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Jun. 21, 2011 - Steve Garrity

Quick MLB Draft Hits


The 2011 MLB draft is in the books. However that does not stop the news from coming. Teams have quickly moved on to draft-signing mode and have begun concentrating on the 2012 MLB draft. 

Below is a quick recap of recent draft news looking at draft-deals, player news, and some potential changes on tap for future drafts.


  • Rumors abound about a pre-draft deal between Lawrence Academy’s Tyler Beede and the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • The 21st overall slot bonus recommendation is $1.7 million.
  • The alleged deal is for $3 million.
  • After being approached about the apparent deal, GM Alex Anthopolous reacts aggressively. He claims the rumors are completely untrue. He is upset because he claims Toronto is constantly attached to these types of deals, which is completely untrue.
  • Yesterday, Anthopolous regretted the way he reacted to the allegations. But insisted such charges should not be tossed around lightly. 
  • Pre-draft deals are illegal but scouts say they are commonplace.
  • Baseball executives and scouts are saying that no dollar amount can rip Pirates second rounder (61st overall) Josh Bell away from his University of Texas commitment.
  • Bell was ranked as a top 15 talent by most publications
  • There were rumors that it would take at least $6-7 million.
  • If he was available with the 76th pick, The Detroit Tigers first selection in the draft, they would have taken him and offered $6 million.
  • Chicago White Sox supplemental round selection (47th overall), Central Arizona outfielder Keenyn Walker remains unsigned. However he has yet to report to the Glacier Pilots of the Alaskan Baseball League. He is still on the Pilots roster but his failure to show leads to the notion that he is very close to signing with the White Sox.


2012 MLB Draft News

  • The 2012 MLB draft could have an extremely different look to it than the previous installments.
  • A current talking point between Owners and the Player Unions are will be about a truly worldwide draft. 
  • Players would be selected from the Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Cuba and beyond.
  • Currently players are allowed to be selected out of Puerto Rico but that is because it is a United State territory.
  • Hard-slotting is also a strong talking point and the most likely change.
  • Commissioner Bud Selig says he truly believes in a worldwide draft and thinks hard-slotting will get the draft back to the reason it was started.
  • It would essentially end any signability problems and allow the top players to get to the worst teams. 
  • The potential number one overall selection in the 2012 draft, Lance McCullers pitched the last day at the PG National.
  • McCullers was dominating in a two­-inning stint. He threw 22 fastballs.  Five at 94 MPH, 7 at 95, 6 at 96, and 4 hitting 97 MPH.
  • He also mixed in a curve sitting between 83-84 MPH and a slider at 86-87
  • He has been working on strengthening his core and legs and it has shown. He was far more balanced in his delivery, not falling off to the first base side.
  • He has been working with Orlando Chinea. Chinea is the same coach who worked with Florida Marlins first round selection (14th overall), Jose Fernandez.
  • He will not be pitching for Team USA this summer¸ instead choosing to play with the Tampa Bay Warriors.
  • There are rumors that a top prep duo could be on the move this year.
  • Outfielder Fernelys Sanchez and Catcher Nelson Rodriguez may be moving south to play the 2012 season at Bucky Dent’s Baseball School in Delray Beach, Florida.
  • Both played this spring at Washington High School in New York.