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1998 MLS Draft

1998 MLS Draft - January 31st, 1998, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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Round 1

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1 Miami Fusion Leo Cullen D Maryland
2 Chicago Ritchie Kotschau D George Mason
3 San Jose Clash Ben Parry D UNC-Charlotte
4 Kansas City Trade Icon Chris Klein M Indiana
5 New England Johnny Torres M Creighton
6 Los Angeles Clint Mathis M South Carolina
7 Tampa Bay Mutiny Josh Keller M UCLA
8 NY/NJ Trade Icon Mike Petke D Southern Connecticut
9 Columbus Jeff Cunningham F South Florida
10 Dallas Burn Matt Jordan G Clemson
11 Colorado Tyrone Marshall F Florida International
12 San Jose Clash Trade Icon Wade Barrett M William & Mary

Round 2

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13 Miami Fusion Pablo Mastroeni M North Carolina State
14 D.C. United Trade Icon Carey Talley M UNC
15 NY/NJ Trade Icon Joe Munoz F Cal State Bakersfield
16 NY/NJ Billy Walsh M Rutgers
17 New England Jesse Van Saun F St. John's
18 Los Angeles Daniel Hernandez M SMU
19 Tampa Bay Mutiny Chris Houser D Southern Connecticut
20 Kansas City Tom Hardy D Seattle
21 Columbus Andrew Gregor M Portland
22 Dallas Burn Hans Wittusen D Brown
23 Colorado Jason Boyce F Washington
24 Columbus Trade Icon Henrik Nebrilius F Tampa

Round 3

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25 Dallas Burn Trade Icon Matt Caution F Missouri State
26 Los Angeles Trade Icon Matt Reis G UCLA
27 San Jose Clash Caleb Porter M Indiana
28 NY/NJ Cesidio Colasante F La Salle
29 New England Kevin Coye D UCLA
30 Los Angeles Joe Franchino D Washington
31 Tampa Bay Mutiny Bill May G Washington
32 Kansas City Mario Sanchez M Fresno State
33 Columbus Nick Thesloff M UCLA
34 Tampa Bay Mutiny Trade Icon R.T. Moore D Maryland
35 Colorado P.J. Brown D Azusa Pacific
36 New England Trade Icon Tom McLaughlin F Harvard

* = Junior, ** = Sophomore, *** = Freshman

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