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Last Updated: 04-22-2018

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T217out of 422 mocks (49% Overall)

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1st Round: 41/155 points
2nd Round: 20/155 points

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61 points out of 1085 overall

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CoachEsser's comments: Elite 1st Pair Defensman. Skating, Puck-Handling, Vision and Hockey IQ at the highest level.

CoachEsser's comments: One of the best skaters in the draft. Power forward with great hands and can make plays for teammates.

CoachEsser's comments: Sniper-Extraordinaire. Finds the open spots on the ice and is able to get his shot off from various angles. Elite Scorer.

CoachEsser's comments: Watching Landeskog in the playoffs for the Avalanche has me thinking that Tkachuk is the player I want after the top 3. He has skill, grit and size. Nothing to hate, just not elite upside that some may want to see here.

CoachEsser's comments: Sniper who is going to score at the next level. Excellent passer. Not an elite skater, but not as bad as some seem to think.

CoachEsser's comments: Boqvist is elite in a lot of categories. Skating, passing, shooting and vision. The only knock is his ability on Defense. He will have to develop for a little longer than some D Men picked behind him, but he has the most upside.

CoachEsser's comments: Elite skater and puck possession Defenseman. One man break out and in. Needs work on his slap shot and defensively.

CoachEsser's comments: I like Dobson's upside over the production of Bouchard. Dobson is a much better skater and showed a ton of growth offensively this year. Big shot and defensive skills.

CoachEsser's comments: Bouchard carried a young London team this year and did it while putting up next level stats. Great shot, especially off of the pass. Defense and skating will need to improve to have 1st pair upside.

CoachEsser's comments: Veleno improved exponentially after a midseason trade. He is the best 2 way center in the draft. He is an excellent skater and distributor on the power play. defensively very strong and relentless on the forecheck. Shot needs work.

CoachEsser's comments: A former 1st overall pick in the WHL has been a captain of the U18 Canadian team. PP QB and excellent offensive defenseman.

CoachEsser's comments: Farabee is an excellent two-way winger. His ability to forecheck and set up his teammates is second to none among wingers in the this draft. Needs to get stronger.

CoachEsser's comments: A ton of offensive skill. Good shot and hands. Needs to work on his skating.

CoachEsser's comments: Excellent skater with a big shot. Hockey IQ can be better. Needs to be more consistent.

CoachEsser's comments: Kravstov had a huge KHL playoffs to boost his draft status. The Russian Factor may see him dip, but this is where I feel he should go.

CoachEsser's comments: Kupari is an excellent skater and puck handler. Good wrist shot as well. Needs to better defensively and be more consistent.

CoachEsser's comments: I really like the two-way game of this Swede. Good skater. Great in puck possession and has nice hands. goes to the dirty places as well.

CoachEsser's comments: Good two-way center on a very good Junior Team. I think his spot in the pecking order kept his stats down a bit. Love what he does along the boards and his puck skills.

CoachEsser's comments: Elite puck handler. Not enough production and plays with an edge. Perfect for Philly.

CoachEsser's comments: Thomas does everything well. very good puck handler and passer. Underrated shot. I think he's a value any where after 15.

CoachEsser's comments: Noel is a huge winger that is going to make your bottom 6 very hard to play against. showed growth this year with his hands and shot.

CoachEsser's comments: Ottowa can take a gamble on the second best D-Man at creating scoring opportunities in this draft. I really hope he can capitalize on his potential because his passes are magical.

CoachEsser's comments: Anaheim are great at identifying defenseman. I doubt they let this solid two-way defenseman pass them by.

CoachEsser's comments: Big smooth skating Center. I would have liked to see more production, but he would help Minnesota get deeper with speed.

CoachEsser's comments: Toronto needs a defensive defensman that can get the puck to their skilled forwards. McIssac hasn't developed offensively like I had hoped, but he is solid defensively and can hit and make the 1st pass.

CoachEsser's comments: Miller is a converted forward who has grown by leaps and bounds the last year. Excellent skater with emerging Shot from the point. He will need time to develop at Wisconsin.

CoachEsser's comments: St. Louis will probably look to gamble for more upside witht his pick, but Woo would help them become more physical.

CoachEsser's comments: Alexeyev probably would have been a top 15 pick if injuries didn't hold him back the last few years.

CoachEsser's comments: Good shot and excellent hockey sense. Love what he does in front of the net and coming off the boards.

CoachEsser's comments: Kaut's stock has risen of late. The Rangers need halp on the wings and they would love to pair Kaut with his countryman Chytil.

CoachEsser's comments: Tychonick has a lot of skill. Great upside late in the 1st.

CoachEsser's comments: Bokk has all the skill of a 1st round pick, but I think he may slip a bit with al of the interesting Dmen available this year.

CoachEsser's comments: underrated PLAYER. He skates like a fire is lit behind him. Excellent hands and shot. Really like this player and can see him in the 1st round.

CoachEsser's comments: Highly skilled defenseman.

CoachEsser's comments: Dellandrea is one of my favorite player available after the top 20 or so. He will be a great pro who can do a little bit of everything in all situations.

CoachEsser's comments: Offensive Defenseman who can help the powerplay and in transition.

CoachEsser's comments: right handed shot with and excellent wrist shot and passing skills.

CoachEsser's comments: Big smothering defenseman finally goes.

CoachEsser's comments: Injury late in the process moves him towards the top of the 2nd from being late 1st consideration. Excellent season with Timra.

CoachEsser's comments: Speed, puck skills and excellent shot.

CoachEsser's comments: Big defenseman that did not show enough this season.

CoachEsser's comments: Talented winger who needs to get a bit bigger.

CoachEsser's comments: Big Center who plays a relentless game. I think he will be an excellent 3C in the NHL.

CoachEsser's comments: Quick, tough to play against winger.

CoachEsser's comments: Big defenseman that plays better in bigger competitions.

CoachEsser's comments: Excellent 2-Way Center with a great shot on the PP.

CoachEsser's comments: Puck Distributing Center.

CoachEsser's comments: Big Center with every toll you want except consistency. He's a value outside of the top 30.

CoachEsser's comments: Wise is an excellent playmaker. Great vision and better skater and shot then has been reported.

CoachEsser's comments: Big, fast winger brings skill as well.

CoachEsser's comments: Fast skating big winger with a nice shot. Needs to develop his hockey IQ and will in college.

CoachEsser's comments: Toronto needs D Men.

CoachEsser's comments: With them selling off picks and prospects to go for 3 in a row they may swing for a skater, but Skarek would be a nice pick here.

CoachEsser's comments: Really like Fonstad, but this may be a bit early.

CoachEsser's comments: Dudas plays bigger than his frame. Very good hands and is relentless.

CoachEsser's comments: Does everything well. Good shot and can play in front of the net as well.

CoachEsser's comments: I think O'Brien has a ton of upside and his age and upside could help the Bruins extend their group of talented prospects.

CoachEsser's comments: Winnipeg has had some great luck with Finns and Nordgren has excellent hands and scoring touch.

CoachEsser's comments: Unfortunately contracted Hep C on vacation which derailed his season and kept him from post season international duty. Someone will get a steal of a playmaker in the 2nd.

CoachEsser's comments: Foudy is FAST and has a great shot. I'm excited to see him further develop at London next season.

CoachEsser's comments: Injuries kept Roman from trying to sneak into the bottom of the 1st round.

CoachEsser's comments: Next best Goalie goes to a team full of skating prospects.