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Prep Hockey

The head coach an Ontario prep school hockey team believes the school’s program offers a new route for people in the province to reach higher levels of hockey.     A21 ...


Professional Hockey Mom

A local hockey mom recalls the emotional struggles of helping her son through his hockey career.    Susan Prout is the mother of Dalton Prout, an NHL player, who has played 251 ga...


The 2018 NHL Draft Synopsis

The 2018 Draft will provide a chance for almost each and every NHL team to re-stock their prospect cupboards. There is clear number #1 this year, Rasmus Dahlin, and then the next two slots are likely ...


Will Las Vegas talk trade to build an even bigger starting player system?

Protected & Available Lists for the Expansion Draft submitted on June 17th will be made public simultaneously with their distribution to the NHL clubs June 18th, prior to the expansion draft, June 20t...


Does the Jimmy Vesey decison change the way NHL teams draft?

When Jimmy Vesey decided not to sign with Nashville after his junior year at Harvard making him a free agency after he graduates, the decision might have changed the future of the NHL Draft. Former...