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MY MOCK DRAFTS - Chris060403's 2018 NBA DRAFT

Last Updated: 04-28-2018

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T181out of 235 mocks (24% Overall)

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1st Round: 30/150 points

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30 points out of 300 overall

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Chris060403's comments: Alton is overall the best player in this draft and the suns would be stupid not to take him.

Chris060403's comments: Doncic has unreal court vision.

Chris060403's comments: Bagley is ideal for Dallas here at 3, him and Dennis Smoth one day could become the most athletic duo in the NBA.

Chris060403's comments: Porter is a very good all-around offensive player who only will slip to number 4 because of his injury concerns.

Chris060403's comments: Young absolutely lit up college basketball this year, quickly rising up the rankings, drawing comparisons to Steph Curry. He carried Oklahoma to an NCAA tournament berth.

Chris060403's comments: Jackson is one of the safest picks in the draft. He dosent have much upside, but he is already a really good player.

Chris060403's comments: Bamba is certainly a project but he has potential to become a defensive player of the year down the line with his insane 7'10" wingspan.