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Last Updated: 06-21-2019

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T182 out of 533 mocks (67% Overall)

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1st Round: 37/155 points
2nd Round: 14/155 points
3rd Round: 7/155 points
4th Round: 4/155 points

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66 points out of 1085 overall

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Dread9119's comments: Insane vision. Sees entire ice while moving at high speeds. Superior almost alien ability to get the puck to teammates. Accurate wrist shot, decent slapper but will get better as he gets stronger. Best skater in the draft tremendous edge work as well as great acceleration and top speed. Committed to both ends of the ice.

Dread9119's comments: I'm still trying to find flaws in his game but so far he's been beyond impressive. What's more he's doing it against men. He's had a hell of a year and if it wasn't for Hughes he'd be the clear number one but...

Dread9119's comments: Chicago takes the Island Lake Illinois prospect. World class north south speed and quickness, Relentless motor, plays a complete game and "thinks" the game well. Has been compared, stylistically, to Dylan Larkin. But Larkin averaged .93 ppg for the US development team in his draft year while Turcotte averaged 1.67 ppg.

Dread9119's comments: Colorado has some good young defensemen in Makar and Timmons so I think the organizational mandate is probably a forward. Dach tore up the WHL until early December, then he fell off a cliff for a while before finishing strong. He's big(6'4") but skates well. He's also very strong which he uses to protect the puck until he can find the open man. Which he does. A lot. His vision is elite level and he threads seams with ease often using small dekes to find a lane to make a play. He has a good heavy wrist shot (he needs to use it more). Biggest concerns for me are the pace of his play and the fact that,at times, he can disappear.

Dread9119's comments: Los Angeles has drafted some decent forwards(Vilardi, Thomas, Kupari and Jaret Anderson-Dolan) over the last few drafts so I don't think they'll let the opportunity pass to draft a defenceman like Byram who would probably look pretty good next to Doughty in a year or two. The first thing I noticed besides that nasty wrist shot of his was that he's such a powerful skater in all directions which he uses to his advantage at both ends of the ice.

Dread9119's comments: I'm not gonna say he's as good as Jack Hughes but the skill level and the "toolkit" are extremely similiar(except Hughes is a better skater). Zegras has superior vision and he always seems to be able to predict where everybody on the ice will be two or three seconds ahead of time. His passing skill and supreme confidence allow him to thread almost impossible seams in the defense often while looking the opposite way. He has a strong shot and can score goals in NHL locations(i.e. top shelf). He is a bit of a feisty player which got him into trouble a little bit but he'll probably lose some of that as he matures.

Dread9119's comments: Cozens kind of reminds me of style-wise of Nathan MacKinnon. He's not quite as fast as Nathan but he uses his speed and power to go heavy to the net the same way. He has great acceleration, excellent edge work (especially for someone whose 6'2") and is really hard to stop in open ice. He has a good hard wrist shot and he can pick the top corners. Cozens is much more of an attacking, scoring center than he is a play-maker. he does pass well but he needs to see the ice better and have the patience to let his options develop. He also needs to add some weight and continue to get stronger.

Dread9119's comments: This is a guess obviously but Holland and Draper were in love with Podkolzin late last year in interviews about the draft. Exciting power forward who plays a heavy game much like Tarasenko. He's a bit of an enigma with his scoring inconsistency at club levels and some see his skating as an issue(I think its average). Has 2 years left on KHL contract but prospects at #8 take that long anyway.

Dread9119's comments: The best pure goal scorer in the draft. The comparisons to Alex DeBrincat are obvious and warranted. However he's a much better skater at this age than DeBrincat was in his draft year. Besides his size the one caveat I see is he's often cherry picking near the blueline while his linemates did the heavy lifting in the d-zone.

Dread9119's comments: Broberg is an absolute demon on his skates. Maybe the second best skater in this draft behind Hughes. He has tremendous edge work, quick powerful acceleration and he skates almost as well backward as he does forward. Throughout the season there have been questions about his offense but there is just so much skill there its impossible to ignore. The only reason Vancouver might take another defenseman (Soderstrom?)is because they have Hughes and Joulevi coming up soon on the left side.

Dread9119's comments: This draft is so loaded that the flyers get a steal here. Boldy took a little while to get up to speed but this year he was dominant. He is a power forward first and foremost but he has a great set of hands with which he can make defenders look silly with an assortment of dangles, dekes and toe-drags. Honestly his highlight reels rival those of Zegras and Hughes. He has a hard, accurate shot and I believe a lot of scouts and pundits are missing the elite vision and passing ability.

Dread9119's comments: Tremendous skater, great edge work and is extremely hard to knock off the puck. Excellent motor on the forecheck, always skating and attacking. Effective penalty killer and plays a 200 foot game. Elite vision and passing ability.Has 1st line center potential.