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My Mock Drafts - KBASU's 2019 NFL Draft

KBASU's Mock Drafts


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KBASU's 2019 NFL Mock Draft Picks - Last updated: 04-20-2019

Rnd. ▴ Pick   Team Player Pos. School
1 1Arizona ArizonaKyler Murray QB Oklahoma
KBASU's comments: I'm buying the hype here. Kingsberry has one opportunity to coach in the NFL and Murray is the guy he wants to run his offense. Honestly, I don't think scrambling QB work, but if its the choice between Rosen and Murray, Murray fits the scheme better here.
1 2San Francisco San FranciscoNick Bosa DE Ohio State
KBASU's comments: Bosa is the second best player in the draft to me. But, the 49ers have two guys who play better at the DT position in Buckner and Thomas. This leads them to grabbing Bosa and allows newly acquired Dee Ford to play off the ball.
1 3NY Jets NY JetsJosh Allen OLB Kentucky
KBASU's comments: Although the Jets have the chance to grab the best player in the draft, they need and want an edge rusher more. Allen offers that to them here. He has high upside as a pass rusher although he is not as polished as Bosa is. Allen gives them athleticism so he can play edge, OLB, and can put his hand down on the ground to rush. After missing out on Barr, Allen is the pick.
1 4Oakland OaklandQuinnen Williams DE Alabama
KBASU's comments: Oakland grabs the best player in the draft. He offers Gruden that smaller Aaron Donald body and build and is basically the new age Warren Sapp. With so many holes, I can't see them trading up for Murray. Williams headlines this amazing draft class for Oakland and secures a lot of buzz and excitement for their move to Vegas next year.
1 5Tampa Bay Tampa BayDevin White ILB LSU
KBASU's comments: This is a potential spot for our first trade. This mock does not inlcude trades, but just thought I'd mention I could see the Bengals jumping up here to grab Haskins. Anyway, White is a franchise changing MLB. He is a proven leader at LSU and has the athleticism to back it up. He can cover, he can tackle, and he can blitz. He needs to have better play recognition, but he can get into Tampa next to Levante David and learn from a great linebacker as he begins his ascension to best LB in the NFL.
1 6NY Giants NY GiantsMontez Sweat DE Mississippi State
KBASU's comments: The Giants do need a QB. I don't buy the Manning hype, but I do buy picking a defender here. There is a short list of primary edge rushers so taking one now makes more sense than waiting. Sweat is a guy with a high motor and crazy athletiicism for his size. Yes he has a heart condition, but it is not serious and millions of Americans have this same issue that goes undiagnosed and they never have an issue. Sweat will be a nice pick here for the Giants.
1 7Jacksonville JacksonvilleJawaan Taylor OT Florida
KBASU's comments: Jacksonville made the splash in FA they wanted with the signing of Foles, now they need to protect him. This team still wants to be a grind it out, defensive team. Taylor offers what they need. He is known as a "big mauler" on the line who excels in run blocking. With the left side of the line set, Taylor can help lock down the other side. Their will be WR available for this team in the second round and possibly one of the top TE depending on what Jacksonville wants to do.
1 8Detroit DetroitT.J. Hockenson TE Iowa
KBASU's comments: Detroit has several needs. They would love Devin White to fall, but he will not as either Tampa or New York will draft him. They could also use another pass rusher and a CB. They also need help on the O-line. Here however, they get a guy who can help run block, but be a big weapon for Stafford. Stafford has an emerging star in Golladay, and a solid veteran in Marvin Jones on the outsides. With Hockenson they get a guy who can be a great safety valve as well as a guy who can run the seams. He will help keep defenses honest while creating holes in the run game. Just for fun, I could see the Falcons trading up here to nab Oliver and allowing Detroit to drop down and still get Hockenson.
1 9Buffalo BuffaloEd Oliver DT Houston
KBASU's comments: Buffalo is the benefit that this is a no trade mock as they get their guy here. Oliver was once considered the consensus number one prospect. He then had a lack luster year. This was due to teams triple teaming him on the line. Oliver will give Buffalo the true replacement for Williams. He will stuff the run and provide some pass rush up the middle. Don't forget, this team was a top 5 defense 2 years ago and were decimated by injury last year. This defense will be scary with this edition.
1 10Denver DenverDrew Lock QB Missouri
KBASU's comments: Elway is still desperate to hit on a QB. For a hall of fame player, he has been underwhelming as a GM consistently missing on QB picks. This may be his best though, albeit way to early for my preferences. They get Lock who has the dynamic arm strength to make any throw he needs. The issue with him is innacuracy. It will be interesting to see if Flacco will mentor this young gun or push him away like he did Lamar Jackson last year.
1 11Cincinnati CincinnatiDwayne Haskins QB Ohio State
KBASU's comments: Cincinnati with a new regime change wants a new QB. See this as a Packers Aaron Rodger deal where Haskins comes in and learns for a year under Dalton before Dalton is eventually released or traded. Haskins gets to stay close to his alma mater and Cincinnati gets to get a boost in morale with this pick. Just for fun, and call me crazy, I can see Cincinnati trading up with the Giants to grab Haskins just to make sure that Denver does not get him.
1 12Green Bay Green BayD.K. Metcalf WR Mississippi
KBASU's comments: I've had this one for a few weeks now. Metcalf had the most buzz following the combine with his crazy athletic numbers. And one of them is not a 1.9% body fat as that is not possible for an athlete. To be clear men need 3% for their organs to function and athletes are preferred at 8-12%. More than likely they did not do a true test and did an abbreviated one. Rant over. Metcalf is exactly what Rodgers and this team needs. He runs the exact routes Rodgers likes to throw - deep gos and out routes. With Rodgers scrambling ability, Metcalf can create seperation with his speed and make for some long big plays. He also can catch a lot of those back shoulder or 50-50 balls Rodgers loves to throw.
1 13Miami MiamiJonah Williams OT Alabama
KBASU's comments: I'm buying the tanking for 2020. That QB class is more comparable to the last few years than this one. If this team does not trade down to collect picks (I don't think they should), taking the eventual blind side protector for a QB would be perfect. Williams is my #1 O-lineman in this draft. Did you watch the way he handled the pass rush 1-1 in the national championship? If not go back and check him out. Drafting him here will allow Williams to learn the NFL for a year before he has to protect a franchise QB.
1 14Atlanta AtlantaRashan Gary DE Michigan
KBASU's comments: Atlanta has some holes on the defense and none on the offense making this pick a little easier. Some have them reaching on a CB here and I wouldn't blame them. Although they need a replacement for Jarrett. I'm torn between 2 players, but think since Gary has fallen he is the choice. Gary has the ability to play DT or DE in their scheme. I know some say he is overrated based off of his numbers in college but remember the CB King from Iowa in 2016? In 2015 he was the #1 CB in college football, a true lockdown. In 2016, he put up hardly any numbers. Why? Because teams were so afraid of him they did not throw anywhere in his direction. The result? he went from a 1st rounder to a 5th rounder. Last year he was a pro bowler for the Chargers. I liken Gary the same. He did not have numbers because he was consistently double teamed and he was asked to play the run and set the edge for the defense. This allowed a guy like Winovich, who some say is a better prospect, to become the player he is and raised his draft stock. Believe me, Gary is a great player and belongs in the top 10. I could also see the Lions taking him.
1 15Washington WashingtonBrian Burns DE Florida State
KBASU's comments: Washington needs some pass rushers in this draft as they lost their best one in FA to the Packers. Burns is a guy with high upside and a low floor. Washington can take a risk on him and show that they don't care about his size. Burns will have to learn some other moves besides a speed rush, but he has a relentless motor and shows a desire to always compete. Some may think Washington drafts a QB here, but I think they hold out to the second round or trade their second rounder for Rosen.
1 16Carolina CarolinaClelin Ferrell DE Clemson
KBASU's comments: Carolina filled some of their O-line needs in FA. They still lack a second WR, secondary help, LB help, and pass rush help. With a top 10 potential guy falling this far, the Panthers jump on him. Ferrell is the most polished pass rusher in this draft. He has the most moves and the most defined moves of anyone. He does not have the speed of Bosa which to me is what separates their skills. Ferrell can make more of an immediate impact than guys like Burns or Sweat who were chosen before him, but his ceiling is lower.
1 17NY Giants NY GiantsA.J. Brown WR Mississippi
KBASU's comments: The Giants are in an interesting spot in this pick. They have more needs in the secondary, LB, WR, and RT. I've had them taking O-line most of the time, but here I'm going somewhere I haven't seen anyone else go. WR with Brown the other WR from Ole Miss. Brown is the better WR and my #1 WR in this class. He can do way more than Metcalf. He can play inside or outside. He has a larger route tree. He is a better route runner. The Giants could pair him with Shephard on the outside and trade them to run in the slot or outside. It would also allow them to move around Engrahm to different spots. Brown is also a willing blocker which Saquan will appreciate. The Giants can draft Jones in the second round or trade their second round pick for Rosen (most likely in my position.)
1 18Minnesota MinnesotaCody Ford OG Oklahoma
KBASU's comments: Minnesota has two big needs - O-line and DT. They made a big investment in Cousins so I see them going O-line to make sure they protect him and get the most out of him. If we have learned anything between his time in Washington and Minnesota, he needs time or he is bad. Ford offers them versatility as he can play T or G. He also was the primary protector for the last two Heisman trophy winners and the potential last 2 #1 overall picks.
1 19Tennessee TennesseeChristian Wilkins DT Clemson
KBASU's comments: Tennessee has several needs as well. With one guy dropping this far on the interior they cannot afford to pass on him. The Titans take Wilkins. Wilkins will be a great complement to Casey. He can be a complementary run stopper or up the middle pass rusher. Teams are going to have a handful running up the middle or keeping both guys from the QB.
1 20Pittsburgh PittsburghDevin Bush Jr. ILB Michigan
KBASU's comments: Pittsburgh needs include LB, DB, and WR. They could also use a true heir apparent to Big Ben. The two most likely picks here are Williams at CB or Bush at LB. I have them taking Bush because you could tell this defense did not look the same without Shazier. He is not going to play another game of NFL football. Therefore, the Steelers get a similar player who people say is undersized, but he drives past that with his blazing speed. With Bush to help stop the run and cover over the middle, it will free up Watt to rush the passer more and keep him out of coverage.
1 21Seattle SeattleByron Murphy CB Washington
KBASU's comments: Seattle could go a lot of directions. They only have 4 picks so they are rumored to be a trade down candidate. They have needs at S and CB. They also need O-line, WR, and a potential replacement or sidekick for Clark. I have them taking my number 1 CB in Murphy. He will provide the most pro ready CB in the draft. He does not have the upside that Williams has, but he provides the type of play and attitude the Seahawks prefer.
1 22Baltimore BaltimoreN’Keal Harry WR Arizona State
KBASU's comments: Baltimore has some needs on defense with so many departures, but their play style this season will focus around running the football with Jackson and Ingrahm. To complement the run they will need a reliable WR. Right now Willie Snead is their WR1 and that is not acceptable. Grabbing Harry here will offer Jackson a guy with a high catch radius, who can play in the slot or the outside, and can run many different routes. Be ready for him to be their leading pass catcher.
1 23Houston HoustonAndre Dillard OT Washington State
KBASU's comments: The texans have to pick O-line. They cannot allow their franchise to be sacked 62 times again. He also cannot take many of the other hits he took. Dillard is the best pass blocking prospect in the draft. He will be a good start for the Texans to build this offensive line back up.
1 24Oakland OaklandGreedy Williams CB LSU
KBASU's comments: Oakland continues a dominant draft class by drafting Williams here. I have seen others have them taking Fant here. that does not make sense as Philadelphia and Indianapolis have zero needs at the TE position, but both have needs at CB and S. Oakland nabs Williams before they can. He has the most upside of any CB with good size and athleticism. He needs work on his footwork, as well as his play recognition to truly become a lockdown corner. Gruden know has a pass rusher/run stopper, and a cornerpiece in his secondary.
1 25Philadelphia PhiladelphiaNasir Adderley CB Delaware
KBASU's comments: I'm high on Adderley. He is a converted CB and has great ball skills. Thats exactly what Philly needs since they resigned Roby. He can play CF as they say and be a ball hawking safety while letting Jenkins move down into the box and around the defensive formation.
1 26Indianapolis IndianapolisJohnathan Abram S Mississippi State
KBASU's comments: Abram is another guy who is underatted and is the best in the box safety in the draft. The opposite of the Philly situation, Abram will play in the box and will move around the formation, while Hooker will play the CF ball hawking position. The Colts are preparing to make a deep run in the playoffs as their defensive improves.
1 27Oakland OaklandNoah Fant TE Iowa
KBASU's comments: Now Oakland can grab Fant. With the WR weapons they have, he will be allowed to learn the NFL game and won't have to make an immediate contribution. He will provide some underneath dump off routes for Carr and then have the ability to press up the seem on slower LB.
1 28LA Chargers LA ChargersJerry Tillary DT Notre Dame
KBASU's comments: There are two big name DT left on the board in Tillary and Lawrence. I think LA goes Tillary no matter what. You saw one of the gaping holes for this team against the Pats in the playoffs. Tillary will help plug the middle and provide some pass rush. They could go Lawrence who would be the second best run stopping DT in the draft, but he does not provide much in pass rush.
1 29Seattle SeattleDeandre Baker CB Georgia
KBASU's comments: With the latest Tyreek Hill news I could see Kansas City taking a WR here, but I don't want to speculate just yet. If they do I'd say they take Brown at WR. Here however they help sure up the secondary after the signing of Matthiue with drafting Baker. Baker has the best chance at being a lockdown corner. Work ethic and speed are his two biggest concerns. He has good height and ball skills, but reports are he is lazy.
1 30Green Bay Green BayDalton Risner OT Kansas State
KBASU's comments: Everytime I hear an analyst talk about Risner, the first words out of their mouth are how he just looks like a Packer Lineman. I believe it and the Packers need to help protect Rodgers from the dominant pass rushers in the conference. Now Green Bay has added a weapon for Rodgers and a protector.
1 31LA Rams LA RamsGarrett Bradbury OC NC State
KBASU's comments: What makes the Rams so good? Well besides the genious mind of McVay, it is there Offensive and Defensive lines. They lost one of the interior O-linemen so they need to replace him. Bradbury is the number 1 C in this draft and has the ability to play G if needed. He is known as a well balanced run and pass blocker which is exactly what this offensive needs.
1 32New England New EnglandHakeem Butler WR Iowa State
KBASU's comments: New England doing New England things and this is the most well kept secret of the draft. I could easily see them trading this pick to someone wanting to jump up and grab a WR before the run begins. Maybe Cardinals give up both second rounders and move back up here, IDK. But here the Patriots get Tom Brady a true outside WR and don't rely on the plethora of inside receivers they have to win games. I don't see it working for them. Butler to me is the 2nd best complete package WR in the draft. He will be able to run the routes Brady likes to throw and use his big frame to high point the football to win those 50-50 throws Brady has made a living off of.
2 33Arizona ArizonaMarquise Brown WR Oklahoma
KBASU's comments: Here comes a small run on WR. Brown is the second as I am counting Butler as one of them. Brown gets paired with his college QB in Murray and Arizona has the opportunity to have an explosive offensive. Now promoting targets like David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, and adding Brown will make Kyler Murray one happy rookie QB.
2 34Indianapolis IndianapolisDexter Lawrence DT Clemson
KBASU's comments: Indy could continue to run, but why when they can grab a guy to lock down the run for their D-line. Lawrence should be a 1st rounder, but the depth in this draft drops him. This could change if Arizona can nab a 1st rounder for Rosen. In this scenario, The Colts defense just became complete as now their only need is another CB. Be ready for a deep run Indy fans.
2 35Oakland OaklandJaylon Ferguson DE Louisiana Tech
KBASU's comments: Oakland just keeps making good decisions. People can mock Gruden all they want as an announcer, but he knows his stuff when it comes to actual on field football. So far he grabbed the best draft prospect in Williams, then nabbed the CB with the most upside and who fits what Gruden wants, then nabs a TE to help find out if Carr is their franchise guy, and now grabs the new NCAA all time sack leader in Ferguson. Ferguson needs to acquire more moves to be as effective in the NFL. He is the hard worker Gruden loves. Don't sleep on this guy because Suggs NCAA record was supposed to never be broken.
2 36San Francisco San FranciscoRock Ya-Sin CB Temple
KBASU's comments: San Franscisco continues to help their defense with Ya-Sin here. Ya-Sin has a lot of upside for a second round CB. He can come in and play slot CB and learn from one of the best Richard Sherman and be his eventual replacement.
2 37NY Giants NY GiantsJeffrey Simmons DT Mississippi State
KBASU's comments: The Giants are clearly in rebuild mode. They won Super Bowls with a dominant offensive line. Why not pull a Cowboys and take a flyer on a top 5 talent that drops due to an ACL tear. I don't care what other non medical professional mock drafter say, Simmons is not playing this year nor should he. He can take the year off, recover, and be ready to help the Giants in 2020. The Giants would also be pairing him with his former college teammate in Sweat.
2 38Jacksonville JacksonvilleIrv Smith Jr. TE Alabama
KBASU's comments: Jacksonville can go one of 2 directions. They can go TE or WR. If Smith Jr. is here they go TE, if not they go WR. In this mock he is here and they grab him. He is an Alabama TE so he knows how to block which will help Fournette and Foles. He also was very under utilized and so he is better than advertised as a receiver, route runner, and athlete.
2 39Tampa Bay Tampa BayDre’Mont Jones DT Ohio State
KBASU's comments: Tampa needs to draft an heir apparent to McCoy. Rumor is he is on the trade block. He is on the last year of his deal and will be let go if not traded. With Jones on the board they can grab a good young talent who can pick one of the best leaders in the NFL brain.
2 40Buffalo BuffaloGreg Little OT Mississippi
KBASU's comments: Buffalo sured up their D-line with the 1st pick, and now they sure up the O-line. Little is underrated and is probably a better prospect than Risner. Buffalo will get a good pass blocker here to help give Allen some relief so he isn't running for his life on every play.
2 41Denver DenverElgton Jenkins OC Mississippi State
KBASU's comments: Denver lost one of the best C in football to FA. They draft the second best one here in Jenkins. He will provide great pass blocking, while adding some help to the run game. Flacco and his eventual replacemtn will love this guy under center.
2 42Cincinnati CincinnatiKaleb McGary OT Washington
KBASU's comments: Cincinnati grabbed their new franchise QB and now they grab a tackle to protect him. McGary is a fair tackle prospect and is much better than what they currently have. I see him earning a starting spot by week 1.
2 43Detroit DetroitMack Wilson ILB Alabama
KBASU's comments: Detroit grabbed a guy to help with the run and pass in the first round, and now they grab a LB that they desperately need. Wilson is not on the same level as White or Bush, but he is a solid prospect and a major upgrade for the Lions. He will be better suited as a run stopper than a coverage LB.
2 44Green Bay Green BayChris Lindstrom OG Boston College
KBASU's comments: Green Bay continued to find ways to help Rodgers. They clearly made the decision on who runs their franchise and that is Rodgers. They grab another O-line here that will be starting week 1. It may take a few weeks for the new guys to catch on, but Rodgers can make it work in the mean time with his scrambling ability.
2 45Atlanta AtlantaDeionte Thompson S Alabama
KBASU's comments: Atlanta continues to improve their defense by grabbing Thompson. He is a true FS and prefers to stay deep and play the ball. He is a smart player and only had one bad game last year - the national championship. He was picked apart by Clemson because he played as if Kelly Bryant was under center. Despite that lapse he is a great safety and will be a game changer as the Falcons make a championship run.
2 46Washington WashingtonDaniel Jones QB Duke
KBASU's comments: Washington smartly waits and they can now Grab Jones. Jones is an intruiging prospect because he trained with the Manning's QB coach. He has major upside and major bust potential. He will need a year or two to develop before given the chance to take over an NFL offense.
2 47Carolina CarolinaParris Campbell WR Ohio State
KBASU's comments: Carolina needs help in the secondary. They also need a second WR. I think Parris Campbell is a great fit as he will offer the deep threat that the Panthers lost when Ted Gin left. Get ready for Newton to be able to stretch the field again.
2 48Miami MiamiJachai Polite DE Florida
KBASU's comments: Miami gets to nab a top 20 talent here in the second round in Polite. If the coaching staff can control his temper and attitude, he could turn into a premier pass rusher.
2 49Cleveland ClevelandTaylor Rapp S Washington
KBASU's comments: Cleveland needs another pass rusher and a Safety. There are three good options. I say they go Taylor Rapp. Rapp will be a great replacement for Peppers who I personally loved. Rapp is a do it all S that will help secure the secondary.
2 50Minnesota MinnesotaCharles Omenihu DE Texas
KBASU's comments: Minnesota needs a S and a DT replacement for Richardson who they lost in FA. They go Omenihu who can play DT or play DE. With Everson Griffen possibly playing his last season for the Vikings, Omenihu can play DT this year and move to DE next year.
2 51Tennessee TennesseeAustin Bryant DE Clemson
KBASU's comments: Tennesse grabbed another WR first, and now address the D-Line. Bryant is the last of the Clemson D-Line to go, but he gets to go to a place where he can learn from Cameron Wake and not be asked to be an every down player just yet.
2 52Pittsburgh PittsburghChauncey Gardner-Johnson CB Florida
KBASU's comments: Pittsburg addressed their LB issue first and now can address their secondary. Although they need a more outside CB, Gardner-Johnson offers them a true slot CB who can also blitz in all of the different blitz packages they run.
2 53Philadelphia PhiladelphiaYodny Cajuste OT West Virginia
KBASU's comments: Philly grabbed a CB and now they grab the potential replacement for Peters. Cajuste could easily go higher, but he is not ready to start. He needs to learn, and there is no one better to teach him than Peters.
2 54Houston HoustonTrayvon Mullen CB Clemson
KBASU's comments: Houston helps with the secondary here. With back to back picks either of these guys could get picked in either spot. Mullen will help their secondary against the tough passing attacks in their division.
2 55Houston HoustonMichael Jordan OG Ohio State
KBASU's comments: Jordan adds to their depth at O-Line. He may push to start on this shotty O-line. They are doing wha they can to protect their franchise here.
2 56New England New EnglandRyan Finley QB NC State
KBASU's comments: New England now can grab the backup to Tom Brady. Finley has been compared to Brady in the way he handles a game and the throws he makes. Many will think this is a reach, but with the need there if he is the best fit they have to take him.
2 57Philadelphia PhiladelphiaJulian Love CB Notre Dame
KBASU's comments: Philly now helps the secondary again as their just isn't much left for pass rush at this spot. Julian Love is a steal at this spot. He will be the eventual replacement for Roby once he becomes to expensive for the Eagles to resign.
2 58Dallas DallasJuan Thornhill S Virginia
KBASU's comments: Thornhill is exactly what the Cowboys need. He is a versatile S with good range and ball skills. He also can come up to the box if needed to help with the run. The Cowboys may have lost an opportunity at one of the better S in this draft, but Thornhill could end up being the best S in this class.
2 59Indianapolis IndianapolisKelvin Harmon WR NC State
KBASU's comments: The Colts finally pick an offensive player and it's due to them not liking what is left in secondary players. Harmon can be a tall target for Luck. He has good hands, but needs to run better routes to create separation as his speed is not up to par with other WR his size. He can also give the Colts options as they will have Funchess, Cain coming off injury, and now Harmon competing for that #2 WR spot.
2 60LA Chargers LA ChargersWill Grier QB West Virginia
KBASU's comments: The Chargers take Rivers eventual replacement. Rivers is not getting any younger and he still takes too many hits for him to hold up as long as Brady. Grier can sit behind Rivers for the next couple of years and inherit a dynamic group of WR and RB.
2 61Kansas City Kansas CityZach Allen DE Boston College
KBASU's comments: Allen has fallen due to the need not being there for teams ahead of Kansas City. I could see KC trading their 2 first round picks to get a higher 2nd round pick or even a late 1st round pick. For now they get the most underrated pass rusher to this point. Allen had a solid career and has good hands and finesse moves, but needs to learn how to set up his moves.
2 62New Orleans New OrleansTre Lamar ILB Clemson
KBASU's comments: New Orleans is a tough mock because they do not have a lot of needs, so it is interesting to figure out which one they address. I say LB. They do not have a young core at the position and Davis has jumped around the league. They do need a backup C and DB help as well, but drafting Lamar will better suit there biggest weakness in my opinion. Lamar showed he has the ability to shoot gaps in the run game and covers well in zone.
2 63Kansas City Kansas CityErik McCoy OC Texas A&M
KBASU's comments: Kansas City grabs their replacement C and this could be a long relationship between McCoy and Mahomes. McCoy is known for his pass blocking and he is comfortable snapping under center or in the Shotgun. He is also mobile and can help contain defenders when Mahomes roles out of the pocket.
2 64New England New EnglandJace Sternberger TE Texas A&M
KBASU's comments: New England now grabs the replacement for Gronk. Sternberger is a big bodied TE that shows some good athleticism for his size at the position. He is a proven blocker, but is a better pass catcher. He runs crisp routes and knows how to find the soft spots in the zone. Brady will train this guy up and he will be a surprise to the league at his impact in this offense.