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T242out of 422 mocks (43% Overall)

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1st Round: 41/155 points
2nd Round: 14/155 points

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57 points out of 1085 overall

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Jason_J's comments: Franchise D-man, most complete blue liner who has amazing talent both offensively and defensively.Skilled with the puck.

Jason_J's comments: plays a similar game to Evgeni Malkin. Great size, precise shot, great scoring abilities. Defensive game is underrated.

Jason_J's comments: Amazing, flashy, skilled player who probably has the best shot in the draft. Never abandons a play.

Jason_J's comments: More skilled version of his brother Matthew.

Jason_J's comments: Erik Karlsson 2.0? Great shot, great offensive abilities, good vision. 2-way game is improving.

Jason_J's comments: Most likely to be a stud. NHL ready physically, and is really mature. Captain for the Knights. Best passer in the draft. Simple plays, but so effective. Runs the powerplay better than anybody in the draft.

Jason_J's comments: Undersized d-man with the best skating in the draft. Great offensive abilities and good defensively. Great hands.

Jason_J's comments: Auston matthews look-alike shot. Good vision and good hands.

Jason_J's comments: Effortless talent. Impact 2-way defender.

Jason_J's comments: Undersized d-man who can run a powerplay really well, who's reliable defensively.

Jason_J's comments: Great 2-way center/winger.

Jason_J's comments: Great hockey IQ, smart and big center.

Jason_J's comments: Drafting him is kind of a 50/50 chance. He's amazing offensively, but his defensive game is lacking. He has bad attitude.

Jason_J's comments: Skilled playmaker. Inconsistent.

Jason_J's comments: Smart 2-way player. Solid winger.

Jason_J's comments: Elite skating.

Jason_J's comments: Personal favorite d-man. Amazing puck carrier in great skating, really agile in the corners. Great size, uses his body checking really well.

Jason_J's comments: Very underrated player, really fast and so skilled.Likes to deke a lot.

Jason_J's comments: Also very underrated, great playmaking abilities, top notch hockey IQ.

Jason_J's comments: Big russian d-man who can pretect the puck better than anybody in the draft and can carry the puck from a zone to another in no time.

Jason_J's comments: Quick feets, big winger. Good goal scorer.

Jason_J's comments: if he hadn't be injured this season, he would be a top 15 pick for sure. Great defensive d-man who can surprisingly move the puck flawlessly.

Jason_J's comments: Skilled 2-way defender.

Jason_J's comments: 6'5, 202 pounds. Speaks for itself. Huge winger. Silky smooth hands.

Jason_J's comments: First line player in the WJC-U20 Sweden's team, yet one of the youngest player in the draft. Reliable all around the ice.

Jason_J's comments: Brother of Michael, solid skater, great shot, smart player.

Jason_J's comments: First round talent, very affective all around the ice.

Jason_J's comments: Agile skater, could become a prolific scorer in the big league.

Jason_J's comments: Undersized yet, amazing defender.

Jason_J's comments: Elite goalie.

Jason_J's comments: Great playmaker.

Jason_J's comments: Smart with the puck, patient and great IQ. Steal.

Jason_J's comments: Amazing center, fast and intelligent.

Jason_J's comments: Underrated goalie.

Jason_J's comments: Could potentially be one of the biggest steal of the draft.

Jason_J's comments: Ranked from 4th to 7th round pick but one of my favorite player of the draft. Possibly another big steal in this draft. I put him in the 2nd round just because he's that good. Similar stats to Kucherov at the same age in the same league.