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2nd Round: 10/150 points

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37 points out of 300 overall

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FanWithNoLife's comments: Doncic has already proved that he can compete at an Elite level, in the Spanish league and leading Slovenia to the Euro championships against current NBA players. Can draw comparisons to Magic Johnson as a tall guard, standing at 6'8.

FanWithNoLife's comments: Ayton could provide relief for the King's front office, with their Big Man troubles. Ayton has an unbelievable physical profile, standing at 7'1 and weighing 250 pounds. Can draw comparisons to Shawn Kemp.

FanWithNoLife's comments: Bagley is a NBA ready center that has everything. He is exceptionally quick for a center and has a decent jumpshot. Camparison: Chris Bosh

FanWithNoLife's comments: Jackson is the most complete Center in this draft. Jackson can block shots. He hit nearly 40 percent of his three-pointers and 80 percent of his free throws. He showed a rare ability to guard on the perimeter for player with his size. He also flashed some ball skills that could take his offensive game to the next level. No big man in the draft has a game this complete, and that includes Ayton, the potential No. 1 pick who has major issues defensively. Comparison: Serge Ibaka

FanWithNoLife's comments: Michael Porter Jr. is a face-up scorer with power forward height and three-point range. He can be played at the 3 or 4, and he has the ability to make tough shots away from the basket. Even without tapping into ball skills, his mobility, tools and coordination still translates to easy baskets around the rim. The hope for him is that he will develop into a scorer his team can feature and win with as a top option. Comparison: Brandon Ingram

FanWithNoLife's comments: Trae Young early on in his freshman season is doing things that college basketball fans rarely see. Through Oklahoma’s first ten games, he averaged nearly 30 points and nine assists per game, which is unheard of for any player let alone a freshman. Young has also yet to score fewer than 22 points since the season opener. Young is just the fourth high-major freshman guard in seven years to record a usage rate higher than 30 percent, Two of those players, D’Angelo Russell and Markelle Fultz, were top-two draft picks. The first thing that jumps out about Young is his seemingly limitless shooting range. Young is a threat to score from anywhere on the court once he crosses half court and can effortlessly knock down shots beyond the NBA three-point line. He may be the best shooter in college basketball since Stephen Curry played at Davidson.

FanWithNoLife's comments: A truly elite physical specimen in terms of length, Mohamed Bamba jumps off the page with his 7'9'' wingspan and 9'6'' standing reach. This kind of size allowed him to immediately burst on to the NCAA scene as an elite rim protector with the measurables to translate this skill to the NBA. Blocking 3.7 shots per game during his regular season stint at Texas doesn't even take into account the countless shots he altered or drive attempts he thwarted. Timing is a part of this, as he only averaged 2.4 fouls per contest at the college level. His lateral quickness is also very good for a player who measures in at 7 feet tall. This makes him a capable pick and roll defender and someone who roam the entire paint area with little effort. From a rebounding standpoint, his 10.4 boards per game as a freshman is well above average, and despite his narrow frame he held his own pretty well in the paint against stronger opponents.

FanWithNoLife's comments: Sexton is underrated, he carried Alabama in the NCAA, and could be a great point guard and combonation with Porzingis. He could also solve the Knick's point guard problems

FanWithNoLife's comments: NCAA March Madness MVP, what else is there to say?

FanWithNoLife's comments: Nets should take a chance on Grayson Allen could become a star

FanWithNoLife's comments: extremely underrated, could be the steal of the draft

FanWithNoLife's comments: Extremely underrated could become a great bench player