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Last Updated: 05-29-2018

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41 points out of 300 overall

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Gametimedavis's comments: Ayton is by far the most promising prospect in this years draft, and there is only one small factor that would have the Suns draft Doncic over Ayton. The reason being that Suns coach Igor Kokoscov has coached Doncic before thus separating his draft perspective from other teams. Regardless, the Suns should look to trade away Len and/or Chandler and make way for their new franchise center, possibly creating a Shaq/Kobe combination with Devin Booker

Gametimedavis's comments: Once Ayton is off the board, the Kings will look to improve there Guard personal and what better way to do so than by taking a risk on Luka Doncic, the 19 year old Euro League sensation. Doncic has been at the talks of top pick in this draft since last spring and although his exposure outside of Europe is not huge, word travels fast, and those who have seen him play know what he's about. Not to mention he was this years Euro League champion and Euro League MVP.

Gametimedavis's comments: Bagley is my favorite prospect in this years draft class. He has proven to be extremely dominant at the college level. He can play either the 4 or the 5. Being able to finish with either hand, Bagley averaged a dominant 21 points and 11 rebounds. He has great size standing at 6'11 and weighing in at about 235. Bagley would be the perfect bigman for this struggling Hawks team to build around, as well as give star Hawks PG Dennis Schroeder a solid parter in crime on offense.

Gametimedavis's comments: Memphis has one of their worst seasons in recent years. Throughout this past season, the Grizzlies have had injuries to key players on their roster, the key player being Mike Conley. Tyreke Evans proved to be a surprise star for Memphis, so it would only make sense that they would use their 4th overall pick to go big. What better player than Jaren Jackson Jr. A bigman who can play the 4 or 5 and has a knack for shot blocking. He could find his way to be an improvement over current Grizzlies PF Jamychal Green. If not, Memphis could easily package the pick with Gasol in a blockbuster trade.

Gametimedavis's comments: It has been no secret that the Mavericks have been eyeing bigmen recently. Reports have stated that the Mavs will be targeting Demarcus Cousins, Deandre Jordan, and Julius Randel in free agency. Yet should a player like Mo Bamba be available at the 5th pick. He would be the perfect pick for Dallas. Bamba had a standout season at Texas Averaging 12 points 10 rebound, and most impressively, 3.7 blocks per game. He would be the athletic defensive anchor that Dallas could pair with Dennis Smith Jr. for years to come.

Gametimedavis's comments: After dealing away Elfrid Payton to Phoenix this past February, the Magic will 100 percent be looking for a guard to replace him. Young has been one of the mist explosive players in college basketball. In his lone season ay Oklahoma, Young averaged 27 points and 8.7 assists, Proving why he will most likely be the top Point Guard drafted. He would bring a wide array of offensive creativity and efficiency to a growing Magic team.

Gametimedavis's comments: At the Seven spot, the Chicago Bulls are in a peculiar position. They have the opportunity to take Michael Porter Jr. , Who was ranked the number 1 high school recruit in 2017, yet missed all but 3 games of his college career. The 6'10 offensive dynamo still has a lot of upside, but his injury at lack of collegiate playing has hurt his draft stock. Should the Bulls draft Porter they are taking a risk, yet a risk that could pay off in a huge way. Chicago has been in rebuild mode after trying away former franchise player Jimmy Butler. They are now building around Guards Zach Levine and Kris Dunn, Forwards Lauri Markkanen and Bobby Portis, while having Veteran center Robin Lopez man the middle. Porter could be the final building block in the Bulls rebuild. Should Porter meet/exceed his expectations in the NBA, he will be a fantastic center piece and potential future face of the franchise.

Gametimedavis's comments: The Cavalier lucked out by obtaining this pick from the Boston Celtics in the blockbuster Kyrie Irving trade of 2017. Now, if the Cavs do choose the keep this pick, (I can easily see them trading the pick away in a a potential package deal for either Kawhi Leonard or Paul George) they should go guard, scoring guard, and the post option at the 8 spot is Alabama PG Collin Sexton. Sexton proved to be the lone explosive force of the Crimson Tide basketball team. Averaging 19 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists, Sexton uses his offensive instinct and athleticism to put defenders on skates, and would make an immediate impact to a Cavs team that could use a young, natural scoring, true point guard. Sexton's craftiness on the court would pair well with the already talented Cavaliers roster.

Gametimedavis's comments: The Knicks risked last years lottery pick by selecting Frank Ntilikina, needless to say, they need to make this years pick count a little bit more. What better player to chose than Wendell Carter Jr from Duke. Carter was a tad overshadowed by Marvin Bagley, but don't be fooled, Carter is an extremely talented big man who can play the 4 or the 5. Drafting Carter would give the Knicks a promising young bigman that could make an immediate impact. Playing alongside Porzingis who can stretch the floor for Carter the work the post game. The Knicks could use some help in the post, and Wendell Carter Jr. is the way to go.

Gametimedavis's comments: Philadelphia has another opportunity to add yet one more promising young star to their already young star studded roster. The correct player to add the the process would be Mikal Bridges, the three year man from Villanova. Standing 6'6 and averaging 17 points, Bridges adds athleticism a winning mentality and in a weird way, maturity. At the small forward position the sixers having the opportunity to have a starting line-up consisting of Simmons, Embid, Bridges, Saric and Fultz. A line-up, that, in all fairness, could be feared for years to come.

Gametimedavis's comments: At the 11 spot, the Hornets have a unique opportunity to add some strong wing talent to a team with lots of potential in the Eastern conference. Yes the rumors about trading Kemba Walker may still be in existence, I still have Charlotte going with a solid forward, and who better than Kevin Knox. Know was a standout player this season for Kentucky, averaging 15 points and 5 rebounds in his lone season as a Wildcat. Even though the Hornets do have pretty strong veteran forwards like Nicholas Batum and Marvin Williams, Knox will gain valuable experience from playing behind both of those players and it will no doubt pay off for him and the Hornets when the time comes for him to be a starter. Should the Hornets utilize Malik Monk for this season, the Hornets will have 2 young potential franchise players to not only play alongside veteran all-star Kemba Walker but to also build around.

Gametimedavis's comments: The Clippers are in a unique position, having both the 12 and 13 spots in the 2018 draft. realistically they may try to package one if not both of the picks to trade up, or trade for a veteran, but should they chose not to, the most suitable pick for them would be Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the 6'6 PG from Kentucky. The Clippers do not have much youth at the point guard position. With the possibility of Beverly either being moved or leaving this summer, the Clippers should look to draft a young potential franchise point guard. Gilgeous-Alexander provides a unique size at the point guard spot and is no stranger to scoring at the rim. He has exceptional defensive awareness and athleticism, as well as good court vision. His ability to be a playmaker will help a Clippers team that has had a stagnant offense this past season.

Gametimedavis's comments: At the 13 spot, the Clippers need to go big, as bigman Deandre Jordan is on the verge of leaving or being dealt away this offseason, and the best option is yet another bigman who, like Jordan, also hails from Texas A&M, Robert Williams. Williams is an athletic dynamo with an unmatchable hustle. The Clippers will look to bring him in is an immediate defensive anchor as well as productive rebounder (especially on the offensive glass). The only downside with Williams is that he is rather undersized to play center in the NBA, standing at only 6'9, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in hustle and defense. At Texas A&M Williams averaged 10 points 9 rebounds and 2.6 blocks, needless to say his presence will mainly be felt on the defensive side of the ball, but don't be fooled, because should you give him space, he will make you pay with a monster finish at the rim.

Gametimedavis's comments: The lost pick in the lottery goes to the Denver Nuggets, who just barely missed out on the coveted final playoff spot. The Nuggets have a rather young roster with an up and coming super center in Nikola Jokic. Denver will be looking to add some depth at the shooting guard position, what better way to do so than with Miami's own Lonnie Walker. Walker, known for his athleticism, will be a perfect addition to a young and talented Nuggets roster. He will have the opportunity to play alongside Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler, Walker will be a project piece for the Nuggets, and someone they will look to develop over the coming years as a defensive minded shooting guard with enough athleticism to garner respond o the offensive side of the ball. (think like a more athletic/offensive skilled Tony Allen).