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Milwaukee to Seattle: 2nd Rnd ('20)

Milwaukee to Seattle: Adam Hill

Seattle to Milwaukee: Omar Narváez

Baltimore to Seattle: Compensation for signing Nelson Cruz

Seattle to Baltimore: 1st Rnd ('15)

LA Angels to Seattle: Chone Figgins

Seattle to LA Angels: 1st Rnd ('10)

Philadelphia to Seattle: 1st Rnd ('09)

Seattle to Philadelphia: Signed Raul Ibanez

LA Dodgers to Seattle: Signed Adrian Beltre

Seattle to LA Dodgers: 2nd Rnd ('05)

Arizona to Seattle: Signed Richie Sexton

Seattle to Arizona: 3rd Rnd ('05)

Seattle to Minnesota: 1st Rnd ('04)

Seattle to Kansas City: 2nd Rnd ('04)

Seattle to Arizona: 1st Rnd ('03)

Seattle to NY Yankees: 1st Rnd ('01)

Texas to Seattle: 2nd Rnd ('01)

Philadelphia to Seattle: 3rd Rnd ('01)

NY Mets to Seattle: John Olerud

Seattle to NY Mets: 1st Rnd ('00)

Seattle to Texas: 2nd Rnd ('00)

Texas to Seattle: Aaron Sele

Baltimore to Seattle: Arthur Rhodes

Seattle to Baltimore: 3rd Rnd ('00)