fan I am shocked and appalled. Mike Evans looked excellent.

31.) Jaguars: Encouraging to see Bortles complete 70% of his passes. Hey, if the Bucs can beat the Steelers why can’t the Jags?

32.) Raiders: Bill Walsh couldn’t get this team 8 wins. Get rid of everybody and give all control to Kevin Sumlin.