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Oct. 09, 2014 - Zach Gutierrez

NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

1.) Seahawks: Soon Russell Wilson will be like Drew Brees and the Seahwaks will be unstoppable.

2.) Broncos: Manning threw for a career high 479 yards against a really good Cardinals team. I'm kind of surprised he has never had 500 yards in a game. Ronnie Hillman will look good filling in for the ineffective Ball.

3.) Chargers: Branden Oliver accounted for 182 yards against the JETS! Whens the last time a running back had that type of production against Rex Ryan? Phillip Rivers is hands down the MVP this season.

4.) Bengals: Bengals still don't lose regular season home games. They need to get Jeremy Hill involved earlier in games.

5.) 49ers: Definitely top 5 NFL team in terms of talent. Maybe Richard Sherman was right- maybe Crabtree is mediocre.

6.) Eagles: Their wins are looking increasingly less impressive as the season progresses but at least they're still wins.

7.) Ravens: The running back committee may be good enough to keep this team balanced. Defense is only going to get better.

8.) Colts: Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are both such gamers. Can't wait for that Super Bowl one day....

9.) Cardinals: Impressive season, especially when you consider they have been missing Carson Palmer.

10.) Cowboys: Cowboys......looked...clutch? Crazy season.

11.) Packers: Eddie Lacy finally showed up! Aaron Rodgers has a 12-1 TD/INT ratio.

12.) Steelers: Not a sexy win but an NFL road win. Haley is going to help Roethlisberger to perhaps his best statistical season.

13.) Patriots: Look what happens when you give Ridley the ball. Keep feeding him.

14.) Lions: Tough loss, even by Lions standards. Megatron is in decoy mode.

15.) Saints: After a poor start the Saints are still in excellent position to win the division.

16.) Panthers: Until Cam can run this team, they will seriously have to lean on their D.

17.) Giants: Odell, Cruz, Randle, and Donnell will help Eli bounce back in a big way this year.

18.) Chiefs: Will have a bye before a crucial visit to San Diego. Chiefs are still dangerous.

19.) Bears: Oh Cutler. Jay will certainly pick up the Bears only to get hurt week 14.

20.) Falcons: So soft. Their rushing average is always misleading because of a Antone Smith 70 yarders and other huge runs.

21.) Texans: Arian Foster literally carries the Texans offense. This team is a good quarterback away from being an elite program.

22.) Bills: Part of making the playoffs is winning close games. Bills still lead the AFC East!

23.) Browns: Johnny Football will not play unless Hoyer gets hurt. Also still expecting Crowell to break loose.

24.) Dolphins: Philbin goes back to Green Bay with a chance to show that his fish are real contenders! They're not.

25.) Vikings: With AP and Bridgewater healthy this team competes in the division.

26.) Redskins: Valiant effort!

27.) Jets: Geno's numbers actually make him look worse then he is. He's still not good. Back to being the Jets!

28.) Titans: Bad teams find magical ways to lose games. At least Kendall Wright looked like a monster.

29.) Rams: Robert Quinn still doesn't have a sack! Austin Davis has a 96.8 QB rating to make up for it.

30.) Bucs: Doug Martin is the biggest fantasy football bust in the last 2 years. Vincent Jackson needs Mike Evans back.

31.) Jaguars: This team is getting better every week. This team really could have used one of those 2nd round running backs.

32.) Raiders: Coming off their bye, I forgot they were even in the NFL.