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MY MOCK DRAFTS - MikeKirsch's 2019 NFL DRAFT

Last Updated: 02-20-2019

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MikeKirsch's comments: Cardinals grab the best player in the draft. Unless they decide to move on from Rosen, Bosa will be the pick at number one. Pairing him up with Chandler Jones creates a dynamic pass rushing duo.

MikeKirsch's comments: Their OLBs are highlighted by Dekoda Watson, Brock Coyle, and Malcolm Smith. Allen is an EDGE player that the 49ers are in desperate need of. Allen is the defensive playmaker they need after an underwhelming perfromance from Solomon Thomas and with Reuben Foster gone.

MikeKirsch's comments: The only notable DL under contract for the Jets is Leonard Williams. Adding a second Williams is the best move for the Jets at 3.

MikeKirsch's comments: The Raiders need pass rush. If they had a player like Kahlil Mack last year their pass rush would have been better. The Raiders ranked dead last with 13 sacks last year. The Giants, 31st in sacks, had 30. Too put that into comparison further, Mack had 12.5 sacks. Gary has the physical tools to play inside or on the edge.

MikeKirsch's comments: With the continued emphasis on the high passing attack with Arians, a solid pass protector will be needed on a regular basis. Williams can play both G and T.

MikeKirsch's comments: The Giants need to address QB sooner than later. Manning is not getting younger and he is not getting better. Manning is still serviceable and Haskins can sit a year under Manning.

MikeKirsch's comments: Jacksonville gave up the 3rd most sacks in the NFL with 53. I'm making this selection under the impression that the Jags acquire Nick Foles. Murr

MikeKirsch's comments: EDGE and TE are the most pressing needs for Detroit. I expect them to go EDGE here as Ansah is probably gone after an underwhelming season under the franchise tag.

MikeKirsch's comments: With Kyle Williams retiring and Lotuleilei having an average season and will be 30 when the season is over, Bills need to grab a young, promising DT.

MikeKirsch's comments: Chris Harris Jr turns 30 in June and Bradley Roby is a free agent. Even if Roby is brought back, Williams would still be a good move for the Broncos to solidify the secondary. A QB is possible here, but I don't expect them to go QB until next year since Flacco still has 2 years on his contract.

MikeKirsch's comments: Might be a slightly surprising pick here, but I think it's time for the Bengals to start fresh with a new QB. Dalton just hasn't gotten it done for them for the past 8 years. With Dalton turning 32 in October and with 4 winless postseason appearances, new HC Zac Taylor gets a new QB to work with after working with Jared Goff.

MikeKirsch's comments: GB needs to strengthen their pass rush.

MikeKirsch's comments: Tannehill has been average for the majority of his career, along with injuries. Miami will look to start fresh at QB with the Heisman winner.

MikeKirsch's comments: Even if Grady Jarrett comes back, Wilkins is a solid pick to pair him up with Jarrett. Wilkins was a consistent 4 year starter at Clemson and can become another young defensive force for ATL like Jarrett, Jones, McKinley, and Neal.

MikeKirsch's comments: Alex Smith may never play another down in the NFL. Some said this about Luck, but Smith's injury is far more severe and turns 35 in May. Jones had a great Senior Bowl by winning MVP.

MikeKirsch's comments: Had off the field issues in 2016 when he was dismissed from Michigan State, but had a great senior bowl week and had solid interviews. Carolina needs to replace the future HOF Peppers. Sweat is a good add for the EDGE.

MikeKirsch's comments: Cleveland's offense had a very good year with Mayfield leading the way.

MikeKirsch's comments: The Vikings need a solid T to give their $83 million QB a better opportunity.

MikeKirsch's comments: Titans need another WR opposite Corey Davis for Mariota. Metcalf has incredible size for a WR and is a big play threat.

MikeKirsch's comments: Steelers need to add an ILB to fill the void of Shazier. Wilson will be a good player alongside Vince Williams.

MikeKirsch's comments: Seattle adds another CB to their duo of Flowers and Griffin. Murphy is an aggressive CB with good ball skills that will fit in the slot in the Seattle secondary.

MikeKirsch's comments: Ravens need to add a WR for Lamar Jackson to throw to. Crabtree didn't live up to his 3 year/$21 M contract. John Brown and Willie Snead had decent numbers, but the Ravens need to add a young WR to the mix. Brown has elite speed and is a dynamic deep threat.

MikeKirsch's comments: Texans gave up the most sacks in the NFL with 62. They are in desperate need of solid pass protectors and Taylor will help bring those sacks allowed down.

MikeKirsch's comments: Gruden replaces Amari Cooper with N'Keal Harry. Grudens gets a big WR (6'3" 216 lb) that has great hands combined with elite acceleration and breakaway speed.

MikeKirsch's comments: Eagles could use a CB as well, but DT is a more pressing need that Lawrence meets.

MikeKirsch's comments: DL is a big need for the Colts. Jones has rare athletic skills such as range and flexibility. Very good pass rush skills. Run defense needs improvement but is a great athletic DT that can rush the QB.

MikeKirsch's comments: Gruden gets his second offensive toy with Jacobs. Lynch turns 33 and will be a free agent. With Chris Warren III and DeAndre Washington as the only RBs under contract for now, Jacobs is a solid piece to revamp the Raider's rushing attack.

MikeKirsch's comments: DL is also a need, but the Chargers could use more quality LBs. Nwoso had a good finish to the end of the year, but more talent is needed at the position. Bush is on the smaller side at 5'11" 230 lb, but has three down LB skills that are comparable to Devin White.

MikeKirsch's comments: The Chiefs 31st ranked pass defense needs a solid CB. Baker can come in and be a solid rookie starter for KC.

MikeKirsch's comments: The Jimmy Graham experiment is not looking to favorably now for GB, and it's time to give Rodgers a solid, young TE.

MikeKirsch's comments: Pairing up Ferguson on the D line with Donald is a great move for the Rams. The FBS all time sack leader (45 sacks) joins the 2 time DPOY that is coming off a 20.5 sack season.

MikeKirsch's comments: While it's possible that Gronkowski comes back for another season, NE has to look towards the future and draft the successor to the often-injured Gronkowski.