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NFL Trading Deadline: Top 5 Sellers and Buyers

Oct. 18, 2019 - Michael Stewart

NFL Trading Deadline: Top 5 Sellers and Buyers

Introduction: The Los Angeles Rams have kicked off the 2019 trading deadline and little early with three trades this past week. They traded CB Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens for LBer Kenny Young and a 5th round pick (2020), then they acquired OG Austin Corbett (2018 2nd round pick) from the Cleveland Browns for  a 5th round pick (2021). However; their 3rd trade was the biggest of them all as the Rams acquired Pro Bowler CB Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars for two 1st round picks (2020/2021) and a 4th round pick (2021). These moves have many football analysts speculating that we could see more trades until the deadline than recent years. If so, there are teams currently looking to add and/or subtract to/from their roster as buyers/sellers. Here are my top 5 buyers and sellers for the NFL trading deadline.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (Needs-OG/DT/CB): The Chiefs started off well at 4-0, but have lost their last two out of three games and seem to be going in the wrong direction. Often times the best remedy is making a trade to add a little energy into the team; which is why I believe the Chiefs will be buyers.  Injuries have played a major role in the chiefs recent funk; especially the offensive line. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the latest injury casualty with a dislocation to his patella. The Chiefs will have an MRI to determine if there’s any ligament damage.  The defense hasn’t fair well with poor play up front and in the secondary. Possible Trading Partners: Redskins/ Jets/Falcons/Giants.
  2. New England Patriots (Needs WR/TE): The Pats seem to be a well oiled machine at 6-0, but they do have some cracks in the armor; especially at wide receiver and tight end. They recently brought back tight end Ben Watson, but they could use another dependable tight end and a productive wide receiver to give them some depth; despite rookie N’keal Harry retuning for the injury list. I don’t for see the Patriots over paying at either position, but they have been none to be aggressive at the deadline. Possible Trading Partners: Giants/Jets/Bengals/Falcons
  3. Seattle Seahawks (Needs OG/WR/CB): The Seahawks seem to hitting their stride at 5-1 and adding a couple of more pieces could put them over the top. If not for the 49ers, the Seahawk’s could be pulling away in the NFC West. It seems the Seahawk’s would benefit by adding some beef along the offensive line to give Russell Wilson more protection. The addition of DE Jadeveon Clowney shows that the Seahawks are committed on improving this team in midseason, so expect them to possibly add a few more bodies to catch the 49ers. Possible Trading Partners:Redskins/Falcons/Bengals
  4.  Philadelphia Eagles (Needs WR/DE/DT/CB): The Eagles have been ravaged my injuries at the cornerback position and also lost DT Malik Jackson for the season. In a weak NFC east, the Eagles are currently tied with the Cowboys at 3-3 and really can take control of their division with the right moves. The Eagles roster is still talented enough to be a legitimate contender, so expect them to be aggressive at the deadline. Possible Trading Partners: Jets/Bengals/Falcons
  5. Buffalo Bills (Needs RB/WR/TE): The Bills find themselves in unfamiliar territory sitting at 4-1. Although it would be hard press to expect them to over-take the Patriot on top of the AFC east, they do have a legit shot at a wild card. It seems that the Bills could use another play maker on offense; especially at the wide receiver position to help bolster their chances to make the playoffs. Possible Trading Partners: Giants/Bengals/Redskins/Jets


  1. New York Jets (Trade Bait)> WR-Robby Anderson/DE- Leonard Williams/ CB- Trumanine Johnson: The Jets are 1-4 and are considered a disappointment thus far in 2019. They invested in big named players such as running back Le’Veon Bell and Linebacker C.J Mosley without seeing the benefits.  GM Joe Douglas should be a seller and try to build towards the future by securing additional picks through the draft. Realistically; the Jets could be at least two years away from establishing themselves as a serious contender, so being a seller makes a ton of sense. Possible Trading Partners: Seahawks/Eagles/Chiefs
  2. Cincinnati Bengals (Trade Bait)> WR- A.J. Green/ DE-Carlos Dunlap/DT-Geno Atkins: The Bengals are winless thus far at 0-6 and all indication points to them being sellers. The Bengals lack of trading chips could affect them at the deadline, but the few they do have could interest a few teams looking to add that one player who could make a difference. The Bengals are a solid two-three away from really re-establishing themselves as serious contenders, so being sellers this season is a good start. Possible Trading Partners: Eagles/Bills/Seahawks/Patriots
  3. New York Giants (Trade Bai)t> WR-Golden Tate/TE Rhett Ellison/CB-Janoris Jenkins: The Giants could be considered on the fence at this point with a 2-4 record and playing in a weak NFC east. However; I still see them as sellers as GM Dave Gettleman could really stock pile additional draft picks for the next couple of years to give the Giants the ammunition to rebuild this franchise into a powerhouse. Possible Trading Partners-Patriots/Bills/Chiefs
  4. Atlanta Falcons (Trade Bait)>WR-Mohamed Sanu/DE-Adrian Clayborn/DE Vic Beasley/CB-Desmond Trufant: The Falcons are a far cry from the team that went to the Super Bowl a few years back.  At 1-5 it makes perfect sense for them to explore the trading deadline as sellers and gather additional picks. The Falcons would have a few talented players on the block that would certainly help any contending team. Possible Trading Partners: Eagles/Seahawks/Patriots/Chiefs
  5. Washington Redskins (Trade Bait)> OT-Trent Williams/OG-Brandon Scherff/CB-Josh Norman:  The Redskins fired Jay Gruden and seem to be willing start a rebuild phase, so expect them to be sellers. At 1-5 and their only win against the winless Miami Dolphins, the Redskins do have some pieces that other teams could be interested in. Possible Trading Partners: Bills/Seahawks/Chiefs

Final Thoughts: It should be an interesting trading deadline this year as many football analysts project more activity than in recent years. With the playoff picture unclear on which teams are going to get in, moves will be made to ensure the team that makes the right move could benefit the most come playoff time.