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2015 NHL Draft Thoughts

Now that the 2015 NHL Draft is over it's time for some quick analysis.   If you discount Edmonton and Buffalo, by virtue of getting the benefit of picking the two generational play...


2014 NHL Draft Quick Preview

Each NHL Entry draft has a different numbers of players in each successive Draft Tier. Some years there are one or two special franchise players and a half-dozen or so can’t-miss cornerstone ...


Blame the Draft For Present State of Calgary

This week, Brian Burke’s Organizational Report Card for the last couple Calgary Flame seasons resulted in Jay Feaster’s dismissal and many want to understand the reason for the departur...


NHL 2013 Draft: Grades (Teams P-Z)

...(Draft Grades continued from Part 1 for teams P-Z) Phoenix Coyotes: Grade  A 1 12 Max Domi ...


NHL 2013 Draft: Grades (Teams A-O)

Before you e-mail or PM me angered by my disrespect and misjudgment of your favorite team's choice, let me make it clear concerning this specific draft: All GM's and fans could claim their ...