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GrimLeaper's comments: Phoenix selects local Big Man - DeAndre Ayton. In May, The Suns hired their new Head Coach - Igor Kokoskov. Kokoskov is familiar with Doncic, coaching him and the champion Slovenian team in the EuroBasket2017. However, Head Coaches usually don't have too much leverage in the draft and Suns owner, Robert Sarver, is a big Arizona Basketball booster, so the organization has ties to both top prospects. After his only draft workout, with the Suns, Ayton told the media "I know I'm going No. 1" - it appears exceedingly likely at this point that he is correct. yton has sky-high potential due to his size (7’1” height, 7’5” wingspan, 9’3” standing reach, broad shoulders) and athleticism. He has a good looking jumper considering his size and an effective Mid-range and post-up game. IQ and motor on defense as well as finishing through contact and polishing his Pick-and-Roll game on offense are big questions. Can he put it all together for the Suns?

GrimLeaper's comments: Surprise! Vlade was pulling a ruse! There is a stigma when drafting European players. It mainly stems from public perception of the person making the selection. If one drafts a European prospect who busts, it is seen as more foolish because you may have missed out on an American prospect who was in your 'backyard' so to speak. However, Vlade Divac, GM of the Kings and former NBA player, was born in Serbia. I'm sure Vlade doesn't experience the stigma to the extent that others do, considering his background. Ultimately, the Kings can't resist taking Luka. The 19-year-old Slovenian excels in the pick-and-roll game on offense, great in transition (1.38 PPP), and is comfortable taking a vast array of jumpers -off ball screens (1.43 PPP) spot-ups, and pull-ups. He can be an effective team defender at times. Below average lateral quickness/vertical as well as inconsistent play are Doncic's main questions at this point in his career.

GrimLeaper's comments: With Luka off the board, the Hawks take Advanced Stats Jr. out of Model Projection State. Jackson may be the safest pick in the draft. He has phenomenal defensive instincts, a decent outside jump shot, and as mentioned before - posted a great statistical season at MSU. One must keep his very small sample size (35GP, 21.8MPG) in mind when interpreting stats. With that in mind, Triple 'J' is a defensive monster, leading the Big Ten in BLK% at 14.3% and Defensive Rating at 86.4. Very balanced on offense, though he doesn't have the strongest post game. A high foul rate remains an issue. Look out for the Hawks to trade up and select Trae Young after this selection, possibly in the 10-13 range if Young falls that far.

GrimLeaper's comments: MBIII falls to Memphis. Bagley is an athletic beast, great standing dunker, decent shooter, and underrated passer. First-rate scorer on rim dives (1.43 PPP) - I see Bagley developing into a PF offensive role. Defense will be an issue, at least to begin with. Bagley only has a roughly 7'0" wingspan, and his defensive perimeter instincts aren't pretty. Memphis, like Sacramento have struggled to get top prospects to work out for them and it's unclear what their relationship is with Bagley at this point. However, there seems to be some mutual interest between them and MPJ. Look out for Memphis to trade down and acquire Porter.

GrimLeaper's comments: Dallas takes Texas Big Man Mo Bamba. Bamba has good size (7’ height, 15’ wingspan). His easiest-to-project trait is rim defending (13.0 BLK%). H is somewhat weak at traditional Center tasks (Setting screens, being physical, etc.). Appears to have improved his below average shooting mechanics over the offseason. It would be very interesting to see how Carlisle works with Bamba and DSJ. Could they be pieces of the next great Mavs team?

GrimLeaper's comments: The Magic add a Big with great measurements (wide shoulders, 6'10", 7'4.5" wingspan), a very smart player - Carter rarely found himself out of position defensively at Duke and offensively he is an able passer. He also can finish well at the rim (70% as a Blue Devil), stretch the floor (41% on limited attempts) and can put the ball on the floor if he needs to. If Orlando selects Carter, I think Magic fans can look forward to some great frontcourt play between him and Gordon (That is, before they let AG walk in FA).

GrimLeaper's comments: Porter's high-end potential may be too much to pass on for a franchise looking for a star wing. Michael Porter Jr. was seen as they #1 pick before the CBB season started - value! At this point, MPJ's biggest question mark isn't his on-court play, it's his health. Porter has a hip/back injury and he's currently at 50 or 75 or 90% (?). On the court, MPJ has a great looking shot for his size (6'10", 7' wingspan). His best usage in the NBA, in my opinion will be at the PF/C position because of his lack of elite ball-handling, perimeter defense and upright (body stance) play.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Cavs select the 6’6" point guard from Kentucky. Great standing reach for a guard (8’8”). Not extraordinarily quick. Played a lot of pick-and-roll scenarios at Kentucky. Yet to prove he can hit from outside at a high rate. Lauded for his leadership qualities. Overall, lacks glaring weaknesses which makes him an attractive option for Cleveland and others. Will be a valuable selection if he earns starter minutes. This pick fits a positional need for a LeBron Cavalier team, but with a versatile player like SGA, they aren't tied to a particular rebuild path if LeBron migrates elsewhere.

GrimLeaper's comments: New York's future depends a fair amount on Porzingis's longterm health. With reports and speculation that the Latvian big may miss the entire season, that future seems marginally shaky. Selecting Knox is surely a bet on his development. He did not have an efficient Freshman season at Kentucky, but he has shown some nice shooting touch and has ideal size (6'9", 7' wingspan) for a modern 4. Knox is still very young (He will still be 18 years old when drafted) and may be able to develop into more of a 2-way player than he is now.

GrimLeaper's comments: Philadelphia will look to move some picks during the draft. If they keep this one, Mikal would be a virtual no-brainer. Bridges has familial (mother works in HR) and geographical (Villanova played its home games in the Wells Fargo Center) ties to Philly. The Sixers tack on a wing who is more experienced than anyone in this projected lotto. Mikal is a terrific spot-up player (1.34 PPP, 31% of OFF possessions). A versatile defender, appears to be able to guard most 2-4s at the next level.

GrimLeaper's comments: The future of Kemba in Charlotte is unknown. There is a decent chance Kemba will be moved on draft night. With the Dwight Howard trade and possibly a Walker trade, the Hornets are looking for a speedy rebuild under new Head Coach James Borrego. Selecting Trae would be a flashy start to such a rebuild. Young has an elite shooting stroke, can pull up from anywhere, has shown the ability to find success on off-ball screen situations (1.39 PPP on a limited sample size). He finds open teammates well (48.5% AST%) and has shown a high comfort level in making a variety of different passes. He may be a defensive liability due to his lack of toughness, normal-human-like 6’3” wingspan, and overall disinterest in it. To be fair, a 37.1% Usage Rate is a valid excuse for some of his defensive short-comings. It will be interesting to see how Borrego incorporates Young into his system. As I mentioned beforehand, the Hawks are looking to move into this position in order to take Young, so he may be snatched from the Hornets or maybe the Hornets are the ones to make a deal with the Hawks - who knows.

GrimLeaper's comments: At 12, the Clippers select Collin Sexton. The Clippers have a large range of possible outcomes in '18-'19. They have question marks surrounding DeAndre Jordan - $24M player option, Montrezl Harrell - $1.7M club option, Avery Bradley - unrestricted free agent, Gallo and PBev - injury concerns. The Clippers have let it be known that they're considering moving up in the draft, possibly to take MPJ. If they don't, Collin may be a befitting selection. Sexton is a better passer/Pick-and-roll player than he gets credit for. Can push the ball quickly on fastbreaks. Can handle a high usage rate. Great on-court body language. No glaring weaknesses - his shooting is suspect and he has tunnel vision at times. I’m a little worried his hair will morph into Elfrid Payton 2.0.

GrimLeaper's comments: At 13 the Clippers take an explosive player who can play off ball. Miles was a well-rounded player on offense for the Spartans. Able to score off of spot-ups, off of screens - off ball and on ball as a roll/pop man. Not afraid to dunk the ball when given the opening to do so. He’s a little undersized at the SB4 spot (6’6”, 6’9.5” wingspan). Miles Bridges has arguably more upside than his his namesake, Mikal. Personally, I think 13 is tremendous value for Miles.

GrimLeaper's comments: Denver had an underwhelming defensive season to say the least - 25th in DRTG, and having a limited wing rotation looks to take someone who could potentially help in those areas. Walker is very quick, has a great frame (6’4”, 6’10 wingspan) and a good looking shot - capable of playing off ball. He has the ability to get his body in positions to score, but his touch needs work - he shot 59% at the rim in his Freshman year at Miami. If he can consistently hit from the outside - and therefore pose a threat to closing-out defenders, he has the first-step ability to murder those defenders on over-closeouts. Defensively he can guard on-ball fairly well. He'll need to learn how to be an effective team defender. Look out for the Nuggets to dump salary (which would likely entail a move down) tonight.

GrimLeaper's comments: Washington has no long-term options at Center. They may take a shot at Robert Williams with the 15th pick. There are some questions about Williams' attitude, so he should fit right in with Washington. Williams draws comparisons to DeAndre Jordan - a former Texas A&M Aggie. A prototypical rim-running big. 7-4 wingspan. Comfortable with finishing the rim (including full windmills in clutch-time on an NCAA Tournament game). Hack-a-Williams might be a thing at the next level - 47.1% last season at A&M. Never got to play much at the Center - where he’ll play in the NBA - in college, because of the more-polished Junior Tyler Davis taking those minutes. Prone to making dumb decisions on offense. While an overall solid defender, he sometimes lost trying to defend the perimeter.

GrimLeaper's comments: Phoenix should be looking for a versatile player who can contribute in a wide variety of line-ups - which is a very long-form way to spell Zhaire Smith. Smith had some underwhelming results at the combine. He’s 6’2.75” without shoes and got out-leaped by Donte DiVincenzo, though I wouldn’t look too far into that. He is a dynamic defensive player who can guard 1-3. On offense, he is an active screener a smart passer, He can lift off the ground in a hurry and excels at offensive put-back dunks.

GrimLeaper's comments: What the hell is happening with Jerome Robinson? I remember a time when Jerome was seen as a mid-second round pick. It appears scouts have just started to look into this guy and they like what they see apparently. Milwaukee takes fast-rising 21-year-old guard Jerome Robinson. A natural bucket-getter, the 6'6" Guard scored 20 PPG and shot 41% from 3 on 5.7 attempts in his Junior year at Boston College.

GrimLeaper's comments: San Antonio's wing rotation is up in the air. There's Kawhi who appears to want out, Kyle Anderson - RFA, Danny Green $10M player option, Rudy Gay declined his $8.8M player option and is a UFA. They may want another option at that spot. TBJ is a player with smart passing vision (19.1 AST% in conference play), a good mid-range game, plus rebounder for his size, is a logical defender and was third in the Pac-12 in steals as a Freshman.

GrimLeaper's comments: If Atlanta doesn’t use this pick to move up and take Trae Young, they may select Aaron Holiday at 19. Aaron, brother of Justin and Jrue Holiday, is a 6’1 guard, with a 6’7.5” wingspan. He shot well in his Junior season at UCLA on high volume. He is also a great transition player and slasher.

GrimLeaper's comments: Tom Thibodeau and crew look for their next victim, I mean draft pick. Kevin is a young Sophomore (19.7), younger than Bamba and Ayton. He was expected by most to return to Maryland for his Junior year until his very impressive Combine showing solidified himself as a 1st round prospect. The 6’7” guard shot 41.7% from 3 on 5.5 attempts. He has a quick release and is always a threat anywhere behind the 3pt line. In addition to his great shooting strength he is an able passer. Defense will likely never be a plus, but he hustles.

GrimLeaper's comments: Utah struck gold with Mitchell last year. They add another combo guard in DiVincenzo. He is 6’4”, 205lb guard from Villanova, possessing a 6'6" wingspan. Relatively under the radar by most until scoring 31 in the National Championship game. Recorded a Connaughton-esque 42” vertical at the Combine. Shot 40% from deep on 5.3 Att./G. in his Sophomore year at Nova.

GrimLeaper's comments: Chicago takes Pau-Lacq-Orthez's Elie-Franck Okobo. Okobo can score in a variety of ways - able to pull up off the dribble and shoot off-ball - has the size (6-3, 6-8 wingspan) to potentially be an competent defender.

GrimLeaper's comments: Indiana gave Cleveland a run-for-your-money Series in the first round. Kevin Pritchard looks pretty smart in the aftermath of the Paul George trade. The development of Oladipo, Sabonis, and Turner will be interesting to watch and they may take a combo guard like De'Anthony Melton to amalgamate with that grouping. Due to details released in the FBI investigation into various college basketball programs, Melton didn't play his sophomore year at USC. He's an incredibly smart defender who can defend 1-4 and hold his own as an offensive creator. His shooting remains a question.

GrimLeaper's comments: Whether Portland has one or two of their star guards next year, they should consider drafting Okogie. As a Sophomore, the 6'4", 215lb. Okogie averaged 1.8 steals and 1.0 blocks at Georgia Tech. The 19-year-old Nigerian uses his 7ft. wingspan well on defense. Offensively, he could use some work in different facets of his game - ball handling, touch around the rim, etc., but his shooting stats (38% from 3 on 4.2 Att./G, 82% FT shooter) are promising.

GrimLeaper's comments: LA could use a defensively-capable Center. Is Robinson that, or a failed project in waiting? Mitchell has a prototypical Center’s body - stands 7’1”, with a 9’3” standing reach. He is also a versatile shot blocker. An intriguing personality to say the least. Dropped out of Western Kentucky after committing to play there. Dropped out of the draft combine after supposedly receiving a draft promise.

GrimLeaper's comments: Philly selects the 6’9” Bosnian wing who, at 19, is already a positive contributor playing for Cedevita. Musa is a confident scorer, a great ball handler for his height, and an able distributor - However, his thin frame, below average wingspan, and defensive questions could be what holds him back from keeping a spot in the NBA.

GrimLeaper's comments: Boston is in a very positive situation. The addition of Jerome Bates-Diop, an older, easier to project rookie fits with their timeline. Balanced player on both sides of the floor. Keita Bates-Diop is a four-year forward from The Ohio State University. While in his redshirt Junior year there, he had great shooting efficiency at all 3 levels. Measured well at the combine: Nearly 6’9” in shoes, 7’3”+ wingspan. That size + high defensive IQ = defensive versatility.

GrimLeaper's comments: Golden State wins their 3rd title in 4 years. With that said, it's apparent their roster has no obvious weaknesses. Well, now that I think of it, they could use a player that makes borderline dirty plays and is despised by most outside the fanbase of the team that he plays for. Having a back-up guard rotation of an aging Livingston, G-League star Cook, and injured McCaw GSW could also use a guard. Grayson Allen tested well athletically at the combine - 10.3s lane agility, 41 in. vertical. Grayson can contribute outside shooting and hustle* plays to the Warriors. The ability to hit shots consistently will make or break Allen’s NBA career. Despite his repetition, I like Allen and I think he would make a positive impact for the Warriors.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Nets hold their own first-round pick in the 2019 draft, the first time in four years. There's a rumor that Hutchison received a promise to be drafted at this spot. Hutchison is a 6'7" wing with a 7'1" wingspan. Hutchison lead the MWC in Defensive Rating (93.3) and PER (25.9). He is noted for his great work ethic.

GrimLeaper's comments: Is Schröder the Hawks long term PG? Almost certainly not. In fact, Dennis may not be on Atlanta's books by the time the draft reaches a conclusion. Atlanta takes another guard, this time, Jalen Brunson. ATL makes a safe pick in the AP POY Brunson. I would bet a small sum of money that TV analysts will use the “Crafty” when breaking down his tape after he is drafted. His size (6’2” height, 6’4” wingspan) and athleticism are his biggest, and nearly only, knocks. I can see him becoming a 5th man player on a good team, paired with a long, defensive guard in the backcourt.

GrimLeaper's comments: Phoenix selects a defensive minded G/F from Tulane. Tested well at the Combine: Nearly 7’2” wingspan, 40.5” vertical. Frazier has great hands of defense and led the AAC in steals last season (65) and FG% (55.6). He is a bit turnover prone on offense and is not a very capable shooter at this point in his career.

GrimLeaper's comments: Memphis selects the gritty combo guard from Creighton. Thomas is an on-ball shutdown defender. While being projected as an archetypal 3&D off-ball guard, Thomas can distribute the ball fairly well.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Hawks select the German March Madness star Moritz Wagner. Mo solidified his place in the draft with his postseason play. Elite Pick-and-roll/pop player. Good spot-up shooter, can extend to 3-pointers (39.4% on 4.1 Att./G). Poor FT% is concerning 69.4%. Below average defender, might get stuck between Center and Forward due to the inability to defend the perimeter and his lack of toughness/length.

GrimLeaper's comments: Dallas takes NCAA Champion, Omari Spellman. Old for a Freshman; will be nearly 21 on draft day. Good frame - 6’9”, 245lb, 7’2” wingspan. Can stretch the floor on offense. Likes to spot up and plays well off it (1.41 PPP). Weaker on other big-man tasks - P&R, Post-ups, Put-backs, etc. Not very quick laterally on defense, but makes some vertical plays.

GrimLeaper's comments: Orlando selects a big guard who uses his strength to defend the perimeter, is a capable passer, and can hit the 3 reliably (37.7% on 4.4 Att./G during his 3 years at Cincinnati). I'm a big fan of Evans and I think he has a shot to contribute to an NBA team.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Knicks take a ball-handler-hounding guard, Jevon Carter. Carter regularly shut down opposing guards at WVU. He has a high motor and can find his teammates well on offense. I'm sure New York would love this guy.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Kings take a combo guard from Miami. Coming off a foot injury and taking a step back in 3pt% (34.7 on 2.9 Att. - 26.7 on 3.2 Att.) in his Sophomore year, Brown is still a coveted prospect due to his defensive prowess and explosiveness. Brown Jr. is an older Sophomore (21.8 at time of draft). Explosive leaper, active on-ball defender, times blocks well, good shooter off the catch - very poor on pull-ups.

GrimLeaper's comments: Philadelphia selects a five year highschool player and part-time Markelle Fultz impersonator, Anfernee Simons. Simons is a young (19.0 at draft) CG from IMG Academy. He’s 6’4”, 180lb., and has a 6’9” wingspan. He will need to get stronger, jumps forward significantly on 3s. Handles the ball well and sets himself up for mid-rangers nicely.

GrimLeaper's comments: What is up with all the Latvian NBA prospects? Rodions got limited minutes with Barcelona last year, but the 20-year-old but regardless, he's a coveted 2nd round selection. He's a 6'10" forward with a 7-foot wingspan, good shooting mechanics, and decent athleticism.

GrimLeaper's comments: Brooklyn takes a dynamic deep-range scorer at No. 40. Landry Shamet has a pretty shooting stroke and shot very well (44.2%) from three at a high volume (5.9 Att./G) in his redshirt Sophomore year at Wichita State. Surprisingly, measured a nearly 40 in. vertical at the Combine, though he was only so-so in scrimmage play

GrimLeaper's comments: Orlando selects Duke Freshman Gary Trent Jr.. Gary Trent is 6'6", has a 6'9" wingspan, shot 40% from three and 87% from the line in his Freshman season at Duke. The Magic potentially add a shooting threat.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Pistons have no first round pick due to the Blake Griffin trade. They recently hired former Raptors coach and COY candidate, Dwane Casey. The first rookie selected in the Casey era is Devonte' Graham. The Pistons could use some point guard depth and they'll get some immediately with Graham. The Big 12 POY is slightly undersized (6'2", 6’6” wingspan) and old (born 2/22/95), but he has shown many things teams want in a PG. He's a good shooter (40.6% on 6.9 Att./G) a solid distributor (2.8 Ast/Tov) and an active defender (1.6 Stl/G).

GrimLeaper's comments: The Nuggets could use some wing depth and they may get some with Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt excels in rebounding and passing. He hasn’t shown any sign of developing an outside shot.

GrimLeaper's comments: Washington has some roster decisions to make. After taking their hopeful Center-of-the-Future in Williams, they move on and select Diallo. “It’s f---ing raw!” - Gordon Ramsey sums up Hamidou’s game. Diallo didn't show much this year and he'll likely fall to the Second Round. He’s a good offensive transition player. Great athleticism and size (45in. vertical, 7ft wingspan) - and that’s why a team like the Wizards will draft him.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Hornets take Malik "Shake" Milton. Shake Milton is an oversized guard (6’6”, 6’11” wingspan) from SMU. He can shoot off the ball well (1.34 PPP, 1/3 of OFF possessions) and is a solid on-ball defender. He struggled at in combine play where his lack of athleticism was apparent.

GrimLeaper's comments: Houston takes Rawle Alkins. He has a great body profile. Wide shoulders, 6'9" wingspan. High motor athlete. Good shooting mechanics. Questionable decision-making on both sides of the floor. The Rockets add a powerful Guard in Alkins.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Lakers selects a wing with excellent length - 6’8”, 7’3.5” wingspan. Young Senior - won’t even be 22 at the draft. Played four years for the University of Texas-Arlington in the Sun Belt Conference - not the best competition. Shot 33.9% from 3 on 6.9 Att./G, 80.7 FT%. Rebounds well on both sides of the ball. 27.8 Career USG% at UTA, will he be able to translate to a more refined role?

GrimLeaper's comments: Minnesota selects Trevon Duval. Duval’s stock has plummeted since High School. Still, he’s a good ISO ball handler. He can finish pretty well using his length (6'9" wingspan) with a variety of finishing shots. Overall poor decision maker and a poor 3pt shooter. He’s an athletically gifted player who a team like Minnesota may take for his potential.

GrimLeaper's comments: San Antonio selects Chimezie Metu. Metu is a 6’10” F/C with a 7’0.5” wingspan. Metu has a fairly good post game and has been working on his 3 point game. His mechanics are projectable as a player that you don’t want to leave absolutely wide open. Metu averaged 18 and 8 with 2 BPG per 36 minutes in his Junior year at USC.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Pacers take a draft-and-stash point forward. Isaac Bonga is the second youngest players eligible to be drafted - 18.6 on draft date. Struggles from 3, not the greatest release. 90+ FT percentage is encouraging. Good passer.

GrimLeaper's comments: Only one pick for the Pelicans this year and it's at 51. New Orleans selects Justin Jackson. Jackson's stock dropped after a lost Sophomore season at Maryland. He was inefficient before ending his season due to injury. The Pelicans take a chance due to his potential upside (6’7”, 7’3” wingspan).

GrimLeaper's comments: The Jazz take Issuf Sanon - the youngest player in the draft. He's a 18.6 year old Ukrainian guard. 6’4”,185lb. Not the most athletic guard in the class but can finish at the rim fairly well. Sanon can shoot with confidence both on/off the ball. Throws his feet forward a little on jump shots. Will need to get stronger.

GrimLeaper's comments: The Thunder take a guard from Penn State. The 6'5" Sophomore Point Guard has a slightly unconventional shooting execution, hopping forward and making a pushing motion high in the air. It has worked thus far. He killed the Big Ten last year averaging 20PPG on 43% 3-point shooting. Decent spot-up player. Should be able to play off ball.

GrimLeaper's comments: Dallas takes Malik Newman. The redshirt Sophomore transferred from Mississippi State to Kansas after his Freshman year. A five-star recruit out of high school, Newman didn’t quite live up to the hype. However, he showed in flashes last year why he was ranked so highly. He can can pull up from range and hit the 3-ball efficiently: 41% on 5.3 attempts this last year.

GrimLeaper's comments: Brother of Bucks star Forward Giannis, Kostas is one of four physically gifted basketball-playing brothers. Kostas is a 6’10 forward with a 7’2.25” wingspan and a 9’2.5” standing reach. The 20-year-old was largely unimpressive in his one year at Dayton, though he did post a notable 8.3 BLK%. Charlotte swings for the fences with this pick, hoping Kostas can become a versatile defender and improve in a Giannis-like trajectory.

GrimLeaper's comments: The 76ers take a shot on a project. Brandon McCoy is a 7’0” Freshman Center with a 7'2" wingspan. Played last season for UNLV. A bit stiff and lacks instincts, but can rebound and finish fairly well.

GrimLeaper's comments: OKC takes Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk. Mykhailiuk is a 6’7” guard with a minus wingspan (6’5”) who shot 44.4% from 3 on 6.6 attempts in his Senior season at Kansas, and despite being a senior, he will have just turned 21 by the time the draft rolls around.

GrimLeaper's comments: Ray Spalding is an Junior big man from Louisville. Spalding is 6’10” and possesses a 7’5” wingspan - which he uses fairly well to get blocks (6.3 BLK%) and steals (3.1 STL%). Spalding was also a capable offensive rebounder at Louisville (2nd in the ACC junior year) and can throw down dunks on the move. He doesn’t have much of an offensive game outside of that, however.

GrimLeaper's comments: Very smart player, also very old (23.6 on draft date). No glaring weaknesses, though not elite athlete, FT shooter. Rebounds well for position. A versatile player who should contribute positively right from the get-go.

GrimLeaper's comments: Kulboka is a 6’10” forward from Lithuania. The 20-year-old played 29 games for Betaland Capo d’Orlanda in Italy’s Lega A last year, shooting 36.7% from deep on 4.4 Att./G.. He has excellent shooting mechanics and is a consistent FT shooter. He will have to continue to gain strength and learn to be physical if he wants to make it in the NBA. (Thanks for the s/o FUNKYBUNCH! Quality content on your end!)