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Feb. 26, 2016 - Steve Garrity

Top Five High School Infielders In The 2016 MLB Draft

There are certainly a lot of strengths in the 2016 MLB Draft. Unfortunately high school infielders don’t appear to one of them. Though the overall depth is lacking, the top of the class is home to a few talented players that will warrant first round consideration. As it  currently stands, however, I don’t believe there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That could and probably will change as we enter the 2016 high school seasons. Below is’ list of the top five high school infielders to keep an eye on as we move towards the 2016 draft.  


1: Delvin Perez SS, International Baseball Academy (PR)

Perez is quickly moving up most team’s draft board, and as a long, rangy shortstop out of Puerto Rico many are quick to compare him with 2015 AL ROY Carlos Correa. Admittedly I’m not as high on him as others. However, I will say at the same stage Perez is faster and a better defender and will stick at short, but Perez isn’t the hitter Correa was at the same stage. He struggles with pitch recognition and possesses just decent bat speed. His swing does have some loft to it, so there could be more power as he gets stronger and adds weight to his 6’3’’ 170 pound frame.  A top ten selection sounds like a lock at this point. Where in the top ten,though, will come down to which team believes in his bat the most.

2: Josh Lowe 3B, Pope High School (GA) Florida State Commit

Depending on whom you ask Lowe could have a brighter future at the plate or on the mound. For me his bat is his calling card. At 6’4’’ and 190 pounds he has a smooth and quick left-handed swing with loft that produces outstanding power and should allow him to hit for average in the pro ranks.  A very good athlete for his size, Lowe has a chance to be a five-tool player. I'm probably in the minority, but Lowe would rank above Perez for me if Perez didn’t have a chance to stick at a premium position.

3: Nolan Jones 3B, Holy Ghost Prep (PA) University of Virginia Commit

He’s a shortstop now, probably moves to third tomorrow, over to second the next day, and possibly into left the day after that.  The point I’m making is that there is a lot of divide over Jones final position.  Jones, however, is athletic enough to play wherever you put him. He runs well, has a strong arm, and with a quick compact swing he should show at least average power in the pros. 

4: Carter Kieboom 3B, Walton HS (GA) Clemson University Commit

Carter might be the most underrated of this group, he also might be the best hitter. He has a smooth, quiet compact swing with loft and good bat speed.  It should produce solid power and allow him to hit for average.  A good, not great athlete he has plenty of range and arm to stick at third. He isn’t the fastest guy in the world, but that’s not a huge part of his game.  He has clearly been coached well and doesn’t run himself into outs on the base paths.

5: Drew Mendoza 3B, Lake Mineola HS (FL) Florida State Commit

Mendoza has all the tools you look for in a prospect, but presently they’re just that, tools. He has a short quick compact swing; presently he's a gap to gap hitter but at 6’4’’ and 195 pounds he could show more homerun power as he fills out. I don’t know if it’ll ever be more than fringe average,however.  Like most young hitters he appears to struggle against quality breaking balls, especially low and in.  He is a good athlete though and has shown he has more than enough agility,range and arm(hes been clocked at 93 mph on the mound) to be a solid defender at third.