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Suggestion For a Fair NHL Entry Draft

None of us want to face the possibility of there not being a 2012-13 hockey season, but that may be where we are headed. So I have spent some time thinking about how this 2013 NHL Draft could be se...


Lots of Prospects, But With No NHL Season, What Kind of Draft Will We See

Teams picking in the top twenty in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft are about to get great additions…and the rest of the first round also provides great potential. This draft keeps on blossomin...


2012 NHL Draft Grades

All team GM's and fans could say how great or poorly they did, but it won't matter, because this draft class as a whole will take longer than most others. From Pick 1 to Pick 211 there are ...


2012 NHL Entry Draftee Results Will Be A Waiting Game

Two players, Nail Yakupov and Ryan Murray, will be given a chance to play from the get-go. Regardless of how physically ready their bodies are, Mikhail Grigorenko, Radek Faksa, and the rest pro...


Chicago Blackhawks Special-Post Draft Scouting Analysis

Chicago Blackhawks 2012 Draftees Special: Bonus Post-Draft Scouting Reports   Teuvo Teräväinen  C-LW-RW   (18)  Prospect analysis: As this draft approa...