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My Mock Drafts - FUNKYBUNCH's 2019 NBA Draft

FUNKYBUNCH's Mock Drafts



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FUNKYBUNCH's 2019 NBA Mock Draft Picks - Last updated: 03-19-2019

Rnd. ▴ Pick   Team Player Pos. School
1 1New York New YorkZion Williamson PF Duke
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Happy March madness!!! First off, if you're actually reading this, this mock is really like a big board at this point. I don't consider teams until after the lottery balls are decided at least. Anyways, Zion is the small ball fast version of Shaquille O'Neal in the sense that he's physically gifted enough to bully his opponents on both ends. He is about unstoppable on the offensive end. A Wooden award candidate and underrated defender, he is faster than one would expect and between 260 - 280 lbs with a wingspan of 6'11". As a freshman he's averaging around 22 pts, 9 reb, 2 stl and 2 blks in less than 30 minutes a game. Zion leads the Nation in PER and among tops in other categories. He's the most unique talent on the most talented team in the country. He is the reason why the Duke/UNC game were similar costs that of the Super Bowl... and then of course we all know about the freakish shoe exploding accident.
1 2Phoenix PhoenixR.J. Barrett SF Duke
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: RJ Barrett is a Wooden Award candidate, but often overshadowed by Zion. He can improve his shooting range a bit, but basically does everything else really well. He scores, rebounds, passes well and plays good defense for a wing. RJ possesses good athletic ability and a respectable 6'10" wingspan. He handles the ball very gracefully and is the leading scorer on the most talented team in the country. He averages about 22/7/4. Barrett was the 4th Duke player in history to mess around and get a triple double, and that was against NC State in the win. While Zion was out, Barrett really showed up every game, even though Duke wasn't the dominant force like they were with Zion in.
1 3Cleveland ClevelandJa Morant PG Murray State
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Ja Morant was pretty good last year, but relatively kind of came out of nowhere. Then he averages bunches of points and leads the nation in assists. He's gifted at both ends of the floor and possess a great amount of speed. At times he needs to improve his shooting more, but it has improved a lot from last year. Albeit, he has not played against the toughest competition being in the OVC, Morant is a force and plays bigger and faster than most guards. He's a shoe in OVC POY and a Wooden Award candidate. He tends to force plays at times or even hot dog the ball still and it creates turn overs, although he is a highlight waiting to happen. Watching him is kind of like holding down the "turbo" button while you're playing a video game fast compared to everyone else.
1 4Chicago ChicagoBol Bol C Oregon
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Bol Bol - He's Tall! Maybe Manute is taller, but Bol Bol is a top 5 prospect if not for or regardless of the injury and is huge! Great size and length with a rumored enormous 7'8" wingspan. He has good potential upside. Bol blocks shots and has the ability to score from outside or down low while shooting at a high percentage. He could be too good to pass up after top 5. One of his better games was in a win against Syracuse, before the injury, where he put up 26 pts, 9 reb, an ast, 4 blks, and 3 stls. He's a very high ceiling prospect with some risk factor. I'm willing to bet Bol Bol will have a better career than Manute Bol. Once upon a time before the injury, Bol Bol was getting consideration for number one overall.
1 5Atlanta AtlantaJaxson Hayes C Texas
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Jaxson Hayes can run the floor pretty well for a big. 7'4" wingspan can't hurt his rim protecting skills either. He can improve his shooting range some, but shoots TSP of over 70% from the field and not an awful FT shooter. Hayes possesses nice athleticism. If not for the injury he would be a lottery pick. He's still got a shot at being a lottery pick despite the injury.
1 6Atlanta AtlantaDarius Garland PG Vanderbilt
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Darius Garland could have been drafted higher, possibly lottery if not for the injury. He might crack the lottery despite the injury. Garland's an awesome shooter and great at creating shots. He still can make better decisions at times, but he is a freshman. Garland has been rehabbing his injury to concentrate on the draft.
1 7Memphis MemphisKeldon Johnson SF Kentucky
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Keldon Johnson is a good efficient player who shoots well and finds his niche on a loaded Kentucky team. He's a streaky player offensively but has very good upside. He's a good athletic defender with 2 way potential. He out dueled Admiral Schofield and then #1 Tennessee in the home win. Johnson at times looks like a Wooden Award candidate.
1 8Washington WashingtonJarrett Culver SG Texas Tech
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Jarrett Culver is highly improved from last year, but can still improve his range. He's a smart player and plays much bigger than his size suggests. He's the biggest reason for Texas Tech's success. He's a legit Wooden Award candidate. One of his better games against a worthy opponent this season was against Kansas where he put up 26/2/4 in a blow out win.
1 9New Orleans New OrleansDe'Andre Hunter SF Virginia
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Virginia lost in the first round without DeAndre Hunter last year and this year they look like one of the top seeds with him in the lineup again. He's not a stat packer, although his stats have improved from last year. He has excellent shooting range and his 7'2" wingspan helps him be the great defender that he is. Hunter has the ability to do it all, just not the star player on the next level. He knows his limits on offense and guards multiple positions.
1 10LA Lakers LA LakersDaniel Gafford PF Arkansas
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Daniel Gafford last year carried Arkansas to the tournament, this year the SEC is a little deeper but he's still making his presence. Gafford's an absolute force down low as he shoots a high fg percentage. He needs to work on his FTs. Gafford is an athletic big with post moves. He has very good instincts on defense, good timing and good switching but could get into foul trouble at times.
1 11Charlotte CharlotteRui Hachimura SF Gonzaga
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Rui is a good efficient offensive player that can stretch the defense and has a knack for scoring. An obvious Wooden award candidate, and his shooting range is among the best in the country although he seldom takes 3s. He's a high IQ player and knows his limits within himself. Possesses a 7'2" wingspan. Hachimura has underrated athletic ability. He's the best player on one of the top teams in the country.
1 12Orlando OrlandoSekou Doumboya SF France
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Doumbouya has great touch around the rim, but can improve his shooting range. He has the potential to defend multiple positions. He's a nice game dunker. Probably the youngest player in this draft to get drafted, he's extremely raw and a high risk high reward pick. He's strong and very athletic.
1 13Minnesota MinnesotaGoga Bitadze C Georgia
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Goga has nice size and touch inside the paint. Goga's solid range and good IQ on the along with good strength help him on the offensive end, but a bit slow footed on defense for small ball. But Goga can really bang inside the paint. He has a 7'2" wingspan. He's good with the pick and roll.
1 14Boston BostonCoby White PG UNC
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Coby White is a dynamic diaper dandy on UNC who's been playing well against tough competition. He has a nice handle on the ball. Slightly outplayed Nickeil Alexander-Walker head to head in the home win. At times can get sloppy while playing PG, better as a SG, he shown some weaknesses against Duke and Virginia which are basically NBA defenses.
1 15Miami MiamiCam Reddish SF Duke
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Cameron Reddish is the 3rd wheel on the most talented team in the country. He does a lot of the dirty work, and is the good glue guy with upside. Offensively great at times and a bit challenged at times, Reddish hucks too many 3s up and is only average from beyond the arc. Has his ups and downs, he is streaky but worth it. When he's up, he's playing out of his mind. He seems to have a good motor.
1 16Brooklyn BrooklynRomeo Langford SG Indiana
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Romeo Langford needs to improve shooting range a bit, but otherwise scores efficiently and playing well as a freshman on a solid but streaky Indiana team. Langford has shown consistency scoring in double digits every game but 2 thus far and they were in limited minutes. He seemed to have got a second wind late in the season.
1 17Detroit DetroitKezie "KZ" Okpala SF Stanford
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Okpala is a solid wing with good shooting range who can flat out score. He's improved much from last year. He has a good handle for his size. Although he has the potential, his defense could still improve. He possesses a 7'2" wingspan and has shown flashes on the defensive end. He could be leading his team to higher expectations however, it may not be his fault.
1 18Memphis MemphisPJ Washington SF Kentucky
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: PJ Washington is a physical player, good rebounder with a 7'3" wingspan. He hustles and gets all the plays that don't show up in the box scores. Washington has a good shot but need improvement with FTs. He slightly outplayed Grant Williams in the big home win against then #1 Tennessee, although Williams got Washington back in the rematch.
1 19Utah UtahNassir Little SF UNC
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Nassir Little's an efficient player, but he can improve his shooting range. He's good at making plays that aren't always in the box scores. Little possesses good upside and a nice 7'2" wingspan. He does a lot of damage in limited minutes and oh yeah - he's a pretty good athlete too.
1 20San Antonio San AntonioChuma Okeke PF Auburn
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Chuma Okeke has made strides, progressing all year long. He went from being a quality defender to a 2 way player. In the SEC tournament, it's noteworthy he outplayed Grant Williams (finally). He put up 18 pts, 13 rebs, 3 stls, and a block in the SEC championship win.
1 21Oklahoma City Oklahoma CityJontay Porter C Missouri
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Jontay Porter can work on his body fat, but otherwise has great skills on the high post and low post. He's a very high IQ player and good at passing the ball or setting up the screen and roll. Porter has a 7'0" wingspan. If he wasn't injured, he might be picked higher.
1 22Boston BostonCassius Winston PG Michigan State
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Cassius Winston is a solid floor leader, do it all PG who has been doing it on a good team. He's a jack of all traits master of the pick and roll. He goes toe to toe with some of the best PGs out there. Winston's a Wooden Award candidate and leading Michigan State to an outstanding season.
1 23Portland PortlandGrant Williams PF Tennessee
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Leading Tennessee to being a top team, Williams has been doing it all against worthy competition. One of his best games so far was against Vanderbilt on the road in an OT win, where he put up 43 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 4 blocks. He hit all 23 FTs in the game and draws fouls as an art. He's probably the back to back SEC POY and a Wooden award candidate.
1 24Cleveland ClevelandIgnas Brazdeikis SF Michigan
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Ignas Brazdeikis is a solid shooter and has a good IQ. He's a big contributor and first option as a freshman on a stacked Michigan team. Michigan keeps on winning and Ignas fills in the stats by doing a little of everything. He's a Wooden Award candidate, but has a hard time against the high IQ + athletic type defender.
1 25Indiana IndianaNazreon Reid PF LSU
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Naz Reid has nice size, efficient, shows great range and decent numbers for a freshman in limited minutes. He has been progressing as the season is going on. Good mobility for a big, Reid passes the rock pretty well. He could be more consistent.
1 26Philadelphia PhiladelphiaTyler Herro SG Kentucky
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Tyler Herro is a good off the ball player who can shoot lights out about anywhere on the floor. He does a lot of dirty work for Kentucky with hustle plays. He has often been their unsung hero (Herro)... and the player the opponents forget to plan for.
1 27Brooklyn BrooklynTalen Horton-Tucker SG Iowa State
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Talen Horton-Tucker is a strong, athletic wing who can play solid gritty defense. He needs to improve shooting and his all around game on offense. He has plenty upside with a whopping 7'0" wingspan. Horton-Tucker puts up enormous pressure, helping Iowa State be among the tops in the nation in defense.
1 28Golden State Golden StateLuguentz Dort SG Arizona State
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Luguentz Dort is a solid freshman on an Arizona State that has been on a surge lately. At times the team's design forces him to do too much. He could improve his shooting consistency. He has been making strides as the year has been progressing, and so has Arizona State in the average PAC 12 conference.
1 29San Antonio San AntonioAyo Dosumnu PG Illinois
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Although he has good shooting range, Ayo-"yayo, walk around with yayo..." needs to improve his decision making as a G along with his FT shooting. In a tough conference though, he's putting up decent numbers. He's a bit inconsistent.
1 30Phoenix PhoenixJaylen Hoard SF Wake Forest
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Jaylen Hoard needs to bulk up and improve his shooting range, but otherwise an athletic freshman who can attack the basket. He has good 2 way potential. An athletic player who doesn't need to be the star but can be when the time calls. He tends to stat pack more than anything though because he's on a lemon.
2 31Brooklyn BrooklynCharles Bassey C Western Kentucky
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Charles Bassey is a raw big on a promising mid major Western Kentucky team. He has good shooting range and is averaging almost a double double as a freshman. Then again I could have said the same thing about Brandon McCoy last year and so far he's done nothing. Bassey does have better mechanics though and looks a little more the part.
2 32Phoenix PhoenixBrandon Clarke C Gonzaga
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Brandon Clarke is a solid post player on one of the nation's top teams. He could improve his strength and shooting range but is an awesome defender. Clarke can adjust to pick and rolls on defense very well even on the perimeter. He's among the Nation's tops in PER and shooting percentages.
2 33New York New YorkCarsen Edwards PG Purdue
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Carsen Edwards is a scoring PG that is a master at creating his own shots. He's averaging nearly 25 a game in a tough conference. He is playing as good as maybe any guard in the country right now and has entered as Wooden Award candidate territory.
2 34Philadelphia PhiladelphiaAmir Hinton SG Shaw
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Amir Hinton is the top ranked division II prospect in the nation and a very rare prospect at that. He has great offensive ability all across the board, but could be challenged or unproven on the defensive end. He is a smooth player and a good athlete.
2 35Atlanta AtlantaAdam Mokoka SG France
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Adam Mokoka has been improving as the year goes. He has nice strength, a 6'10" wingspan and can defend multiple positions. He's a good athlete overall and is still a bit raw, but very coachable.
2 36Dallas DallasLuka Samanic PF Spain
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Samanic has been playing efficiently well in limited minutes overseas and is the new under 18 Euro MVP youngster from darling Barcelona. He has a nice touch around the basket and can stretch the floor as well. He's very fluent for his size, but he can use more strength.
2 37Chicago ChicagoBrian Bowen SF Australia
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Brian Bowen is making strides in Australia after not working out in Louisville. He has good upside but is a bit of a mystery on where he's at now as far as skill level. He's been playing in the NBL in limited minutes and shooting 47% from the floor and about 35% from 3.
2 38Washington WashingtonDeividas Sirvydis SF Lithuania
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Deividas Sirvydis is a little frail, but long and he can shoot. He has good upside and a high IQ. Sirvydis has decent athleticism. Sirvydis has been rising up in the ranks by playing well and was the adidas next generation champion and MVP.
2 39New Orleans New OrleansDarius Bazley SF United States
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Like last year's Mitchell Robinson, Darius Bazley is this year's mystery man. Bazley is long, frail and athletic. He's been working out, but competition is a question with Bazley, being that he is not playing against 5 on 5 competition anywhere.
2 40LA Lakers LA LakersLamine Diane SF Cal State Northridge
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Lamine Diane is a bit of an under the radar prospect being on Cal State Northridge. His biggest fall is his shooting range, but otherwise he's putting up stats on both ends of the court, playing the one man gang this year as an older freshman.
2 41Atlanta AtlantaKevin Porter SF USC
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Kevin Porter's a very athletic player. He needs to work on his FTs and consistency from 3. He's quick footed, good at taking it to the rack and can jump out of the gym with his marvelous dunks. His defense is a work in progress. He can boom with the right coaching/playing. He can also bust just as easily.
2 42Orlando OrlandoSimi Shittu PF Vanderbilt
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Simi was gradually stepping up, especially in the team's moments where they needed him the most. Vanderbilt's been full of injuries including Darius Garland and Shittu has been carrying a big load on his shoulders to keep the competetive. It just hasn't been enough, as their record however doesn't show it and Simi seems to have hit a wall. He possesses a 7'1" wingspan and good athletic ability that helps him on both ends.
2 43Cleveland ClevelandNickeil Alexander-Walker PG Virginia Tech
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Nickeil Alexander-Walker started out the season very strong, then hit a wall as so has Virginia Tech against worthy teams. He's a good combo guard who has improved all across the board. He can defend, set up an offense, and knock down the big shots efficiently. He has become a lock down defender, perhaps one of the nation's best on the perimeter. Alexander-Walker has been outplayed at times against talented competition. When he's on, he's really on though-like that game against Washington in the beginning of the season where he broke down Thybulle and Nowell in the win.
2 44Sacramento SacramentoJordan Nwora SF Louisville
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Jordan Nwora is a wing who can flat out score, however can work on his shooting range. He's a tough competitor in some of the biggest moments, like the heart breaking loss to Duke (with Zion) where they lost and he put up 23/12/3/2.
2 45Charlotte CharlotteJaKeenan Gant PF Louisiana-Lafayette
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: JaKeenan Gant is a 2 way stretch 4 who can really switch on defense and create havoc there timing blocking shots as well. This transfer from Mizzou has some good range, as he shoots a high percentage from about all over the floor. Under the radar a bit, as now he's doing it against smaller time competition but has shown he can really play this year. His ceiling maybe only so high.
2 46Charlotte CharlotteDaulton Hommes SF Point Loma Nazarene
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Daulton Hommes is a rare division II phenom that outplayed Fultz once upon a time and recently went toe to toe against Gordon Hayward when they were recovering togeter. He's injury prone, but worth being picked.
2 47Boston BostonEthan Happ PF Wisconsin
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Quietly a Wooden award candidate first half of the season, although it's slipping away because of Wisconsin's up and down second half. Ethan Happ is extremely skilled down in the post and has a very high basketball IQ. He is averaging close to 19/10/5 for the season. One of his better games came against then #2 Michigan where Wisconsin pulled off the home win and he put up 26 pts, 10 reb, 7 ast, 2 stl in the contest. His shooting range could use some work and he does not have the highest ceiling.
2 48LA Clippers LA ClippersXavier Johnson SG Pitt
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Abdoulaye N'Doye is potentially one of the best perimeter defenders in the draft. He's very skilled on the defensive end and has the enormous length to defend multiple positions. He's still unproven on offense, but seems to be progressing. He will be at this current spot, not Xavier Johnson who might be too under the radar anyways. I'm sure the site will update it soon.
2 49Utah UtahBruno Fernando C Maryland
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Bruno Fernando has been leading Maryland to a competitive season in a loaded BIG 10. He has worked on his game and really improved since the draft workouts last year. He has good size and length with a 7'4" wingspan and Fernando can stretch the floor out. He really shoots great anywhere within 2 point range. Fernando has also been a nice part of Jalen Smith's game as a mentor as well.
2 50San Antonio San AntonioJalen McDaniels PF San Diego State
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Jalen McDaniels is a little frail, yet athletic big with quick movement and decent shooting range. He's scored in double digits in every game this year except one, against BYU where the more seasoned Yoeli Childs got him in foul trouble.
2 51Oklahoma City Oklahoma CityZach Norvell Jr. SG Gonzaga
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Zach Norvell is a solid scorer and smart player on one of the top teams. He has improved his shooting consistency and strength on defense progressing through the year. Norvell has helped leading one of the nation's top teams with his 2 way ability.
2 52Boston BostonKris Wilkes SF UCLA
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Kris Wilkes has really good length and has good 2 way potential. He's been one of UCLA's few bright spots. He needs to improve his shooting consistency. Not sure how much consistent competition he's been getting this year being in the this year average PAC 12. He should be dominating that conference, has the tools and the developing skills, but something's missing.
2 53Orlando OrlandoMarkus Howard PG Marquette
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Markus Howard is speedy, crafty and leading a very good Marquette team to the rankings. He's definitely a scoring PG, perhaps because he has too. Howard averages about 25 pts a game. He could shoot better from 2 point range, but he's absolutely money from 3 pt range and among the best at shooting the charity strike in the country. Howard entered Wooden Award candidate talk, but that may have slipped.
2 54Houston HoustonSagaba Konate C West Virginia
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Sagaba Konate has nice size and strength, good touch and shows shooting range. He plays tough defense down low. West Virginia has not played well without him. Maybe a small ball C or a big PF would be a good fit for Konate. Hard to tell if the injury will help/hurt his stock.
2 55Indiana IndianaDedric Lawson PF Kansas
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Dedric Lawson is averaging nearly 20/10 on one of the Nation's top teams. He has a good mid range game and can play the post. He possess a 7'2" wingspan. Lawson could work on 3 pt shooting. He was a Wooden Award candidate I'd say until that Texas Tech thumping. Lawson could use a little more athleticism.
2 56Philadelphia PhiladelphiaTyus Battle SG Syracuse
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Tyus Battle can flat out score. He is a decent ball handler and can really shoot the rock. He can play iso well and when Battle is on he's really on fire. Last year during draft workouts his biggest knock was he didn't play enough off the ball. He still doesn't.
2 57New Orleans New OrleansAdmiral Schofield SG Tennessee
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Admiral Schofield is a good shooter and has good strength for a wing. He's a solid contributor on one of the best teams but tends to be streaky from time to time. He's a 2 way player that improved slightly across the board each year. He has only so high of a ceiling. Schofield torched Gonzaga early in the year, hitting 6 3s and 30 points in the win.
2 58Golden State Golden StateMatisse Thybulle SG Washington
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Matisse Thybulle is perhaps the best overall defender currently in the nation. He's a great one on one or team defender and has great stamina. He's a better wing defender and has great timing and hands. Offensively he may be a bit challenged on the next level.
2 59Toronto TorontoFletcher Magee SG Wofford
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Fletcher Magee lead Wofford to a magical season this year. His outstanding shooting and ability to get open, run through screens and know his role may end up having this fringe prospect a draftable player.
2 60Brooklyn BrooklynYovel Zoosman SG Israel
FUNKYBUNCH's comments: Yovel Zoosman plays for Tel Aviv and has shown in limited minutes his high IQ play, along with his great shooting range. He can shoot from both mid range and long range pretty well.