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My Mock Drafts - 4mygalz2git2b42l8's 2019 WNBA Draft

4mygalz2git2b42l8's Mock Drafts


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1st Round: 13/60 points

2nd Round: 9/60 points

3rd Round: 9/60 points

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31 points out of 180 overall


T22 out of 68 mocks (70% Overall)

4mygalz2git2b42l8's 2019 WNBA Mock Draft Picks - Last updated: 12-17-2018

Rnd. ▴ Pick   Team Player Pos. School
1 1Las Vegas Las VegasSabrina Ionescu PG Oregon
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: both Jefferson & Plum will carve out WNBA niches, but Vegas can't resist lure of Wilson/McBride/Ionescu
1 2New York New YorkTeaira McCowan C Mississippi State
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: N.Y. must feel violated. they need everything; which is y McCowan a better fit here. Supplies defense, rebounding, and improving offense
1 3Indiana IndianaAsia Durr SG Louisville
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Another team n need of everything. Mitchell proved 2b prolific shooter last yr. but far from accurate. Y not Durr? (Ogunbowale in-state sleeper)
1 4Chicago ChicagoNapheesa Collier PF UConn
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: This could actually work due to her chameleon-like ability 2 play at least 4 positions in the WNBA alongside alum Dolson & Williams.
1 5Dallas DallasArike Ogunbowale SG Notre Dame
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: 4 better or worz Dallas may not resist Ogunbowale/Diggins-Smith backcourt. Frontline a rebounding beast, no need 4 Brown. (Chicago lacks in strategy, not talent)
1 6Minnesota MinnesotaKalani Brown C Baylor
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Believe Anigwe, or Gustafson better fit here, but 6'7 is hard 2 come by.
1 7Los Angeles Los AngelesKatie Lou Samuelson SG UConn
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Great fit for all if Vadeeva falls n2 place for full season. Will reduce some shooting/rebounding woes, and she may even get to play with big sis. (Warning: recent L.A. office tremors imply they coach team)
1 8Phoenix PhoenixKristine Anigwe C Cal
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Will take the mor athletic Anigwe over Gustafson/saw clips of Magbegor, physical, but will hav 2 react quicker.
1 9Connecticut ConnecticutMegan Gustafson C Iowa
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: These guyz seem enamored of fundamentally sound players. She's more. Here's 2 hoping they figur out as much.
1 10Washington WashingtonEziyoda Magbegor PF Australia
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Darn near made it 2 the championship with bottom-of-the-barrel rebounding. Good fit 4 Magbegor, still refining her offenz; and Washington which doesn't need scoring from her right now.
1 11Atlanta AtlantaJessica Shepard C Notre Dame
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Good fit here. More nimble than given credit for. Bri Turner won't surprise me though
1 12Seattle SeattleBrianna Turner PF Notre Dame
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Tremendous athletic ability-untested in large part due 2 injury. Great place 2 refine game. Cunningham/Dillard probably in the mix.
2 13Phoenix PhoenixSophie Cunningham SG Missouri
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Cunningham/Mabry sharpshooter guard needed. Both of these kids hav a little of that Whalen Moxy
2 14New York New YorkMarina Mabrey SG Notre Dame
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: any1 sleeping on this kid (including pros) is making a bad mistake. Rarely do I fall back on this term, but "this kid can play"
2 15Chicago ChicagoDestiny Slocum PG Oregon State
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Bell a possibility; point guard 4 next generation needed
2 16Minnesota MinnesotaKitija Laksa SF South Florida
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Already has pro mentality
2 17Dallas DallasKenisha Bell PG Minnesota
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: A defensive stopper who can score
2 18Minnesota MinnesotaAnriel Howard SF Mississippi State
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: hard hat approach to rebounding goes well here.
2 19Los Angeles Los AngelesAlanna Smith PF Stanford
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: hard-nosed kid who can shoot from distance.
2 20Minnesota MinnesotaKennedy Leonard PG Colorado
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Lynx love fundamentally sound unselfish players
2 21Connecticut ConnecticutMariya Moore SF USC
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: seems 2 hav come of age last season.
2 22Dallas DallasHan Xu C China
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Could b project pick, let's c what happens win the quality of player differential hits her.
2 23Atlanta AtlantaCierra Dillard SG Buffalo
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: no reason not 2 giv her a shot. Conference schedule won't help.
2 24Seattle SeattleHallie Thome C Michigan
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Could b Thome or Ferenz here
3 25Indiana IndianaParis Kea PG UNC
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Need pure point guard
3 26New York New YorkSam Fuehring C Louisville
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: or maybe surprise like Fluker. Both can do dirt work down low.
3 27Chicago ChicagoPallas Kunaiyi-Akpanah PF Northwestern
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: could use help down low. at this point hav nothing 2 lose on this pick.
3 28Indiana IndianaMikayla Ferenz PG Idaho
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: can always use another unselfish team player
3 29Dallas DallasArica Carter PG Louisville
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: Dallas needs defensive presence
3 30Minnesota MinnesotaShakyla Hill PG Grambling State
4mygalz2git2b42l8's comments: I can actually c Minnesota wasting this pick 2 get a good look at this kid's raw ability.
3 31Los Angeles Los AngelesLi Yueru C China
3 32Phoenix PhoenixNaomi Davenport SG West Virginia
3 33Connecticut ConnecticutTiana Mangakahia PG Syracuse
3 34Washington WashingtonChastadie Barrs PG Lamar
3 35Atlanta AtlantaMegan Huff PF Utah
3 36Seattle SeattleKadri-Ann Lass SF Duquesne