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Scouting Reports

  • LaMelo Ball

    "Ball is a very tall floor general, he is growing into his own body and it's safe to say that his potential is unlimited. The young man can only go up from here with his lethal jump shot, spot-on passing, quick decision making and quickness to bring the ball up the court. The only reason why he is lower in the draft is the defence. It is very inconsistent. But he does have all the tools to be able to be great at that side of the end. "

  • James Wiseman

    "Wiseman is definitely the one centre in the draft that could change the direction of a franchise with his high-level offensive skillset. His floor spacing is good, his game down low is great with his athleticism and soft touch, and he has great timing to get the shot blocks needed "

  • Anthony Edwards

    "Edward's is possibly the best scorer in this draft class. His game to be able to shoot, penetrate to finish at the rim and his ball-handling are at a different level and is what teams really need with the style of play in the NBA. He plays the game like he wants nothing but to win. His potential is limitless. "

  • Cole Anthony

    "Anthony is nothing but a shot-creating playmaker. His all-around game can compliment anybody on the floor and his leadership is something not to worry about. As he continues to grow he will be nothing but extremely important to any team that wants to grow and push for a playoff spot. "

  • RJ Hampton

    "Hampton took a different route to his NBA dream by deciding to go play in the NBL with another draft prospects LaMelo Ball. He is a good combo guard who can create plays for his teammates and able to score when needed. He is very quick with a smooth jumper which is what many teams need in this era of basketball. "

  • Tre Jones

    "Jones took another year of college to develop his outside jump shot which was very inconsistent. Other than his shaky jumper his game is all around and can be seen crashing the boards, getting the ball up quickly and making the right plays. He is expected to be a shorter version of Delon Wright but if he gains a very much needed outside game, he has the potential to be like Mike Conley. "

  • Scottie Lewis

    "Lewis is an undersized forward but can also play Shooting Gaurd. He is very explosive and has a decent jump shot but improvement is needed to be seen for his decision making. He has the potential to play like Miles Bridges but if his jumper becomes way more consistent, expect a player similar to Vince Carter. "

  • Jaden McDaniels

    "McDaniels is abnormally tall for a Small Forward but his height helps him become more versatile both on offence and defence. He has a thin frame but his wingspan makes up for it on defence. He can handle the ball well for his size which gives him the ability to create his shot. Jaden needs to put on a bit more size to be able to guard players like Kenneth Faried or Zion Williamson. His standards are to be like Brandon Ingram. "

  • Theo Maledon

    "Meldon probably has the best jump shot in the draft. Former San Antonio Spurs legend Tony Parker has become his mentor so his game will be expected to adjust in the NBA fairly quick. He is on the verge of playing like Tony Parker but can possibly draw comparisons with Dwyane Wade. "

  • Deni Avdija

    "Avdija has shown enough sample size in the limited playing time he played. He is another point forward but unlike other point forwards like Luka Doncic, Deni has a shaky three-point shot as well as free throw shot. Deni a brought Israel to a U20 European Gold Medal which is an upside but his potential is compared to Nicholas Batum. "

  • Shareef O'Neal

    "The son of the great Shaquille O'Neal, has been a real sleeper after his injury. But his talent alone before the injury is something to think about, he is very explosive and can spread the floor which is a major factor of being a big in the NBA. This season is something to prove to everyone he still got game. If he plays exactly how he played before the injury, he can be a more athletic Draymond Green or even be Kevin Garnett. He truly has star potential. "