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Jan. 29, 2016 - Steve Garrity

Top Five Right-Handed Pitchers In The 2016 MLB Draft

Similar to 2015 this years draft class does not have a slam dunk top choice to go number one, and for some, it's weaknesses may outweigh it's strengths. However, one strength it does possess is a deep crop of pitching both at the high school and college level. Below is Draftsite's list of the top five right handed pitchers in the 2016 class. 
1) Riley Pint, St. Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)
   LSU Commit
  • Pint possesses perhaps the quickest arm in the draft, and has touched 100 mph with his fastball. And at 6'4'' and 190 pounds he has room to grow and potentially add more velocity as he gets stronger. His three quarters arm action allows him to throw a hard slider that could already be an out pitch at the professional level. The biggest concern with Pint are his inconsistent mechanics, they cause him to lose his arm slot from time to time which in turn leads to control issues. The team that believes they can help him find that consistency may find a future number one at the end. 
2) Alec Hansen, Junior Year - University of Oklahoma 
  •    A scouts dream at 6'7'' and 235 pounds Hansen has the build of a prototypical front end power pitcher and the fastball to prove it. He has perhaps the best in the draft touching 100 mph with life and routinely living in the mid to upper 90's. He pairs it with a hard slider and a decent change up. The main draw back is for all his tools his results in Norman have been mainly solid if unspectacular. He'll have to gain better control of his pitches if he wants to go number one this Summer. 
3) Kevin Gowdy, Santa Barbara HS (CA)
   UCLA Commit
  • A personal favorite and my pick to move the highest up draft boards as we get closer to June. Gowdy may not have the stuff of Pint or Hansen, but he does have perhaps the cleanest mechanics in the draft, and has little problem repeating them. All that adds up to some of the best control and command at the high school level. He has a fastball that can touch the mid 90's and backs it up with a hard slider, and a good change up. All three have the chance to be at least average pitches. As he ages and gets on a teams workout plan he'll fill out his lean 6'4'' 170 pound frame, meaning there should be more velocity to come. Gowdy could be the rare high school pitcher that moves quickly through a team's farm system.
4) Jordan Sheffield, Redshirt Sophomore - Vanderbilt
  • For some reason everybody wants to compare him to Tom Gordon, but Sheffield is three inches taller and about 20 pounds heavier than Gordon was when he was drafted. The two do have similarities though as Sheffield possesses a lightning quick fastball that gets up to 98 mph and sits in the mid 90's. His slider gives him two above average pitches and he has a solid change up. However, he has already had one Tommy John Surgery and the max effort needed in his delivery leads to control problems. All of that could make teams think he's destined for the pen, so those Tom Gordon comparisons may not be far off.  
5) Connor Jones, Junior Year - University Of Virginia
  • Jones may be the safest bet among pitchers in the draft. He isn't going to blow you away with anything he does, but everything he does do he does it well. He has a fastball that can touch the mid 90's, with a hard biting slider that he'll use as his out pitch. He also has a decent change to keep teams honest. He has relatively clean mechanics and has little issue repeating them. The team that takes him may not get a number one, but they will get someone that can move through the system quickly and contribute meaningful innings at the big league level.