The Original Full Round Mock Draft Site



  • 4 Rounds
  • 1 Pick Per team (totaling 16 teams as of the 2010 draft)
  • Teams are allowed 4 minutes to make their first and second selections
  • Teams are allowed 3 minutes to make their third and fourth round selections
  • Each team is allowed 1, 5 minute timeout, with selections being made immediately after timeout
  • If a team fails to make their selection in the alloted time, they must wait until after the next selection is made. If that team again does not have its selection in immediately following the subsequent pick, they have to wait another pick
  • Trades need to be verified and approved by the Commissioner and/or his designee, and the players involved can not be annouced until after the player has been contacted by their club


  • First 6 teams to pick are ordered in reverse order of their regular season standings using a point system that gives 3 points for each win and 1 point for a tie
  • Next 8 are determined in reverse order of the playoff round that they were eliminated in. For the teams eliminated in the same rounds, the teams with the fewer win/tie points from the regular season pick earlier
  • Any Expansion team will pick first in each round


  • College Players with no more elibility that have been nominated by MLS teams
  • Players invited to the MLS Combine
  • Players signed by Generation Adidas


  • If a drafted player does night sign with the MLS, the team that drafted that player holds their rights until Dec 31st of the year after they were drafted (2012 draft, held until Dec. 31, 2013)
  • Players who were not made available for the draft and used up their college eligibility are available via waivers after the draft