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My Mock Drafts - FUNKYBUNCH's 2018 NBA Draft

FUNKYBUNCH's Mock Drafts



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    FUNKYBUNCH's 2018 NBA Mock Draft Picks - Last updated: 06-21-2018

    Rnd. ▴ Pick   Team Player Pos. School
    1 1Phoenix PhoenixDeAndre Ayton C Arizona
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: First off, shout out to the GrimLeaper for also doing this, thank you for other insites and a good read...Also a bold prediction: THERE WILL BE MORE TRADES ON DRAFT DAY THIS YEAR THAN ANY OTHER SINGLE YEAR! Let me begin by saying this particular draft is very good. It's top heavy and has lots of depth, especially in the G and wing positions. After the first few bigs, however, there's a somewhat drop in talent for post players, making post players harder to come by after the lottery. Starting at the top, the first pick imo is a bit obvious. Generational big man potentially, with all the tools and raw skills - he just needs to put it all together and become more assertive. Possess combination of size, speed, strength, skills, just waiting for "it" to happen. In a draft like this, Ayton is the best big prospect since Joel Embiid. But Ayton's not injured making him maybe a better prospect. Shoots well enough to keep a defense honest and plays both ends well when he's on. Still young and learning, at times he can get lost on the court. When he's lost, he's scattered and it shows on both ends of the court. With experience, he's expected to be one of the all time great bigs in the league. A top 3 talent no doubt. PAC 12 POY as a freshman. His best game against a worthy opponent may have been the one against Alabama in which he scored 29 points, 18 rebounds, 1 assists, and a blocked shot. I believe Phoenix selects their future big man and he's as good as advertised.
    1 2Sacramento SacramentoDeAndre Ayton C Arizona
    1 3Atlanta AtlantaMarvin Bagley III PF Duke
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Versatile big who can score and rebound well. Very assertive. Didn't bring the title home with coach K on a very talented Duke team, but he was the best player on that team. Handles the ball well for his size, can play with his back to the basket or face up. Although he doesn't possess the biggest wing span for his size, he's not a liability on defense either. He will go in the top 4. ACC POY as a freshman. Bagley started out of the gate great and then slowed down just a little as the season went on. He still finished the season strong including a game in the ACC tournament against Notre Dame where he posted up 33 points, 17 rebounds, 2 assists and a blocked shot. I believe Sacramento goes big and upside with Bagley- the guy with a chip on his shoulder. Pairing him up with WCS would be very intriguing.
    1 4Memphis MemphisDeAndre Ayton C Arizona
    1 5Dallas DallasLuka Doncic SG Slovenia
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: The most NBA ready of the top prospects is this guy- LUKA DONCIC! Doncic possess an arsenal of skills that are rare and he's only 19. And what he did at Real Madrid this year was amazing, especially for such a young player. This puts him in discussion for the number 1 pick. An awesome creator and one on one player. Maybe not the most athletic player in the world, which makes his ceiling appear only so high, but he has the potential to be an All-Star. He shouldn't slip past 4 and can go as high as first. Doncic improved, got better and better as the season progressed and eventually was MVP in the championship. I believe the Hawks select their next star.
    1 6Orlando OrlandoMarvin Bagley III PF Duke
    1 7Chicago ChicagoJaren Jackson Jr. PF Michigan State
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: The intriguing prospect of Jaren Jackson left me scratching my head tournament time because of how bad he played. He showed he can get lost at times offensively. But he's still efficient and it's the season's entirety that counts. Defensively however, JJJ is a DPOY candidate in the making. His timing and 7'5" wingspan help him all over the defensive end. Jackson played well mostly throughout the year in limited minutes. Hard to say how much stamina he would have in an NBA season, but in a game where he did get minutes, he put up 21 points, 11 rebounds and 6 blocks at Illinois. He apparently killed it at the Phoenix workouts. JJJ goes to Memphis and they become an instant defensive monster team. Of course that is if they don't move the pick.
    1 8Cleveland ClevelandLuka Doncic SG Slovenia
    1 9New York New YorkMohamed Bamba C Texas
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: It's not often you find 2 future DPOY candidates in the same draft, but I think we have a couple here. Bamba is an absolute freak of nature, 7'10" wingspan,and timing/mobility for his size. Bamba will anchor a defense for years to come. Oh yes, and he can hit free throws and does not demand the ball. A true trash man player, his best game was probably against Ole' Miss in which he put up 25 points, 15 rebounds and 4 blocks. He was seen hitting threes during workouts. Dallas gets their anchor.
    1 10Philadelphia PhiladelphiaLuka Doncic SG Slovenia
    1 11Charlotte CharlotteTrae Young PG Oklahoma
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: A phenom starting PG who lead Oklahoma to the tournament and lead the nation in both points and assists as a freshman. He's got quick feet, can knock down shots and make good decisions. Young has shown he can do this over long stretches and control the tempo. Against his draft nemesis, Sexton and Young held each other in check. Orlando selects their new floor leader.
    1 12LA Clippers LA ClippersTrae Young PG Oklahoma
    1 13LA Clippers LA ClippersWendell Carter Jr. PF Duke
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Hard nosed player. Good rebounder and defender and should find his nitch in the league as a starter. Plays within himself very well and knows his limits. Carter displayed his versatility against Florida State where he put up 14 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 blocks and a steal. Chicago selects Wendell for some defense down low. I could see this pick maybe getting traded.
    1 14Denver DenverJaren Jackson Jr. PF Michigan State
    1 15Washington WashingtonMichael Porter Jr. SF Missouri
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: The least NBA ready of the top prospects has to be Michael Porter. He was at the top of this class before the college season started and then got a bad back injury. How serious that will effect his career we will see in time. But it might not be serious at all. Porter made a short comeback stunt. I wouldn't call it a success of failure yet. He still needs to work on his defense either way. But Porter's ceiling could be highest in the draft., so passing him at 4 might not be wise. Hard to say if this guy's a star or role player now. The most recent hip injury scare didn't help. His pro day may be everything.
    1 16Phoenix PhoenixMarvin Bagley III PF Duke
    1 17Milwaukee MilwaukeeMikal Bridges SF Villanova
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: The most talented player on the championship team is perhaps Mikal Bridges who has a bit of an old school feel to his game. A 7'2" wingspan and a high IQ for the game, Bridges improved every year including immensely his JR year. His best game came against Seton Hall this year where he put up 23 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block and 3 steals. Knicks get their man.
    1 18San Antonio San AntonioMohamed Bamba C Texas
    1 19Atlanta AtlantaKevin Knox SF Kentucky
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Good upside. Deadly mid range shooter, can work on his long range. Good attitude. Finished the season with a good tournament game and fell off. His best game came against West Virginia where he went off for 34/7. Philadelphia takes the safest bet here because they are finally in win now mode.
    1 20Minnesota MinnesotaJaren Jackson Jr. PF Michigan State
    1 21Utah UtahCollin Sexton PG Alabama
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: A future starting PG in the league who can overwhelm opposing players with his 6'7" wingspan, and combination of incredible speed and athleticism. Sexton can work on his jumper, but he's still a very good one on one player. With a high floor/high ceiling, this freshman phenom did what he did in maybe the toughest conference in the nation. Head to head against Trae Young, they held each other in check. He notably caused Young to have 5 TOs. Charlotte gets Kemba insurance in Sexton.
    1 22Chicago ChicagoTrae Young PG Oklahoma
    1 23Indiana IndianaShai Gilgeous-Alexander PG Kentucky
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Versatile enough to defend either perimeter position and in some cases even the 3. Great locker room presence. Played good and consistent all year, shattering expectations. Kind of player who is living in the weight room, and constantly working on his game. 3% body fat. Finished the season very strong as he had the stamina to. His best game may have been the SEC championship game against Tennessee, where he put up 29 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. Plays better in big games. Clippers select SGA as he's the BPA.
    1 24Portland PortlandMohamed Bamba C Texas
    1 25LA Lakers LA LakersMiles Bridges SF Michigan State
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Good hybrid F who lead Michigan State to a nice tournament run 2 years in a row. Good, strong athlete. Could have possibly gone in the lottery last year. One of Miles Bridge's best games was against Bucknell in the tournament, where he registered 29 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists. His defense this year, lets just say has room to improve. I believe Clippers select Miles Bridges and trade the pick.
    1 26Philadelphia PhiladelphiaCollin Sexton PG Alabama
    1 27Boston BostonLonnie Walker SG Miami
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Long and lengthy 6'10" wingspan is a good 3 and D player. Lead Miami, FL to a good run once Brown went down. Started slow but then turned his game up when he had too. Denver selects some good upside on the perimeter in Walker. They trade this pick with Paul Millsapp.
    1 28Golden State Golden StateWendell Carter Jr. PF Duke
    1 29Brooklyn BrooklynRobert Williams PF Texas A&M
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Strong and athletic enough to anchor a defense with his 7'5" wingspan. A monster athlete with huge boom/bust potential. Very raw, very low IQ offensively. In fact as of now against a decent defense, he's an offensive liability. His best game this season came in a loss where he scored 21 points, 15 rebounds and a block. I believe Washington select the defender they've been missing in Williams.
    1 30Atlanta AtlantaMichael Porter Jr. SF Missouri
    2 31Phoenix PhoenixDonte DiVincenzo SG Villanova
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Lights out shooter known for his great championship game. Good ball handler. Did well with the 5 on 5s and athletic tests. The most hyped up player in the draft. Phoenix select Donte DiVincenzo and I'll go out on a limb and say they trade this pick.
    2 32Memphis MemphisTrae Young PG Oklahoma
    2 33Atlanta AtlantaZhaire Smith SG Texas Tech
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Progressed as the year went on and possess a great combination of speed and serious hops. His best game came in the rematch against Iowas State where he put up 21 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks and 3 steals. Bucks go with BPA here.
    2 34Dallas DallasMikal Bridges SF Villanova
    2 35Orlando OrlandoJerome Robinson SG Boston College
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Scoring G who can play on and off the ball well. Great lights out shooter who blew up for 46 in a loss against Notre Dame this season. A high riser due to good workouts. San Antonio selects some needed talent in scoring.
    2 36New York New YorkWendell Carter Jr. PF Duke
    2 37Sacramento SacramentoMitchell Robinson C United States
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: A bit of a mystery man due to the lack of competition, but good hops for a big man with a 7'4" wingspan. Believed to have had a first round promise from the Lakers. Possibility he goes higher. Hawks select instant defensive upside in Mitchell Robinson to go with their young forming squad.
    2 38Philadelphia PhiladelphiaKevin Knox SF Kentucky
    2 39LA Lakers LA LakersKeita Bates-Diop SF Ohio State
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Long defender and has a knack for the basket. 7'3" wingspan. Big 10 POY. KBD's best game may have been the one against Illinois where he registered 35 points, 13 rebounds and an assist. I'm going out on a limb here, and saying Minny drafts KBD and trades away Andrew Wiggins at some point.
    2 40Brooklyn BrooklynMichael Porter Jr. SF Missouri
    2 41Orlando OrlandoKevin Huerter SG Maryland
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Good offensive player who put on a display at the 5 on 5s. started out of the gate slow, but then a light bulb just came on this guy and he was immensely improved and consistent the rest of the season. Rumor is he's not the greatest teammate and he just had surgery on his hand. Jazz draft their player in Kevin Huerter as promised.
    2 42Detroit DetroitCollin Sexton PG Alabama
    2 43Denver DenverChandler Hutchison SF Boise State
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Solid 3 and D guy. 7'0" wingspan. Believed to have a first round promise from the Bulls. Of course, he could go sooner too. Chandler Hutchinson showed some awesome skills during the season, including a 44/8/1 performance against SDState. Comparison: Cross hybrid of WILL BARTON/COREY BREWER Chicago get another piece to their puzzle in Chandler Hutchinson, who becomes a good ball player in that system.
    2 44Washington WashingtonShai Gilgeous-Alexander PG Kentucky
    2 45Charlotte CharlotteAaron Holiday PG UCLA
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Long scoring PG who needs to be ball dominant. Holiday has holes in his game but ultimately he can play. He went to USC and picked up a win by scoring 34 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and a steal. He scored all season long on pretty much everyone. The final loss to St. Bonaventure had to hurt. Indiana selects Aaron Holiday and move Olodipo primarily back to the 2.
    2 46Houston HoustonShai Gilgeous-Alexander PG Kentucky
    2 47LA Lakers LA LakersJosh Okogie SG Georgia Tech
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Deceivingly long player, good defender. Had a nice combine with 5 on 5s. Hard to tell if Okogie would go up in percentage or not if he wasn't forced to do everything at Georgia Tech this year. Nonetheless, a fantastic perimeter and wing defender. In a win against Miami,FL this year, Okogie put up 30 points, 9 rebounds, an assists, a steal and 3 blocked shots. Portland selects a great fit in Josh Okogie.
    2 48Minnesota MinnesotaKevin Knox SF Kentucky
    2 49San Antonio San AntonioMelvin Frazier SF Tulane
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Measured well and played well at the combine. Awesome athlete. Good defender and improved every year. Had many great games this year, but most of his bests were in losses. Lakers select Melvin Frazier and trade this pick.
    2 50Indiana IndianaMiles Bridges SF Michigan State
    2 51New Orleans New OrleansLandry Shamet PG Wichita State
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Solid combo G who lead Wichita State to the tournament. Good with or without the ball. Great shooter from behind the arc. Philly gets the needed shooting here.
    2 52Utah UtahMikal Bridges SF Villanova
    2 53Oklahoma City Oklahoma CityMoritz Wagner PF Michigan
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Skilled big who helped Michigan with some nice tournament runs, including this year's final four. His best games come when it count. This year in the final four against a tough Loyola-Chicago team he scored 24 points, 15 rebounds and 3 steals(!) Boston selects the best big on their board, although they may trade this pick if that's the case because they particularly need shot blocking.
    2 54Dallas DallasLonnie Walker SG Miami
    2 55Charlotte CharlotteKhyri Thomas SG Creighton
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Current champion and Wooden award winner. A true class floor leader who does damage in many ways. His best tournament game came against Jevon Carter and West Virginia, where he put up 27/2/4 and the "W". Really? They need to draft a champion to?
    2 56Philadelphia PhiladelphiaLonnie Walker SG Miami
    2 57Oklahoma City Oklahoma CityOmari Spellman PF Villanova
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Once considered an overweight project, Spellman got in shape and transformed himself to become the best freshman on the championship team! He's a big who can certainly stretch the floor and has a lot of heart. Could have had a better combine with the 5 on 5s. Brooklyn goes big with Spellman to pair up with Jarrett Allen.
    2 58Denver DenverRobert Williams PF Texas A&M
    2 59Phoenix PhoenixJalen Brunson PG Villanova
    FUNKYBUNCH's comments: 2 time including current champion and current wooden award winner. A true class floor leader who lead his team to cut the nets down for a title. His best tournament game came in a good one on one match against Jevon Carter, in which Brunson finished with 27/2/4 and the "W". Comparison: SAM CASSELL Hawks select Brunson for Schroeder insurance.
    2 60Philadelphia PhiladelphiaDeAndre Ayton C Arizona