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Last Updated: 05-19-2019

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NSRSports's comments: There is no passing on Zion. You do not pass on Lebron. You do not pass on Zion. The Pelicans have their replacement for Anthony Davis, and with an Anthony Davis trade might be able to build a team around Zion. Which will be decent until Zion leaves in free-agency in 5 years.

NSRSports's comments: Ja Morant has been on a torrential rise over the past two weeks, which culminated in a triple double for Morant vs Marquette in the first round of March Madness. While Murray State crashed out of the tournament in the second round, the consensus is that Ja Morant is the second best player in college basketball, and would be the perfect fit for the Grizzlies. He would be an understudy for Mike Conley, until Conley is traded, and form a nice young core with Jaren Jackson Jr.

NSRSports's comments: In any other draft, RJ Barrett would have been the first overall pick. But because of a certain Mr. Williamson and a guard from Murray State, Barrett would go #3. Barrett is a more fluid player then Zion, and is more skilled and a little bit more diverse in his skillset. While his stock has decreased in recent months, Barrett would be a solid piece in the rebuild for the Knicks, and create a nice young frontcourt with Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson.

NSRSports's comments: Jarrett Culver is a really good 3-D wing who can do a little bit of everything. He doesn't have a glaring weakness to his game besides free-throw shooting, and will last a while in the league. He’s arguably the best 3-point line defender in the NCAA, and would be a perfect trade chip for Lebron to use for a superstar.

NSRSports's comments: The Cavs suck. They are about to embark on a massive rebuild, and Collin Sexton is the only half decent piece in this rebuild. Cam Reddish would be another good piece. His stock has declined a ton, but he’s still a great shooter with good defense and star potential. He’ll be fine in Cleveland.

NSRSports's comments: The man with the best Afro in college basketball would be a great fit in the desert, as a more true point guard. He would take lots of the pressure off Devin Booker to run the offense, and create a nice young core with DeAndre Alton and Booker. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a team with White, TJ Warren, Booker, and Ayton getting swept in the first round of the playoffs in a couple years.

NSRSports's comments: The fact that a guy with a torn meniscus is being drafted 7th just explains how dire the Bulls point guard situation is. Darius Garland could be the person to fix that problem-once he recovers from his meniscus injury. When Garland is healthy, is a really good scorer, good defender, and would be the Bull’s point guard of the future, which is definitely a need.

NSRSports's comments: Atlanta has a whole lot of talent. They also have a whole lot of shooters. But they don't have a lot of good defenders, or people who are always going to contribute something when on the floor. Keldon Johnson is a good shooter but a great defender who just is an all-around good basketball player and a coaches dream. This is the pick Atlanta could make (Unlike last year with a certain Slovenian forward).

NSRSports's comments: The Wizards have been a mess this year, and should probably just tear everything down. Don't be surprised if this pick is much higher than it currently is. But for now the Wizards will select a guy who, like Keldon Johnson, is really good at a little bit of everything in De'Andre Hunter. Will Hunter be a star in the league. Probably not. Will he be a quality player with a long career. Probably.

NSRSports's comments: Atlanta is the worst team in the NBA on defense. They are also a really young team who have Dewayne Dedmon as their starting center, who doesn't exactly fit with the team's future plans. So the Hawks go out and draft the son of one of the tallest NBA players of all time, who plays a lot like his dad. But Bol Bol can also shoot threes. Really well. Imagine Kristaps Porzingis with a 7'8 wingspan and no investigations. Fun Times.

NSRSports's comments: Jaxson Hayes will be the 3rd Texas big man drafted in the first round, after Jarrett Allen and Mo Bamba. He’s a highly athletically gifted center, is a great defender, and a surprisingly decent free-thriller shooter. He would be a really good backup to KAT, and has potential to be elite one day.

NSRSports's comments: I really like NAW, as I’m calling him, and think he’ll be a lottery selection. The cousin of Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, NAW plays a lot like Shai. He’s 6’5 and has the tools of being a really good point guard, just needs a little bit more refining. He’ll likely be the replacement to Kemba, and while he’s not a guy with ykms of potential, he’s a decent prospect who will be in the NBA for a long time

NSRSports's comments: Rui Hachimura has gone from rarely used role player in Freshman year to leading his team to beat the infinity gauntlet team of Duke and be #1 in AP rankings for about 2 minutes. Hachimura will be Japan's first every lottery pick in the NBA draft. At 6'8, Hachimura is a competent scorer of the ball from midrange, three-point, and inside, and would be the first piece in a really long rebuild the Heat will start to embark.

NSRSports's comments: After an exceptional McDonald’s All-American game, Nassir Little’s stock was really high. But after sitting behind senior Cameron Johnson and only playing 18 minutes a game, his stock has gone down a bunch. He’s been compared to Kawhi Leonard, and while that comparison might not be the most accurate, he’s good enough to be a decent trade chip with the Pelicans for AD.

NSRSports's comments: The Pistons need two things. A decent two guard, and shooting. Free throw shooting in Detroit is abysmal, and besides Wayne Ellington, there are not many knock-down shooters on the roster. Drafting Tyler Herro would add probably the best pure shooter in the draft, and one of the best free throw shooters. Watch him be the most mediocre player in this class, like Luke Kennard and Stanley Johnson before him.

NSRSports's comments: I like the Magic a lot, and believe that after years of mediocrity the team is finally on the rise. While the defense of the Magic is exceptional, the offense is the one main issue, and young guards besides Markelle Fultz are needed. Romeo Langford is a great offensive weapon, and a young guard. He can also defend decently, and probably would be pretty good bench player for the Magic.

NSRSports's comments: Am I saying that picking a reserve in the French second division is a good idea? No. Am I saying that the Nets will draft a 17-year old who rarely plays in the French second division? Yes. While this pick has Billy King written all over him, the Nets are a team that have figured a whole lot out, and can take a project like Sekou Doumbouya. He’s hyper athletic, and with more polish could become somewhat of a dollar version of Giannis Antetokounmpo. Don’t quote me on that.

NSRSports's comments: The Pacers, like the Magic, are a team with a great defense, and not much offense besides Victor Oladipo when healthy, and Tyreke Evans, but he won’t be playing in the NBA for a while. To offset the loss of Evans, the Pacers draft KZ Okpala, an athletic G/F with good overall offense and pretty decent shooting. He’ll be perfectly above average, and nothing more. Like the Pacers.

NSRSports's comments: Simisola Shittu is crazy athletic and a menace at the post. He's a really good dunker in transition and can defend really well with a 7'1 wingspan. Shittu would be a really good backup to Andre Drummond or Blake Griffin and could be modelled to be the next Blake Griffin if he can learn to shoot better.

NSRSports's comments: I was really high on Khyri Thomas last year, before he was picked 40th. So this year I'll do the same thing for Shamorie Ponds. He's averaging 21.6 ppg, 5.6 apg, 3.9 rpg, and 2.7 steals per game for St. Johns and has a knack for upsetting big teams, like Duke and Villanova. Ponds would be really good depth for Boston and could maybe find a way into the rotation.

NSRSports's comments: Quentin Grimes slides a lot in this mock draft in part because I just haven't really been that impressed with him early on. He's a really good player though with a ton of talent who can play above the rim really well. He would be a great 6th man for the Blazers and could be the eventual heir to CJ McCollum.

NSRSports's comments: Tyus Battle is a really good scorer who can score out of iso really well. He's a solid shooter who is super raw but could have a coach like Alvin Gentry make him a good NBA player.

NSRSports's comments: Dort is a player who would fit in really well with the Pacers. He’s a good scorer, passer, and really good defender who could figure out a way into the Pacers rotation, and will stay in the league for a while.

NSRSports's comments: After Nerlens Noel and Patrick Patterson, the Thunder don’t really have any reserve big men who could do the job if one of the big men is injured. Daniel Gafford is a really good player on the defensive end and has a bevy of solid post moves. He’s very similar to Steven Adams and could replace Steven Adams if he leaves OKC sometime down the line.

NSRSports's comments: I feel like Furkan Kormaz isn’t exactly the guy you want coming off the bench when Jimmy Butler or Wilson Chandler need a breather. Kilian Tillie can be that guy. At 6’10, Tillie can shoot the 3-ball really well and can play off-ball really well. He would be a really good player off the bench for the 76ers.

NSRSports's comments: Tre Jones has been practically forgotten on the Duke team because of Cam Reddish, RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson and co. But people forget that Jones was a really high rated recruit who can pass the ball super well and is the prototypical floor general. Jones is the younger brother of Tyus Jones and projects to be a good leader of whatever bench unit he is on.

NSRSports's comments: Darius Bazley has a really weird story in that he was committed to Syracuse, but then chose to attempt to play in the G-League, but then chose to just train for the NBA draft this season. The lack of actual 5-on-5 competitive experience could hurt Bazley a lot, but he definitely does have the talent to be a star. For the Warriors it doesn’t really matter if he busts, which is why he is a really good pick for them.

NSRSports's comments: Luka Samanic plays for the Barcelona basketball team and won MVP at the FIBA u-18 Championships. Luka Doncic also probably won this award. Is Luka Samanic Luka Doncic? No. Does that matter? No. If he works, he works. And if he doesn’t, then there isn’t much of a loss for the Celtics.

NSRSports's comments: Bruno Fernando is a super raw prospect who has immense potential on the defensive end with a 7’4 wingspan. He needs to develop more on the offensive end but could become a useful rim protector in the NBA.

NSRSports's comments: Ethan Happ is a really weird prospect. He’s a dominant force in college ball and has been for the last couple years, but he’s not that athletic. He also isn’t that great of a shooter and is only 6’9, and plays more center than power forward. He’s a really weird prospect who could probably find his place in the NBA, especially under Gregg Popovich.

NSRSports's comments: The Suns really need a point guard. They drafted a point guard (Elie Okobo) in this position last year, and he is now in the G-League. Devin Booker is much better suited for the shooting guard spot, and Austin Rivers is not the Suns point guard of the future. Carsen Edwards is arguably the best player in college basketball at the moment and plays almost like a really poor man's Westbrook. He's undersized at 6'0 but is a really good all-around player on the offensive end who I believe can do something special in the league.

NSRSports's comments: The Knicks have a really weird situation at point guard. They have Emmanuel Mudiay, who seemed like a total bust but just had a career game a couple days ago, Trey Burke who was a sort of bust lottery pick who actually was really good for the Knicks last year, but is more fit for a 6th man role than a starter. And then they have Frank Ntilinka, who the jury is definitely still out on, but can't shoot and is being shopped by the Knicks. They also have Iso Zo Trier, who is more of a shooting guard than a point guard. So the Knicks go with Jaylen Hands here. Hands is a super athletic point guard who is a tremendous dunker who can pass the ball somewhat well. He needs to improve his jumpshot but has superstar/bust potential in the league.

NSRSports's comments: Brown is a super lanky center with a ton of potential. He needs to desperately work on his free-throw shooting and post moves and would benefit from staying another year at UCLA. If he stayed, he would probably be a lottery pick in 2020, but its likely he'll not. He has a lot of upside as an NBA prospect.

NSRSports's comments: King is a really good scorer of the ball and at 6'8, can play the forward position really well. He doesn't have any glaring weaknesses to his game and could use some refining of his scoring, but projects to be a solid NBA player for a long time.

NSRSports's comments: Oshae Brissett is a really underatted prospect who sort of just does all of the little things correctly. He’s a great defender, good driver, and could work on his shooting, but will be in the NBA for a long time.

NSRSports's comments: Sagaba Konate is a really good shot blocker. He’s only 6’8, but is by far one of the best defenders int his class. His offensive game needs a lot of work but with Konate’s defense along, he could be the heir in Charlotte to Bismarck Biyombom

NSRSports's comments: Jarrett Culver is a really good 3-D wing who can do a little bit of everything. He doesn't have a glaring weakness to his game besides free-throw shooting, and will last a while in the league. He won't be a star, but a guy like Trevor Ariza who is always never talked about but really important to a team.

NSRSports's comments: Kerwin Roach is crazy athletic. The athletic gifts that Roach has alone will get him drafted. He's also a tremendous defender who can guard multiple positions. He's very much a project because he isn't the best shooter and doesn't have the best feel for the game, but if Roach puts it all together he has the potential to be a star in this league.

NSRSports's comments: Finally the international player. "Iggy" as I'm going to call him because I don't want to write his full name is a good shooter who has great size for a wing and has a high Basketball IQ. He isn't super athletic and doesn't have a ton of physical gifts but is really good on the technical side of things.

NSRSports's comments: Herbert Jones is a really underrated player who can do a lot of things well, but nothing spectacular. He’s a really talented swing man who’s main calling card is his defense, and because of that he could be a solid player in the NBA.

NSRSports's comments: I remember seeing a video on Jmxyhighroller’s channell a couple years ago, which is really cool that this guy now could get drafted. Franks is a guy that perfectly fits in as a stretch 4 on any team, and his shooting is what will get him a look in the NBA.

NSRSports's comments: I really like NAW, as I’m calling him, and think that if he stays another year at Virginia Tech, he’ll be a lottery selection. The cousin of Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, NAW plays a lot like Shai. He’s 6’5 and has the tools of being a really good point guard, just needs a little bit more refining. If he gets that, he could definitely be a lottery selection come 2020.

NSRSports's comments: PJ Washington is a tweener type of player who doesn’t really have one position, which is his main weakness. He’s a really good bruiser who crashes the boards really well, and plays with a lot of effort. He needs to improve his outside shot to fit into the modern NBA, but has value as a guy off the bench.

NSRSports's comments: I really like Eric Paschall as a prospect. He’s a tweener type of player but is really good inside, has a good amount of bounce, and is a really good outside shooter for his position. He’s a prototypical stretch 4 who I believe will be a good player in the NBA.

NSRSports's comments: Cleveland is such a mess right now, and is really trying to tank. They have holes at so many positions, and they really need competent guards. I’m not sold on Collin Sexton, and I do think that he fits more of a two-guard role. I do believe thought that Yago Dos Santos could be a guy that could solve Cleveland’s guard issue. Dubbed the “Brazilian Isaiah Thomas”, Dos Santos is a really good scorer, shooter, and surprisingly a talented rebounder and defender. He has tons of potential and could be a bust, but if he reaches that potential, watch out.

NSRSports's comments: Ky Bowman is an interesting player. He’s crazy athletic and can finish really well around the rim. He was even recruited to play football at Alabama, which shows how crazy athletic he is. He’s a reallly good shooter, and a genuinely talented scorer from all three levels. He does struggle a little on defense, but has the potential to become an offensive monster.

NSRSports's comments: Jordan Poole is a really good shooter with solid athleticism who hit that crazy shot for michigan in last year’s tournament. He has a knack for being clutch and his shooting will get him looks in the NBA.

NSRSports's comments: Ashton Hagans, like NAW, is someone who I believe will stay in college for another year, and will be a first round selection if he stays and enters the draft in 2020. He's a great defender, notching 9 steals against UNC. He originally was committed to Kentucky for the 2019 class, but reclassified. The reason that I believe he needs another year in college is because he's just really young and if he stays another year, I can see him being picked in the lottery.

NSRSports's comments: Remember this guy? Before he was in the middle of the Louisville Scandal, cleared by the FBI, and kicked out of the NCAA, he was a 5-star recruit. He's currently playing with Andrew Bogut in Australia, and might have the talent and potential that he might be decent in the NBA.

NSRSports's comments: Matur Maker, brother of Thon Maker, is a really good shot-blocker. He's currently playing in the Swiss Basketball league after playing a year of Canadian Prep Basketball, Even though he was born in Sudan, but he represents Australia in international competitions. He's definitely the oldest looking 20-year old I've ever seen, and is probably the most interesting prospect in this year's draft.

NSRSports's comments: Admiral Schofield is one of the best defenders in college basketball, and can realistically defend more than just one position. His offensive game is pretty raw, and his three-point shot serviceable shot at best, but if he develops his offensive game more he could definitely be a reliable 3 and D player in the league.

NSRSports's comments: One of the most explosive players in college basketball, Xavier Sneed broke out in a way last year by leading Kansas State to upset Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen. His athleticism alone is a reason that he gets looks by NBA scouts, and his defense is pretty good. He plays with a really high motor and is definitely a guy who could be a good bench sparkplug in the NBA.

NSRSports's comments: Udoka Azubuike would be a first round selection in the draft if this draft was in the 90s, but his game doesn’t really fit the modern NBA’s. His season ending injury also really hurt his draft stock. But when he’s on the court, he’s an elite rebounder and defender who could be a really good center in the league.