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Last Updated: 05-31-2018

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T312out of 422 mocks (27% Overall)

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1st Round: 42/155 points

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42 points out of 1085 overall

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KanerScout's comments: Nothing else to say

KanerScout's comments: Svchnikov is a little bit better than Zadina so I think he will go 2nd

KanerScout's comments: They need offense so Zadina will be the best forward available after Svechnikov

KanerScout's comments: In my opinion he is the second best Dman from this draft (Boqvist could go 4th) Ottawa need a Dman so they should go with one of these two

KanerScout's comments: He is probably the most NHL forward of this draft but he has a lower ceiling than the other top forward

KanerScout's comments: Detroit needs a little bit of everything but they will probably go with the best player available and this is Boqvist (if not taken) he is kind of a risk but if he develops well he can be a top pair Dman

KanerScout's comments: He has a shot similar to Boeser and they need offense to help the attack going this year, plus Wahlstrom is fast and has good hands

KanerScout's comments: With the season he had I think he's gonna go before Dobson but they are two very good Dmen

KanerScout's comments: I see them taking Dobson (if not taken) they need some defense and Dobson could be a top 4 Dman in the future but will need seasoning to grow

KanerScout's comments: Edmonton always go with the best player available and it should be Kotkaniemi he's a very good playmaker that could be top 6 minutes in the future

KanerScout's comments: If they don't trade one of these picks they will probably take one forward and one Dman. Veleno has shown good skills this season but I think his special status hyped him up a little too much, we'll see

KanerScout's comments: Smith is another good Dman of this draft and will probably be available for the islanders at the 12th pick

KanerScout's comments: A very good two-way forward, excellent skater, good shot but he's small

KanerScout's comments: I think a Dman prospect would be a good thing for the Flyers, they already have a very good offense but they need improvement in their top 4 and Bode Wilde could be their guy : he has a shot ready fo pr the big league and he's a very good skater but he takes risks even though he's a smart player on the ice

KanerScout's comments: He is one of the best playmaker of this draft but he's pretty bad defensively, hopefully he can work on this (he could be a very good Dman) big risk big reward in his case

KanerScout's comments: Hayton has excellent hands and an accurate shot he has proven that he can't play a good two-way role

KanerScout's comments: The Devils have a pretty good offensive squad but their defense is not that great i think they will go with Woo, he's a safe pick but i don't see him going better than a 4th-5th Dman

KanerScout's comments: Columbus will go with the best player available, they don't need a player right now so i see them taking Kravtsov , he will be playing in the KHL for a couple of years but when he arrives in the NHL he's gonna be very dangerous

KanerScout's comments: Since they already got a Dman with the 14th pick they will likely go with a forward this time and Denisenko could be this guy, he need to be match with good player to play well but he can definitely play on the top 6, he has the tools to do it

KanerScout's comments: Kupari is a very creative player with a good shot and excellent hands, he's good at everything in offense but needs to work on his defense game and faceoffs

KanerScout's comments: With their solid defensive core they are likely to take a forward. Thomas is an excellent skater (fast and agile) and he has a high hockey IQ but he's a small center, i think he would be a better winger

KanerScout's comments: If karlsson doesn't comeback they will need defense, Samuelsson is a very good defensive Dman that needs work on his offensive game

KanerScout's comments: Alexeyed is a potential top 6 he has a good breakout pass and he's smart but he needs some work on a lot of his game

KanerScout's comments: Lundeström is a very good offensive forward and he can also play a good defensive game he could be a top 9 forward (maybe more of a winger)

KanerScout's comments: He had a very good world junior tournament and a good season with the HC Dynamo Pardubice he could play top line minutes if he reaches his potential

KanerScout's comments: He could be a steal he has a very good offensive flair but he needs some work on his defense like a lot of this years draft Dmen

KanerScout's comments: Very good offensive player he can become a top player in a team he will fit just well with the blackhawks

KanerScout's comments: Potential top 6 center and he can play in every situations

KanerScout's comments: Sandin is smart and calm plus he's a very good playmaker but need to work on his speed

KanerScout's comments: Could be a top 6 Dman he has the size for the NHL and he has a good mobility needs a little bit of work on his defensive coverage

KanerScout's comments: NHL size with a good shot and great hands but he could bring more offense and his defensive game is not so good