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2019 MLB Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers

Introduction: Well, the MLB trading deadline has come and gone and for the most part it was very uneventful until the final minute of the deadline (more on that later). Teams that were expected to ...


MLB Trading Deadline: Top 15 Players Traded at the Deadline

Introduction: The 2019 MLB trading deadline is only a couple of weeks away (July 31st) and with only one available deadline this season (teams will no longer be able to make moves before August 31s...


Top 3 Winners and Losers in the MLB 2019 Draft

Introduction: The 2019 MLB draft has quietly come and gone without much fanfare or hoopla. This year’s prospects are overall solid, but not one prospect captured the limelight and stood out a...


Top 10 MLB Players Drafted out of High School in last 30 years - Part 1

Major League Baseball is unlike any of the other major sports for many different reasons.  Baseball is planned. Baseball is strategized. Baseball is a non-contact, slow-paced, untimed event ta...


Top Five High School Infielders In The 2016 MLB Draft

There are certainly a lot of strengths in the 2016 MLB Draft. Unfortunately high school infielders don’t appear to one of them. Though the overall depth is lacking, the top of the class is ho...