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Jun. 03, 2013 - Steve Garrity

Top 20 Catchers - 2013 MLB Draft


  1. Reese McGuire, Kentwood HS (WA), 6’1” 190– McGuire is probably the best defensive catcher in the entire draft, as he is extremely athletic behind the plate. He also has the tools to be outstanding offensively and has very good raw power.
  1. Nick Ciuffo, Lexington HS (SC), 6’1” 200– Cuffio has a solid build at 6’1’’/200 lbs, has very good bat speed and a smooth left handed swing that produces solid raw power. Behind the plate he shows mature receive skills, with a strong arm, and could be the best catcher from this draft down the line.
  1. Jonathan Denney, Yukon HS (OK), 6’2” 205-  Another athletic prep catcher (this draft is loaded with them), Denney is strong behind the plate, with solid footwork and throwing arm. Denney has a very quiet and level swing that should allow him to hit for average and produce solid power numbers.
  1. Andrew Knapp, California, Jr., 6’1” 192 – No tool truly stands out, but Knapp is solid across the board. He is still somewhat raw behind the plate, but if a team is patient they could be rewarded down the line with an athletic backstop who can hit for a decent average and some power.
  1. Matthew Decker, Jesuit HS (OR), 6’5” 200– Decker has a perfect athlete’s build at 6’5’’/200 lbs and even at his size appears to be extremely comfortable behind the plate. He has an absolute rocket there (he is also a pitcher). At the plate he has an extremely fluid swing that should allow him to hit for average and power. 
  1. Jeremy Martinez, Mater Dai HS (CA), 5’11” 200– The name everyone connects with Martinez is Albert Pujols because their swings are so similar. Though he probably won’t match the production Martinez has power potential. He is just extremely solid across the board, but will have to make conditioning a priority.
  1. Chris Okey, Eustis HS (FL), 6’0” 180– The thing that stands out most about Okey is his motor. Although he is athletic, his defense still needs some work and a position change could be in the cards down the line. Okey has very good bat speed though and should hit for average.
  1. Spencer Navin, Vanderbilt, Jr., 6’1” 205– Navin is a very solid hitter, and although he has very good bat speed, he has extremely limited power potential. He does make up for it with a keen eye at the plate.
  1. Brian Navarreto, Arlington Country Day HS (FL), 6’4” 220– Like Decker, Navarreto just looks like an athlete at 6’4’’/220 lbs, and also appears comfortable behind the plate with solid footwork and a strong arm. Navarreto has a nice swing that creates plenty of loft due to his high finish, and should produce plenty of power.
  1. Dom Nunez, Elk Grove HS (CA), 6’1” 175– Nunez is new to catching, having moved behind the plate this season after playing shortstop for team USA the two previous years, and although he doesn’t have a tool that truly stands out, he is extremely solid across the board.
  1. Tyler Alamo, Cypress HS (CA), 6’4” 205 – Another big prep catcher, Alamo has very high upside defensively, showing athleticism and a strong arm behind the plate. He has also shown solid raw power, but needs to work on his swing for it to consistently show up in games.
  1. Arden Pabst, Harvard Westlake HS (CA), 6’0” 200– Pabst’s calling card is his athleticism, as he has very good speed for a catcher, and behind the plate he shows impressive footwork and a strong arm. His swing is quick and level, which should allow him to hit for average in the pro’s.
  1. Stuart Turner, Ole Miss, Jr., 6’2” 220– Turner has had an outstanding season at the plate and has seen his stock rise. He has slowed some after a hot start, but that won’t keep teams from going after a solid defender, with a smart offensive approach.
  1. Zack Collins, American Heritage HS (FL), 6’3” 220– Collins is here for his bat as he is a pretty poor defender. He also plays first base and likely ends up there in the pro’s, but the bat will play anywhere. He has a mature approach and a swing that will allow him to him for average and power.
  1. Mitchell Garver, New Mexico, Jr., 6’1” 200 – He isn’t going to blow you away in any area, but Garver has a solid bat, and should be at least average behind the plate.
  1. Francis Christy, Casa Grande HS (CA), 6’1” 215 – Christy has very high defensive upside due to his outstanding athleticism and rocket arm. At the plate he has a strong eye and could produce solid-average power.
  1. Kevin Abraham, Mater Academy Charter HS (FL), 6’2” 200– Abraham has a strong build at 6’2’’/200 and he is solid across the board. There could be a position change down the line, but the team that drafts him will try him at catcher given his footwork behind the plate.
  1. Iolana Akau, St. Louis HS (HI), 5’10” 165– Akau has missed his senior season with a broken hand, but he is an outstanding athlete and has the chance to be exceptional behind the plate. He isn’t the biggest guy in the world, but given his potential at the plate with a quick swing, it should allow him to hit for average. He would have been higher had he been healthy.
  1. Will Haynie, Brentwood Academy (TN), 6’5” 225– Hayne is an intriguing prospect as he is huge at 6’5’’/225 lbs, but unlike Decker and Naverreto, he probably isn’t long for the position and the team that takes him is doing so for his bat. He has outstanding bat speed and shows plus raw power, but there is work to be done.
  1. Chuckie Robinson, Danville HS (IL), 6’2” 220 – His swing isn’t pretty to look at it, but when he connects, it goes a long way. Behind the plate he shows above-average skills across the board, and should be a very good defensive catcher.